Thursday, December 25, 2014

March and April 1958

March & April of 1958 were the months of remodeling their new house in Springdale...Mammaw wrote very little.  I realize now that this was likely a very large and stressful undertaking for them.

March 1 – 2

March 3
Monday.  Started remodeling house.  700 S. Pleasant – Springdale

March 4 – 11

March 12
Wednesday.  Brother Willie’s birthday.
Her oldest brother William Henry Hays had died, age 44, in 1922.  He was born March 12, 1878.

March 13 – 17

March 18
Tuesday.  Roscoe Hays’s birthday
Roscoe was my grandmother's first cousin - son of William Richard Hays, brother to her Dad. Roscoe was 72 on this day.

March 19 – 30

March 31

Spent the month of March remodeling.  Terrible weather.  Some headaches & problems for Kenney and me.

April 1 – 2

April 3
Thursday.  Grandma’s Birthday
Grandma Comstock was 91 this year.

April 4 – 11

April 12
Sunday.  Celebrated Grandma’s birthday at Paul & Neva’s
Actually Sunday of 1958 was April 13.  Perhaps an example of the stress.

April 14 – 29

April 30
Another month of remodeling.  Beginning to see the end.

Friday, December 19, 2014

February 1958

February 1
Saturday.  Did baking for Sunday.

February 2
Sunday.  S.S. and church.  Then long rest and to Grandma’s.  Letty & Cy came and all had supper there.  Mr. Barney went to hospital very sick.  
Mr. Barney must have been a church friend.

February 3
Monday.  Took care of Grandma.  Went to see Clara Barney.

February 4
Tuesday.  Attended Group meeting at Eva Chitwoods.

February 5 - 8
 Wrote in the day of the week only

February 9
Sunday.  All church dinner, honoring new members.  About 125 present.

February 10

February 11
Tuesday.  CWF Meeting at church 2:30 P.M.  I presided for Jessie.  P.M. Drove to Springdale.

February 12
Wednesday.  Spent night at K.M.’s.

February 13
Thursday.  Stayed with K.M. and LaVonne’s children till noon.  Ken having to stay in bed.  Glandular fever.  P.M. went to Fayetteville, had visit with Letty.
Mono - don't really know why it was called "glandular fever" then, but it was.

February 14
Friday.  Baby sat at K.M.’s while LaVonne got her hair done.  Then to JoEllen’s for JoAnn’s birthday party.
And I'll just bet the cake was in the shape of a Valentine.  My had both cupcake pans and regular layer cake pans just for the occasion.  I always thought this was the best birthday for a little girl!

February 15
Saturday.  11 A.M. went to Mary Ann’s shop for permanent.  K.M. picked me up.  Spent night at K.M.’s

February 16
Sunday.  Cooked dinner for K.M. and LaVonne while they went to church.  Kids had colds.  P.M. drove to Prairie Grove for visit at Guy Skeltons.  Then home night.  Sold home.
So the house in Van Buren is sold.  I can't help but wonder if her silence this month reflects her sadness at leaving all their friends, especially at church.  I was a teenager - totally consumed with self - and I never thought about anything except they would be thrilled to be living near us.  Also I'm sure she was already packing up.

February 17
Monday.  Took care of Grandma while Maude worked.

February 18 - 21  Blank

February 22
Arthur’s Birthday    Her brother.

February 23 – 27  Blank

February 28
Friday.  Moved to Springdale.  Stored furniture Washington Trans. Co.
Honestly do not remember where they stayed while they renovated the house in Springdale.  I don't remember that they rented anything - maybe they just stayed with us or K.M.'s family when it wasn't possible to stay in the house.  I was engaged on Christmas Eve just past, and was busy with all the Senior events and applying to the University - seems very selfish now!

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January 1958

A new year begins - 1858 will bring many changes in my grandmother's life.  I graduated from high school in May of 1858 and remember many of the events with great clarity.

January 1
Wednesday.  New Years.  A.M. grocery shopped.  Had supper with Grandma and Maude.

January 2

January 3
Friday.  Went to beauty shop and shopped a little.

January 4
Saturday.  Nora’s birthday.  Ten A.M.  Letty and Cy came by and we took off for Longview, Texas.  Dinner with Ada and Charley Riddle.  14 of us.
Nora Comstock Rainwater's birthday was the same day as mine - she was born 1889, so was 69 this year.

January 5
Sunday.  Ada and Charley’s golden wedding Anniversary.  The coffee at Ruth’s was one of the nicest things we have attended.
Ada and Charles Riddle lived in Longview, Texas.  Ada was Grandma Comstock's niece, therefore a first cousin to my granddad and his siblings.  They were married in Crawford Co, January 5, 1908. Ada always came home for Grandma's birthday party in April - and many other special family occasions.

January 6
Monday.  All of us had a great breakfast with Ruth & Mack.  Left for home ten A.M.  Arrived home 5 P.M.  A wonderful week end.  Learned as we arrived home that Stella Prichard had died.  Minnie and I went to her home.
I'm sure Ruth was the daughter of Ada and Charles Riddle.  She married Mack Jackson and they also lived in Longview.  Stella Prichard was Stella Hays,  Stella was my grandmother's first cousin, daughter of her dad's older brother William Richard Hays & his wife Ollie Wheeler.  Stella was age 73 at her death.

January 7
Tuesday.  A.M.  Baked two pumpkin pies and took to Prichards.  2 P.M. attended Funeral at Mrs. Ockers.  Went from cemetery to Prichard home for two hours.  Lots of Hays family there.  Went calling with church group at night.
Stella was buried Fairview Cemetery in Van Buren - Stella's parents are also in that cemetery, as were John & Josie Hays, my grandmother's parents.

January 8
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude.

January 9

January 10
Friday.  Roasted pecans for golden anniversary.  Night – Ada came.
Now this would be my grandparents' 50th anniversary.  They were married January 12th, 1908.  I never thought to ask where - possibly at her home where most weddings were held then.

