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August 1957

August 1

August 2
Friday.  Nora, Ada, and Ruth came to Van Buren.

August 3
Saturday.  The bunch had lunch at Nora’s.  Ada and Ruth left for their home in Longview, Tex.
Ada was Ada Birchfield Riddle, first cousin of my grandfather's.  Ada was the daughter of Grandma Comstock's sister Antoinette (Ettie).  She always came from Texas for Grandma Comstock's birthday parties.  Ruth was Ada's daughter.

August 4
Sunday.  A.M.  Sunday School and Church.  Stayed home rest of the day.  Ira & Minnie came in the evening to watch TV with us.

August 5
Monday.  Papa’s birthday.  Mattie called.  Wants us to visit with her family in Tahlequah Tuesday.  JoEllen and girls came.
My grandmother's father was born 5 August 1856 - he had died in 1950.

August 6
Tuesday.  JoEllen had wreck on the way to BDGCo.  All taken to hospital but no one seriously hurt.  We didn’t get to go to Mattie’s family gathering.
BDGCo – Berry Dry Goods Co. where my grandfather worked for many years.  This was the wreck when the 1957 almost new blue Plymouth was totaled.  My right eyebrow split open, glasses broken, knee badly bruised, jaw walloped when I was flung over to the driver's side and hit either Mom's head or the steering wheel  (it's bothered me ever since).  My sisters both had holes in their dresses from the battery acid that splashed through the windows.  We were hit by a young girl driving her boyfriend’s car – she ran a stop sign, never even slowing down, and hit us broadside pushing us across the street into a sturdy light pole at the corner of a car lot.  The engine of our car was practically squeezed to the ground.  Laurie was about two and believed that Mom had caused the wreck and would cry whenever a car got close from the side or rear for months after.

August 7
Wednesday.  Graydon and family came for two days and nights.  Played shuffleboard at Paul’s.

August 8
Thursday.  Graydon, Don & Kenney went thro Ft. Smith’s new City National bank.  Hamburgers for dinner.

August 9
Friday.  Took picnic lunch and went with Graydon’s folk to Natural Dam to swim.  They went on to Fayetteville and we came home.

August 10
Saturday.  JoEllen called they would come Sunday on way to L.R.

August 11
Sunday.  A.M.  SS & Church.  For Sunday dinner we had Ira & Minnie, McKims and Kay’s boy friend.
That would be Don Haden….

August 12
Monday.  Joe and JoEllen spent all day getting settled on insurance and new Plymouth.  Left 7:30 P.M. to drive to L.R.
My sisters were left behind in Van Buren.

August 13
Tuesday.  Didn’t take JoAnn and Laurie to CWF breakfast, but did go to nine o’clock meeting.  Kids enjoyed the nursery.  Put out washing.

August 14
Wednesday.  Babysat with JoAnn and Laurie.  JoEllen and Joe came in time for dinner.  Picked up girls and went on home.

August 15
Thursday.  A.M. Cleaned house.  Went to Nora’s and brought Grandma here for a few days.
After taking care of two of granddaughters for several days - now she has her mother-in-law.  The lack of notes would suggest Grandma Comstock required more supervision than the little girs!

August 16 - 17

August 18
Sunday.  S.S. & Church.  Stayed home with Grandma all day.

August 19

August 20
Tuesday.  Took Grandma & Nora to see Uncle Bob.  A.M.   P.M. drove to Springdale.
Uncle Bob was surelyAndrew Bartholamew Christopher Wood - Grandma Comstock's brother.  He was about two years younger than Grandma and died the next year.  I believe he was a barber in Uniontown.

August 21
Wednesday.  Spent day at JoEllen’s.  P.M. Becky & Ike came.

August 22

August 23
Friday.  Everyone except Kay went to Ginger Blue for dinner
I’m sure I had a date on a Friday night.

August 24
Saturday.  P.M. we came home.

August 25
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & Church.  Then to Rena with Ira & Minnie for the Hays reunion.  P.M. went to Grandma’s for supper.
The children and grandchildren of my Mammaw's oldest brother Will Hays, had annual reunions and then semi-annual reunions.  I took Mom to one in the late 1990's.  Will had 15 children - only one died in infancy and Will had died when his youngest was only a year old.  Some of Will's family still live near Van Buren.  Part of their gathering was always to clean up the cemeteries and attend church together out at Rena on Sunday morning.

August 26
Monday.  Did a lot of cleaning in Garage & Storage.

August 27
Tuesday.  Attended group 1 meeting at Wilma’s.  9:30 A.M.  Evening – went to a meeting in Paris (Paris, Arkansas) with Preacher Bob and Mrs. York.  Making plans for district Convention – Oct. 3rd.

August 28
Wednesday.  Washing machine broke down with Minnie’s washing in it.

August 29
Thursday.  Washed & cleaned house all day.  Washed house out side.

August 30

August 31
Saturday.  Called on Ruby about board meeting.

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