January 11
Saturday.  Baked 13 lb Ham, Cake and other things for Sunday.  Served hamburgers and pie to Minnie & Ira – Paul & Neva.  They worked so hard.
This is HER anniversary and she's working just as hard as anyone else - probably harder!

January 12
Sunday.  A.M. Church.  21 came forward.
The big day for us.  Fed about 25 people at noon – 11 night.  Open house at Minnie & Ira’s 2 to 5.  More than 100 signed guest book.
I have the book in its white box.  My grandmother wrote on the cover "Our Golden Wedding Anniversary  Jan 12th 1958"  Inside the box with book is a napkin, some of the newspaper articles, a ribbon with "50th Anniversary" that probably came from a flower arrangement, the church bulletin inviting members of the congregation of the First Christian Church in Fayetteville where they belonged when I was small.  I counted and 125 had signed the book to include Kay McKim and Don Haden.  My little sisters were there - Mom had signed for them.  All of my uncle K.M.'s family was present - my cousins Kenney, Gary & Mary Jane, also young.  Graydon & Clare were there from Tulsa - they didn't list their children.  Ike and Becky had come from Kansas City.  Jay - in California - did not make the trip home.   The book also lists those who gave gifts - I wish she had written down the gifts, too!

January 13
Monday.  Had lunch with Nora, Ada, Grandma, Maude and Paul. 
Helped get church ready for CWF Tues.
Back to the usual routine!

January 14
Tuesday.  Washed.  CWF at church 2 P.M.  Margaret Garner speaker.  Hostesses:  Leola, Wilma, Etta, Minnie, and myself.

January 15
Wednesday.  Washed and ironed.

January 16
Thursday.  Baked a 16 lb roast and helped serve Christian Men’s Fellowship, 7 P.M.                    

January 17      
Friday.  Went to clinic.  Got good reports.  Wrote thank you notes.

January 18
Saturday.  Made plans for Nora’s & my birthday dinner.
Of course Nora Rainwater's birthday was past - my grandmother's was January 26th. Those were the only January birthdays until I came along.  As far as I know, I'm the only January birthday now.

January 19
Sunday.  We were called away from church.  Grandma had a fall.  Proved to be not serious.  15 went into Church A.M. – at Night Ten baptized.

January 20
Monday.  Wrote thank you notes.  Took food and had supper ready when Maude came from work.  Nora & Ada were there too.

January 21
Tuesday.  Had Group meeting.  15 present.  Showed our display of anniversary gifts.

January 22
Wednesday.  Caught up with my thank you notes.  Ada had chili supper at Grandma’s.

January 23
Thursday.  Fixed baked potatoes in the half shell for Eastern Star banquet and helped serve.

January 24
Friday.  We went to Springdale.  Spent night and till noon Sat. with K.M., LaVonne & Children.  Saw Films.

January 25
Saturday.  P.M. at JoEllen’s.  Baked cake & made grandmother pudding.  Joe showed films.
I'm guessing they were watching the Christmas "movies" - movie cameras were a really big deal about this time.  Grandmother pudding is a dark, dense, bread pudding that Mom found in a recipe book - was one of my Dad's favorite desserts (mine too).

January 26
Sunday.  My birthday.  S.S. & church.  K.M.’s folk at dinner with us at JoEllen’s.  P.M. all of us went to our house and made plans for remodeling.
They had bought the Pleasant Street house in anticipation of moving to Springdale, but planned to add on and the house needed extensive remodeling.  

January 27
Monday.  Came home from Springdale – found birthday scarf from Jay and Scotty.  Cream pitcher & sugar bowl from Mary and Lee Byrum.  K.M. working store.  Went to Grandma’s for evening.
I believe K.M. was selling to Aunt Minnie & Uncle Ira's "Comstock, Inc.".  Similar job to that of his Dad years earlier.

January 28

January 29
Wednesday.  Sat with Grandma.  Mr. Barney had stroke.

January 30
Thursday.  Sat with Grandma.

January 31
Friday.  Eastern Star chili supper at school cafeteria.  Then went to play pitch with Farmers.
Aunt Minnie was always very involved in Eastern Star - Uncle Ira in the Masons.  My great great grandfather, Tom Comstock, was one of the charter members of the first Masonic lodge in Crawford County.   Both Minnie & Ira held state offices.  My grandparents never seemed interested - or maybe just never had the time or money.  
They spent so much time with their friends Doc and Grace Farmer - I suspect they hated to move away from Van Buren and friends and family, but I think they realized my granddad's health was not the best and they needed to be closer to their children.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 1957

My grandparents were visiting in Tulsa with Graydon's family.

December 1
Sunday.  Everyone went to S.S. and Church and then to a cafeteria for dinner.  Alvis Smith, Manager of Borauts Cafeteria

December 2
Monday.  Left for house nine A.M.  Had good lunch at Doc Beens.  Home at 1:30.  Then went to Berry’s to get electric blanket.
I'm sure this is a reference to Berry Dry Goods - the wholesale business that my grandfather worked for until his retirement.  As a retire employee he was able to continue to purchase at wholesale price.

December 3
Tuesday.  Attended Group 1 meeting at Allyne Rownak’s 2 P.M.

December 4
Wednesday.  Nora, Kenney and I ate supper with Grandma and Maude.

December 5
Thursday.  Played pitch with Doc and Grace at their home – evening.
 Doc & Grace Farmer - their back door neighbors that have been mentioned many times.

December 6

December 7
Saturday.  Got Christmas package off to Jay and Scotty.
Annual package which always included Christmas cookies, candy, breads.  After Mammaw passed away my mother continued to bake and send Jay a box every Christmas.

December 8
Sunday.  S. S. and church.  Ira real sick with flu.  P.M. Hostess from 4 to 6 at Paul & Neva’s holiday house.  Twin City garden clubs.

December 9
Monday.  Put out washing and Got Birthday package off to Becky and Ike.  Wrote letter to JoEllen.
Ikey's birthday was December 13th - his wife Becky's on Dec 18th.

December 10
Tuesday.  Night.  CWF Christmas party  - stockings turned in.  Also packages for Jacksonville, Ill. Old Peoples Home.

December 11
Wednesday.  Helped Jessie and Jack get packages ready to express to Jacksonville Home.

December 12
Thursday P.M.  Attended Garden club Christmas party at Miss Rebecca Bryan's interesting old home.  Got pretty package from Mrs. Matt Wallace – containing pillow cases.

December 13
Friday.  Washed quilt for Minnie.  Finished wrapping packages.  Made Christmas decorations.

December 14
Saturday.  Watched the Van Buren Christmas Parade.

December 15
Sunday.  S. S. and Church.  The Christmas dinner and tree at Nora’s.  Evening – Ft. Smith Jr. College Choir.

December 16
Monday.  Got our new side walk finished.  We took Grandma and Nora to see Aunt Ola.  She has a broken ankle.
Aunt Ola was Grandma Comstock's sister Ola (Wood) Haggard.  She died in 1969 at the age of 88. Aunt Ola had twelve children.

December 17
Tuesday.  Group 1 Christmas party luncheon at Ruth’s.  Box of soap from Daisy Bruns.

December 18
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale.  Spent night at K.M.’s alone.  They left for California on Monday.
It seems my grandparents were house-sitting for K.M. and LaVonne - or at least making use of a quiet retreat!

December 19
Thursday.  Stayed at K.M.’s all morning.  Then went to town and shopped a little – then took JoEllen to lunch at the Hitching Post.  P.M. went thro our house.
No clue to "P.M." but I'm assuming this was the house they bought in Springdale on Pleasant Street.

December 20
Friday.  Baby sat with JoAnn and Laurie.  Becky and Ike came about 10:30 P.M. – we had gone to K.M.’s for the night.

December 21
Saturday.  Our big day.  Graydon and family came in time for lunch.  We had buffet supper, sang carols and had our Christmas tree.  Electric blanket from Jay and Scotty.
Obviously the family Christmas.  Oh those Christmas carols around the piano - usually Mom played while the rest of us sang.  
Jay would not have known they had just bought a blanket earlier in the month.  And likely he never did know!

December 22
Sunday.  I went to church with Becky and Ike.  JoEllen had gone early for the Choir.  Kay did a solo – “Oh Holy Night”  Jo and Joe were entertaining young people that night – we went to K.M.’s.

December 23
Monday.  Went to McKims for breakfast and to wash up LaVonne’s bedding.  Loaded our things and came home.  Stopped and got Grandma.  Maude gone to Bristow.
They would be keeping Grandma while Maude spent time with her daughter and grandchildren.

December 24
Tuesday.  Checked on Grandma’s house & mail.  Grocery shopped at Market Basket.  Christmas Eve.

December 25
Grandma still with us.  Ira & Minnie here for dinner.

December 26
Thursday.  Washed for Maude.

December 27
Friday.  Rainy day.  Minnie’s clothes wouldn’t dry.  Evening ironed and watched TV.
My grandmother never had a clothes dryer.  She thought an "automatic" washing machine a true wonder of the world.  She had an old wringer washer when I lived with her in Fayetteville and even made her own lye soap for the laundry.  Dad made sure she had one of the first automatic washers from Maytag and she used it for many years - I think it was replaced only once.

December 28
Saturday.  Washed for myself.  2 machines.

December 29
Sunday.  I went to S.S. and church.  Kenney stayed with Grandma.  Ira & Minnie came for dinner.  P.M. Letty and Cy were here for Supper – Minnie and I brewed up a good one.

December 30
Monday.  Maude Called.  Faustine & kids brought her home.  They had lunch with us.  Then Kenney moved Grandma and Maude home – with all their Christmas junk.

December 31
Tuesday.  P.M. Went calling on Hgwy 59 with Lola Clark.  Made 5 calls.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 1957

November 1
Friday.  Ladies luncheon at church.  Some did calling.  Susan and I went to World Community Day program Midland Heights Methodist Church – Mrs. Kyle Engler speaker.

November 2
Saturday.  Kenney took flu – vomited Sat night – very dizzy headed – not able to play pitch.

November 3
Sunday.  Didn’t go to S.S. and Church.  Stayed home and nursed flu.  Vomiting again.

November 4
Monday.  Had to phone Clare.  We couldn’t make it for Graydon’s birthday.
Graydon's birthday was November 5 - he was 59 this year.

November 5
Tuesday.  Graydon’s birthday.  Missed group meeting at Etta Hayman’s

November 6
Wednesday.  Grocery day.  Paid bills – my first time in V. B.
 My Granddad must have paying the bills - I know she had never written a check until after he died.  He must have really been quite ill.

November 7
Thursday.  Garden Club met in Alma.  I stayed with Kenney.  My!  What a rainy day.

November 8
Friday.  Stripped bed and washed up everything.  Trying to get rid of flu germs.

November 9
Saturday.  Baked cake and took lunch out to Grandma’s.  Had everything ready when Maude came home from beauty shop.

November 10
Sunday.  Roll call day at church.  What a crowd!  Fellowship dinner after the service – more fun! And more food!  Had to set up more tables.

November 11
Monday.  Wilma, Jessie, Edith Parr, Lola and I made CWF year books.

November 12
Tuesday.  Missed CWF Meeting and went to Springdale.  Stayed at JoEllen’s and K.M.’s over week end.  Baby sat at K.M.’s while he and LaVonne went to Dallas to ball game.  SMU beat Ark. 27 to 22.

November 13
Met Mr. Barker at our Springdale house and arranged to have trees topped.

November 14
Thursday.  Baby sat at JoEllen’s and went to K.M.’s next day.  Got lots of mending and altering done.

November 15
Friday.  K.M. and LaVonne left for Dallas at one P.M.

November 16
Saturday.  Windy day but sun shining.  Kids played out nearly all day.  Watched TV at night.

November 17
Sunday.   We took the children to S.S. and Church.  Rainy day.  Joe taught the S.S. lesson.  We were proud of him.  K.M. and LaVonne came in about 9:30.

November 18
Monday.  We went to Springdale bank to pick up abstract and deed and to make deposit.  Left for home a little before ten a.m.  Lots of rain and drove slowly.  Home at 2.

November 19
Tuesday.  Lunch at Nora’s.  Ada & Ruth were there.  Group meeting at Grace’s 2:30 P.M.
 Ada was Grandma Comstock's niec - would have been Aunt Nora's first cousins - Ruth her daughter.

November 20
Wednesday.  All went to Grandma’s for supper.  A.M. grocery shopped.

November 21 - 23   Just wrote the days of the week.

November 24
Sunday.  Ira & Minnie had lunch with us.  The whole family had supper at Grandma’s.  Letty & Cy came.
These Sundays with everyone would not take place so much once they moved to Springdale.

November 25

November 26
Tuesday.  Pretty good prospect on our place.

November 27
Wednesday.  We drove to Tulsa by way of Tahlequah.  Had lunch with Mattie.  Tulsa four P.M.
Mammaw's sister, Mattie...

November 28
Thursday.  Thanksgiving dinner with Graydon’s family – also McKims were there.  Attended service 10 A.M. at East Side Christian Church.

November 29
Friday.  Put in a good part of the day working on a quilt for Clare.

November 30
Saturday.  Graydon took us to the bank to see how it had been remodeled.  Beautiful – opened acct.
What they would do with account in Tulsa, I've no idea, but I'm sure it pleased Graydon.

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October 1957

October 1
Tuesday.  Went to Group meeting at Minnie’s.

October 2
Wednesday.  Made preparations for District Convention.

October 3
Thursday.  Dist Convention at our church.

October 4
Friday.  P.M.  We went to Springdale.  Found JoAnn broken out with chicken pox.
JoAnn was in Kindergarten - she caught several of the childhood diseases and brought them home to share with Laurie.  Of course I had them all years earlier, but my experiences in taking care of them were very helpful when my own children went through this phase.

October 5

October 6
Sunday.  Springdale.  Graydon’s folk took us to the Chicken house to eat.
A-Q Chicken House - still right there in Springdale.

October 7
Monday.  Baby sitting at JoEllen’s and waiting for Laurie to take chicken pox.
And of course she did....

October 8
Tuesday.  Spent night at K.M.’s

October 9

October 10
Thursday.  Closed the deal on our Springdale place.
So now it's official - they would be moving into the neighborhood quite near Mom & Dad and K. M.'s family.

October 11

October 12
Saturday.  Came home from Springdale.

October 13
Sunday.  S.S. and Church.  Chaplain preached.  Bob & Wilma at international convention.  Supper at Grandma’s.  Maude, Nora, Letty & Cy, Kenney & myself there.

October 14
Monday – rainy

October 15
Tuesday.  Met with group one at Lola Clarks

October 16
Wednesday.  Wash day for Minnie and me.

October 17
Thursday.  Did some sewing on things for Christmas.  Wrote letter to Jay.  Spent evening with Grace while Doc and Kenney went CMF dinner.  Paul Wallace speaker.

October 18

October 19

October 20
Sunday.  Robert Cox had heart attack at the church.  No sermon.  Ira and Minnie’s Anniversary.  Grace and I had a six o’clock dinner for them.
Aunt Minnie and Uncle Ira were married October 20th, 1918 - so this was their 39th Anniversary.

October 21
Monday.  1 P.M. met with Jessie and some of the ladies to work on year book.  Grace and I took flowers to hospital.

October 22
Tuesday.  Rainy, gloomy day.

October 23
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale.  Got A.D. started on Makepeace deal.
No clues here, either - don't know who A. D. was ...or Mr. Makepeace.  Doesn't seem to be the house in Springdale and they sold the house they left in Van Buren to my granddad's youngest brother, Paul Comstock.

October 24
Thursday.  Waited around to see the newly acquired house till too late to come home.  Finally got in.

October 25
Friday.  Left for home just as the house was being vacated.  Arrived home at noon and learned Bob Cox had died.  Went to funeral at City Heights.

October 26
Saturday.  Nora and us and Grandma & Maude over for lunch

October 27
Sunday.  A.M.  S. S. & church.  Called and talked with Jay.  Birthday party at Paul & Neva’s – Minnie & Paul, Pauline, Aura & Lester.
The late October or early November birthdays would have been Minnie & Paul's, both on November 4th - she was 68, he was 51.  Pauline's birthday was October 2nd - she was 52.  Her husband, Aura Clark, would be 63 on November 22nd.  Uncle Lester Delzell was 63 on October 6th.

October 28

October 29
Tuesday.  Farmer Jones luncheon at Church – made $66.

October 30
Wednesday.  Springdale again.  Met with W.C. Rogers concerning our new home.  Got a man to help put out bulbs.
W. C. Rogers was a building contractor in Springdale - he did some major renovations to the home before they moved in.  He had built two homes for Mom & Dad - on Crouch Street and Wayland Drive.  He sold Don and I our first home on Shipley Street that he had built as a starter home for his daughter, but she had divorced and left the house empty.  The winter of 1962/63 was very cold and we had a lot of sub-zero temps.  Donnie and I were living in one of Joe Steele's rent houses that was build up on piers with no insulation in the floors and we had only a big Siegler space heater in the living room for heat.  We drug our mattress in front of it and slept with Steve between us to keep warm at night.  W. C. offered us his daughter's house if we'd just take up the payments - nothing down.  He and Don went to the savings & loan and transferred the mortgage that day on a handshake deal and with the help of one of the young men who worked with Don at L-P Gas & Equipment and their respective pickups, we moved into the little house that night.  Central heat. Blessed!  We paid about $11,000 for that house - our monthly payments about $75.  Of course at that point in time, we thought we'd be rich if Don's salary ever reached $100 per week.

October 31

Thursday.  Came home.  Halloween.  No damage.
I think there was more damage done at Halloween back then - especially to a darkened house where it appeared no one was home.  Soaping windows or window screens was a favorite "trick" - even to the store windows downtown - but throwing eggs was fairly common place, too.  Trash often dumped on porches.  In the rural areas, mailboxes were knocked down & outhouses tipped over. Usually someone put something or other on the flat roof of Springdale High School - motorcycle, or bicycles - one year a Volkswagen bug.  
Treats were often homemade - candied apples or a bag of popcorn, homemade cookies.  Times have changed.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

September 1957

September 1
Sunday.  A.M.  Sunday School & Church.  Had Grandma, Maude and Ira & Minnie for dinner and supper.

September 2
Monday.  Mostly did yard work.

September 3
Tuesday.  Two P.M.  Conducted Executive Board meeting for Ruby.  Made plans for feeding people at District Meeting at our church.  Took Maude to High school to see Mr. Kelley about work.  K.M.’s birthday.
My uncle K. M. was 43 that year.

September 4
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude.  Mr. Hall started work on front porch.  Maude starts her job at High school.
As I recall, Aunt Maude worked in the high school cafeteria.

September 5 - 7  She wrote down the day of the week but made no comment.

September 8-16  [blank]

September 17
Tuesday.  Saw our doctor.  I had dropped 10 gr sugar – First in ten yrs.  Otherwise a good report.

September 18
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale.  Stopped in Alma for a little visit with Mrs. Clarence Johnson.

September 19
Thursday.  Spending a few days looking at homes.
I'm not sure what was going on this month, but this about the time they were making the decision to move to Springdale to live near K. M. and JoEllen - two of their children.  She must have been preoccupied with this decision.  She would be leaving many friends and relatives and her church work behind - I wonder if she was concerned about my Granddad's health.  I didn't realize this at the time, after all I was teen-ager totally occupied with "self", but I suspect this decision and move was very difficult for my grandmother.

September 20-21

September 22
Sunday.  Went to church with JoEllen.  Bill Cloud preached a good sermon on “Tomorrow”

September 23
Monday.  Bought property in Springdale.  Came home and found back yard in mess.  Pecan tree damaged by storm.  Got permanent at Rita’s.
That would be house on Pleasant Street in Springdale.

September 24
Tuesday.  Came home from Springdale but not in time to help with CMF.  Found pecan limbs all over the place.

September 25

September 26
Thursday.  Put in the day cooking and getting ready to serve banquet to B & PW (Business & Professional Women) Bosses night.  Letter from Mr. Makepeace.

September 27
Friday.  We went to Fayetteville to take Makepeace papers to lawyer.  Drove on to Springdale for a little while.
I have no clue - unless Mr. Makepeace was selling the house in Springdale to them.

September 28
Saturday.  Nora, Kenney and I took food and ate with Grandma and Maude.

September 29
Sunday.  The usual S.S. & Church.  Minnie and Ira ate lunch with us.

September 30


Thursday, November 6, 2014

August 1957

August 1

August 2
Friday.  Nora, Ada, and Ruth came to Van Buren.

August 3
Saturday.  The bunch had lunch at Nora’s.  Ada and Ruth left for their home in Longview, Tex.
Ada was Ada Birchfield Riddle, first cousin of my grandfather's.  Ada was the daughter of Grandma Comstock's sister Antoinette (Ettie).  She always came from Texas for Grandma Comstock's birthday parties.  Ruth was Ada's daughter.

August 4
Sunday.  A.M.  Sunday School and Church.  Stayed home rest of the day.  Ira & Minnie came in the evening to watch TV with us.

August 5
Monday.  Papa’s birthday.  Mattie called.  Wants us to visit with her family in Tahlequah Tuesday.  JoEllen and girls came.
My grandmother's father was born 5 August 1856 - he had died in 1950.

August 6
Tuesday.  JoEllen had wreck on the way to BDGCo.  All taken to hospital but no one seriously hurt.  We didn’t get to go to Mattie’s family gathering.
BDGCo – Berry Dry Goods Co. where my grandfather worked for many years.  This was the wreck when the 1957 almost new blue Plymouth was totaled.  My right eyebrow split open, glasses broken, knee badly bruised, jaw walloped when I was flung over to the driver's side and hit either Mom's head or the steering wheel  (it's bothered me ever since).  My sisters both had holes in their dresses from the battery acid that splashed through the windows.  We were hit by a young girl driving her boyfriend’s car – she ran a stop sign, never even slowing down, and hit us broadside pushing us across the street into a sturdy light pole at the corner of a car lot.  The engine of our car was practically squeezed to the ground.  Laurie was about two and believed that Mom had caused the wreck and would cry whenever a car got close from the side or rear for months after.

August 7
Wednesday.  Graydon and family came for two days and nights.  Played shuffleboard at Paul’s.

August 8
Thursday.  Graydon, Don & Kenney went thro Ft. Smith’s new City National bank.  Hamburgers for dinner.

August 9
Friday.  Took picnic lunch and went with Graydon’s folk to Natural Dam to swim.  They went on to Fayetteville and we came home.

August 10
Saturday.  JoEllen called they would come Sunday on way to L.R.

August 11
Sunday.  A.M.  SS & Church.  For Sunday dinner we had Ira & Minnie, McKims and Kay’s boy friend.
That would be Don Haden….

August 12
Monday.  Joe and JoEllen spent all day getting settled on insurance and new Plymouth.  Left 7:30 P.M. to drive to L.R.
My sisters were left behind in Van Buren.

August 13
Tuesday.  Didn’t take JoAnn and Laurie to CWF breakfast, but did go to nine o’clock meeting.  Kids enjoyed the nursery.  Put out washing.

August 14
Wednesday.  Babysat with JoAnn and Laurie.  JoEllen and Joe came in time for dinner.  Picked up girls and went on home.

August 15
Thursday.  A.M. Cleaned house.  Went to Nora’s and brought Grandma here for a few days.
After taking care of two of granddaughters for several days - now she has her mother-in-law.  The lack of notes would suggest Grandma Comstock required more supervision than the little girs!

August 16 - 17

August 18
Sunday.  S.S. & Church.  Stayed home with Grandma all day.

August 19

August 20
Tuesday.  Took Grandma & Nora to see Uncle Bob.  A.M.   P.M. drove to Springdale.
Uncle Bob was surelyAndrew Bartholamew Christopher Wood - Grandma Comstock's brother.  He was about two years younger than Grandma and died the next year.  I believe he was a barber in Uniontown.

August 21
Wednesday.  Spent day at JoEllen’s.  P.M. Becky & Ike came.

August 22

August 23
Friday.  Everyone except Kay went to Ginger Blue for dinner
I’m sure I had a date on a Friday night.

August 24
Saturday.  P.M. we came home.

August 25
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & Church.  Then to Rena with Ira & Minnie for the Hays reunion.  P.M. went to Grandma’s for supper.
The children and grandchildren of my Mammaw's oldest brother Will Hays, had annual reunions and then semi-annual reunions.  I took Mom to one in the late 1990's.  Will had 15 children - only one died in infancy and Will had died when his youngest was only a year old.  Some of Will's family still live near Van Buren.  Part of their gathering was always to clean up the cemeteries and attend church together out at Rena on Sunday morning.

August 26
Monday.  Did a lot of cleaning in Garage & Storage.

August 27
Tuesday.  Attended group 1 meeting at Wilma’s.  9:30 A.M.  Evening – went to a meeting in Paris (Paris, Arkansas) with Preacher Bob and Mrs. York.  Making plans for district Convention – Oct. 3rd.

August 28
Wednesday.  Washing machine broke down with Minnie’s washing in it.

August 29
Thursday.  Washed & cleaned house all day.  Washed house out side.

August 30

August 31
Saturday.  Called on Ruby about board meeting.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

July 1957

July found my grandparents still in San Francisco visiting Jay and Scotty.

July 1

July 2
Tuesday.  Took Scotty to work.  Went to Fort Mason, Wells Fargo bank A.M.

July 3
Wednesday.  Jay and I grocery shopped P.M.  Kenney and I rode bus to town for hair cut and to get some birthday presents for Dave and Joyce.  Worked on Jay’s quilt.
My cousin Dave would be 10 on July 11th.  Joyce was my great-aunt Maude's grandchild - so a second cousin.

July 4
Thursday.  Drove to Sonoma.  Visited winery, Sonoma Mission and Santa Rosa.

July 5
Friday.  Drove down peninsula to Palo Alto.  Lunch there at Ricky’s.  beautiful place.  Went to San Jose and Alum Rock Park

July 6
Saturday.  Took in Ice follies went with Jay, Scotty, and Kay Woody.

July 7
Sunday.  Went to Lafayette and visited Bill & Ruby Banks and the boys, Michael & Gary.

July 8

July 9
Tuesday.  Jay took us to buy our plane tickets to Kansas City.  Went to Macy’s and Woolworth’s.
We purchase our airline tickets slightly differently these days!  These were for the next week.

July 10
Wednesday.  Baked a cake to serve tonight.  Expecting Bill and Ruby.

July 11
July 12
Friday.  Got some clothes ready for the trip home.

July 13
Saturday.  Kenney’s Birthday.  Mrs. Burleson called from Hotel.  We went to Cliff House and saw her there on a bus.  Baked cocoanut (yes, that's her spelling) crumble pie for Sat. dinner.  Beef strogonoff day.  Also baked confetti Angel Food for Sunday birthday dinner.
My granddad was 70 this day.  Mrs. Burleson was probably Clare's mother.

July 14
Sunday.  Didn’t got to church.  Jay not feeling well.  While dinner was cooking, the boys opened pkgs.  After dinner we drove to Belvedere Island and to Mr. Tamalpais.  Took Kay to Presidio and then home.
This Kay wasn't me - it was a friend of Jay's.

July 15
Monday.  Did some packing and baked angel food for Mr. & Mrs. Borges.  P.M. Rested – packed some more.  Took cake to Borges and told them good by.

July 16
Tuesday.  Overslept and almost missed our plane.  Took off for L.Angeles on time.  1 ½ hour flight at 1200 ft.  Breakfast served about eight.  Left L.A. at 9:30.  5 hr. flight at 19,000 ft.  Flew over Las Vagas and in site of Yosemite.  Arrived in K. C. 3:30 P.M.

July 17
Wednesday.  Made dust ruffle – valances and covered chair by working at it all week.
Sounds as thought she went right to work after arriving at Ikey & Becky's in Kansas City.  She was very busy the next few days... 

July 18 – 19 – 20

July 21
Sunday.  Late breakfast.  Went for drive to Silver Spur Club and had a flat.  Nearly roasted.  After resting and cooling off we went to Holiday Inn for dinner.

July 22
Monday.  Ikey took us to catch 9 o’clock bus.  Arrived in Springdale at 3:30.  Supper with McKims.  K.M’s folk came over and we had a picture show.  Then spent night at K.M.’s.
Long way home from California - several days in Kansas City, a bus to Springdale to spend one night and then a bus ride home to Van Buren.

July 23
Tuesday.  Lunch at JoEllen’s and then rode a bus home.  Arrived at 6:46.  Ira and Minnie met us and we had supper with them.

July 24
Wednesday.  We went to work on the yard.  My what a mess!!

July 25
Thursday.  Yard work.  K.M. came by.

July 26
Friday.  Letty’s birthday.  Jimmy Fine mowed lawn.
Aunt Let was 56.

July 27

July 28
Sunday.  Church.  Birthday party at Ira & Minnie’s for Kenney, Letty and Joyce.  Lester, Pauline & Aura came.
Had to have a catch-up birthday party for the July birthdays.  Uncle Lester Delzell would have come from Miami, Oklahoma - Pauline and her husband Aura from North Little Rock.

July 29

July 30
Tuesday.  Voted for Mayor.  Lost our vote.  Burton Langford was beaten.  K.M. & family came and spent the night with us.
Gee, sounds like many of my votes through the years!

July 31
Wednesday.  Ken’s birthday.  Had cake and ice cream for lunch.
My cousin Kenney was age nine.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

June 1957

While my grandparents were on the extended trip across the country and in California, she didn't keep up really well with her diary - several days only writing down the day of the week, or skipping altogether.

Jun 1
Saturday.  On our way to Kings Canyon.  Breakfast at Wilsonia Village.  Beautiful drive thro Kings Canyon.  Crossed Bay Bridge 7 P.M.

Jun 2
Sunday.  A day of rest.  We really did it.  Ate dinner in apartment.
They had driven from Van Buren, Arkansas to San Francisco, California - about 2000 miles.

June 3
Monday.  The boys went back to work.  [The boys were in their late 30's....]

June 4
Tuesday.  Putting in the week resting.  Making only short drives.
You can tell they were tired after the cross-country drive.

June 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

June 9
Sunday.  Too foggy and rainy to go to church.  P.M. Drove down coast to Half Moon Bay.  Crossed Peninsula to San Mateo. Back by Airport & Cow Palace.

June 10 -11 -12

June 13
Thursday.  Went to see First Fleet come in.

June 14
Friday.  We rode bus to Market Street.

June 15
Saturday.  Cleaned and baked.
June 16
Sunday.  Went to church & heard Joe R. Kennedy preach.  Then went thro Navy ship.  After dinner in the apt – we drove to Westlake to see houses damaged by earthquake.

June 17
Monday.  To Gets.  [I think GETS was a department store]

June 18
Tuesday.  Mr. & Mrs. Borges took us to City of Paris for lunch and sight seeing.
The Borgeses were friends of Jay's for all the years he lived in San Francisco.

June 19
Wednesday.  Maude’s Birthday.  We had chicken dinner in apartment – all white meat.
Aunt Maude was 63 in 1957.

June 20

June 21
Friday.  After dinner went to Gets with Jay.  Bought sheets & pillow cases – single beds, and a gift for Letty.  Had shortcake for dinner.
Aunt Let's birthday was coming up in July - she would be 56.

June 22
Saturday.  Baked angel food cake.  Scotty came with dress & coat from him and Jay.  Wore it to dinner at the Bow & Bell cafĂ© in Oakland.  Some place.

June 23
Sunday.  Toured the three bridges.  At one point we could see all the bridges at once.

June 24
Monday.  Scotty’s nephew was with us nearly all day.  Being transferred to Presidio.

June 25
Tuesday.  Graydon & Clare’s Anniversary.  I vomited all after part of night.  Better today.
Graydon & Clare would have been married 19 years.

June 26

June 27
Thursday.  Mr. & Mrs. Borges took us to Delores Missions – Two beautiful churches.  Hot house in Golden State Park, Stonestown, and Safeway.

June 28

June 29
Saturday.  Scotty cooked dinner.  We drove to Presidio and got Kay (Roundy) for week-end.
I believe this was Kay Woody – a friend of Jay’s.

June 30
Sunday.  Slept late.  Then went thro Fleishacr? Zoo, Westlake & down the crooked little street on Lombard.  Back to Apt. and cooked dinner.
She had trouble with the spelling of the name of the Zoo -  Thanks to Google I discovered that the San Francisco Zoo was originally named the Fleishhacker Zoo.

Friday, October 17, 2014

May 1957

This month started off with my Mammaw not feeling at all well.

May 1
Thursday  Wednesday.  Feeling pretty punk.  Missed garden club.

May 2
Friday  Thursday.  Feeling better.  But missed garden club.

May 3
Friday.  Bought plants from Laws shop and put them out.

May 4
Saturday.  Painters finished up the bedroom.  Can’t move in till next week.

May 5
Sunday.  Sunday School and church.  Then to Letty’s for Cy and Maude’s birthday party.  We went on to Springdale and spent the night.  Picked Nora, Grandma & Maude up Mon. A.M. and came on home.

May 6
Monday.  Came home from Springdale and cleaned bedrooms.

May 7
Tuesday.   More cleaning and washing A.M.  Went to Nora’s to Group 1 meeting in afternoon.  Maude co-hostess.

May 8
Wednesday.  Ira & Minnie, Grace (Farmer), Ruby Harshbarger and I went to Hot Springs to Disciples of Christ Church State Convention.  Started out at 6:30 and arrived home around twelve midnight.  Had fine time.

May 9
Thursday.  Minnie and I defrosted home freezer A.M.  Went to chiropodist 3:30 P.M.  My! How good my feet feel.

May 10

May 11

May 12
Sunday.  Mother’s Day.  Heard from all the children.  Grandma got her television.

May 13
Monday.  A.M. Baked cocktail puddings for Dart Leaque.  Night helped serve.  Cleared $108.00 Got permanent 8:30 A.M.

May 14
My last CWF meeting as President at church 2 P.M.  Margaret Howell gave a book review “The Promise”
Of course she never mentioned she had been President of the Christian Women's Fellowship at her church until the job was over.

May 15
Wednesday.  Washing and house cleaning.

May 16
Thursday.  More washing and house cleaning.  Oh – My aching back.  Evening – Committee Meeting at the Browns.

May 17
Friday.  House cleaning.  Played pitch at Grace’s.

May 18
Saturday.  Nearly thro cleaning.  Kenney and I took over baby bed to church nursery.  Feel a little sad.
No more grandchildren would be needing the baby bed they had kept on hand.

May 19
Sunday.  Saved specimen.  24 hrs.  Sunday S. & church.  Nora, Kenney and I had supper with Grandma and Maude.

May 20
Went to Clinic.  All had fine reports.

May 21
Tuesday.  Group meetings.  Stayed home looking for Jay and Scotty.  They came about four o’clock.
They would have come from San Francisco.

May 22
Wednesday.  Bought groceries with Nora and Maude and brought Grandma to see Jay.

May 23
Thursday.  Jay drove up on Mt. Vista to see the river and Lee Creek.  Also to Clear Creek on 71.  Went antique shopping. Came back and went thro the church.

May 24
Friday.  Went to Springdale for the week end.

May 25
Saturday.  All had lunch at Chicken House.  Sat. evening – broiled hamburgers on Jo & Joe’s patio.
A. Q. Chicken House - it's still there in Springdale.

May 26
Sunday.  Another big get together for dinner Sunday.  Everyone went to church.  Made a lot of pictures.  Family all together again.  Came home and packed for trip to California.
They traveled back with Jay and Scotty.

May 27
Monday.  Left for California six A.M.  Had breakfast in Eufala.  Drove into Amarillo 6 P.M.  Spent night there.

May 28
Tuesday.  Left Amarillo 6:10 A.M.  Breakfast in Tucumcari.  Visited with A. W. & Grace in Albuquerque.  Crossed Continental Divide.  Spent night in Gallup N. Mex.  Hotel Rancho.
Uncle Arthur and Aunt Grace - her youngest brother and wife.

May 29
Wednesday.  Drove around rim of painted dessert [sic] and thro petrified Forest.  Lunch in Holbrook.  On to Grand Canyon for night.  I had these pictures made at the Petrified Forest....

May 30.
Thursday.  From our cabin window we watched sun rise over Grand Canyon.  Bright Angel Lodge.  Crossing dessert – lunch at Kingman.  Spent night El Rancho Hotel in Barstow, Calif.

May 31
Friday.  Left Barstow for Sequoyah National Park.  Breakfast at Holiday Inn in Bakersfield.  Loyd George place.  Cold in Sequoyah.  Ate supper in our room with fire in King heater.

More about the trip to follow in June!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

April 1957

April 1
Monday.  Went to Nora’s with Maude to do her washing.  Then to Maude’s for lunch.

April 2
Tuesday.  Attended Group 1 meeting at Wilma Brown’s.  Had memorial service for Mrs. Overby.  Rained all night.

April 3
Wednesday.  Grandma’s birthday.  My! What a rain.  P.M. ironed.

April 4
Thurs.  Garden Club meeting at Margaret Howell's – Minnie was co hostess.

April 5
Grace and I planned for meat and rolls for Optimist Club banquet.

April 6
Saturday.  We bought and cooked beef roasts.  Also made rolls for banquet.  Served 82 plates.  Cleared about $95.00

April 7
Sunday.  Took Maude to Ft. Smith to catch bus to Bristow.  Brought Grandma home with us.

April 8
Monday.  Visited Neva in hospital.  She is in traction – not very comfortable.

April 9
Tuesday.  CWF Meeting at Church.  Mrs. York speaker – 3 guests from Rena.  Served a tea.  Older ladies on program.  Theme:  Golden Anniversary

April 10

April 11

April 12

April 13

April 14
Sunday.  Went to S.S. and church then to Rudy for Mrs. Carney’s birthday.  Had Grandma all week.
Now we know why the diary had only the days written in - Mammaw was taken care of Grandma Comstock that whole week while Aunt Maude was visiting her daughter.

April 15
Monday.  Nora came home from Muskogee.

April 16
Tuesday.  We took Grandma to Nora’s and went on to Springdale – Spent night at JoEllen’s.
Now Aunt Nora Rainwater gets a turn at taking care of her mother!

April 17
Wednesday.  Went to choir practice to hear cantata.  Then spent night at K.M.’s after mending all day.

April 18
Thursday.  Drove out by farm and on home.  Got word Arthur had a heart attack in Albequerque.
Mammaw's brother - Arthur Hays.  He survived - he died in May of 1961.

April 19
Friday.  Minnie and I called Grace in hospital.  Arthur very critical.

April 20
Saturday.  Made a few plans for Easter.  Becky and Ike came at noon.  Called on Grandma at Nora’s after noon.  Then to see Paul and Neva’s home.

April 21
Sunday.  Easter.  Becky and Ike attended church with us.  Ira and Minnie came for dinner.

April 22
Monday.  Kenney took Grace and me to Ft. Smith to shop for food for CMF District meeting next Thursday night.

April 23
Wednesday [she skipped a day and didn't catch her mistake until the next week]  Mr. Boatright finished the kitchen woodwork.    P.M. I went to Grace’s and made desserts for Mens’ Fellowship.  More rain.

April 24
Thursday.  Shopped all morning for groceries.  Three P.M. Grace, Emma Mae & myself went to church to cook for CMF.

April 25
Friday.  Drove up on the hill and picked up quilt Jackie Swearingen quilted for Becky.  Then shopped uptown.

April 26
General routine

April 27 
Sunday.  [actually the 28th]  Took Grandma, Maude and Nora for a drive.  Kenney drove upon Mt. Vista where we could see water, water everywhere.  River and Lee’s Creek raging.
Lee's Creek ran past Tom Comstock's homestead in Crawford County, and divided his place from Oklahoma - he was my great, great grandpa, the first of our family to move to Arkansas.  There are lots of stories about Tom - he was evidently quite a character.  One story goes like this.  In a much earlier time, the spring rains had Lee Creek raging and Tom stood on his levee, shook his fist at the heavens and ordered "God, don't you dare flood my fields".  And the flood didn't happen that year.

April 28 
Helped cook and serve Chamber of Commerce banquet at church.  160 plate guarantee.
The Banquet was on Monday the 29th.  

April 29
Tuesday    Monday.  Three men went to work re-decorating front bedroom. 
Bill, Loy and preacher called on us in evening.  Gave $100.00 for central heat and air conditioning.  Banquet.
I wonder if they could really afford that $100 gift...  I suspect it was a sacrifice. 

April 30
Tuesday.  Another bladder flare up.
Mammaw had a busy month, keeping Grandma, meals at the church, a trip to Springdale, Easter with company.  So now she's ill again.