Friday, September 26, 2014

February 1957

February 1
Friday.  Served Youth banquet.  About 35 plates.

February 2

February 3
Sunday.  S.S. & church.  Then dinner at Grandma’s.  Nora and Ada.  Ira & Minnie.  Paul & Neva.  Kenney & I.  Letty & Cy came for supper.  Church in the evening.  Had Youth Choir.

February 4
Monday.  Put out washing.  Went to Grandma’s.  then to visit with Nora & Ada.  Registered at Market basket for car or car load of groceries.

February 5
Tuesday.  Attended Group 2 meeting at Irene Comstock’s.  Took Edith and Lola with me.
Irene Comstock was the wife of Hugh Barton Comstock who was my granddad's first cousin.

February 6
Wednesday.  A.M. Grocery time with Nora & Maude.  P.M. Drove to Springdale and spent the night at K.M’s.

February 7
Thursday.  Spent the day and night with McKims.  JoEllen and I made curtains for the nursery.

February 8
Friday.  Went to Jo and Joe’s store.  Did some trading.  Then came on home 1:30 P.M.
Wonder what they bought at L-P Gas & Equipment Co.?

February 9
Saturday.  Washed two machines of clothes.  Beautiful day.  3:40 P.M. Getting cloudy again.

February 10
Sunday.  Mattie’s birthday.  Took Granma, Maude & Nora to Paul’s P.M.  Then home with us for supper.  Kenney baby sat with Grandma while the three of us went to evening church service.
Aunt Mattie, my grandmother's sister would have been 75 that day.

February 11
Monday.  A.M. went to Clinic.  Very good reports.  P.M. Got permanent.

February 12
Tuesday.  CWF lunchen & meeting.  Then called on Mrs. Overby & Stella.  Saw Aunt Ollie – 93 yrs. Old.
Aunt Ollie was my grandmother's aunt, the wife of William Richard Hays, "Uncle Will".  Ollie (Wheeler) Hays was born 1863 in Kansas and lived to be 96.

February 13
Wednesday.  Rain.

February 14

February 15

February 16
Saturday.  Baked Cake.

February 17
Sunday.  Preacher sick of a virus.  Mr. Crewdson preached.  JoEllen, JoAnn and Laurie came.

February 18
Monday.  Maude & Grandma helped Kenney mind the little girls while JoEllen & I went to Ft. Smith in the rain to shop for curtains.  Worked on them till 10 P.M.

February 19
Tuesday.  JoEllen and I worked on curtains and house cleaning.  She and kids left Two P.M. and I went to Group II meeting at Etta Hayman’s.

February 20

February 21
Thursday.  Cleaned living room, dining room and hall.  Went to store and ordered curtains.

February 22
Friday.  Arthur’s Birthday.  Bought material and made Joe a barbecue apron for his birthday.
Uncle Arthur, my grandmother's brother was age 65.

February 23
Saturday.  Finished Joe’s apron.

February 24
Sunday.  A.M. church & Sunday School.  Drove to Springdale in rain and fog.  Found everyone gone to show.  Spent night at K.M’s.

February 25
Monday.  Work on Kay’s curtains all day and till nearly midnight.

February 26
Tuesday.  Put in the day making curtains.  Got them pressed and up about five P.M.
Thanks, Mammaw - I'm sure I was well pleased!

February 27
Wednesday.  JoEllen took us driving and to see the progress on the new parsonage.  Also to town to look about curtain material for living room.  P.M. Drove home, but stopped to see Christian Church.  Saw Mrs. Asbell.

February 28
Thursday.  Sunshine again.  So washed.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

January 1957

So we begin a new year....   Much continues as usual!

January 1
Tuesday.  Stayed home and took care of Grandma till Maude came from Bristow.
Aunt Maude's daughter and family lived in Bristow.

January 2
Wed.  Grocery shopped with Maude and washed two machines of clothes for her.  P.M. baked apple pudding for garden club.

January 3
Thurs. Co-hostess for Garden Club at Mrs. Cloe Moore’s.  Beulah Dollar and Mrs. Harvell also co-hostesses.

January 4
Friday.  CWF Executive board meeting at church.  2 P.M.

January 5
Saturday.  Delivered packages to Sabra Wallace.  Really gave her a thrill.
I'm sure this had something to do with someone at the church, but not sure what exactly.

January 6
Sunday.  Reg Sunday activities.

January 7

January 8
Tuesday.  CWF Meeting at church  2 P.M.

January 9
Wed.  A.M. Drove to Springdale and went directly to see Dr. Applegate.  Found I had cistitis – 12 tablets took care of that.

January 10
Thursday.  Was recuperating at JoEllen’s.

January 11
Friday.  Mostly resting.
If she was resting, she did not feel well!

January 12
Took over with the children while Jo and Joe went to Little Rock.
The date suggests they went to Little Rock for the mid-winter L-P Gas Association convention.

January 13
Sunday A.M.  Went to S. S. & church and heard their new minister – Bill Cloud.  Think they will like him.
Bill Cloud was an interesting minister with an interesting family.  Not a bad speaker.  His wife would buy a bolt of cloth and make shirts for all the boys and Bill and dresses for the little girls and herself - all out of the same fabric.  I think there were at least five children.  

January 14
Mon & Tues.  Took care of Jo & Joe’s children

January 16
Wednesday.  Visited with K.M. & LaVonne A.M.  Had Stanley call Dr. Hall -  he was ill – not available.  Drove by to see Letty and then on home.  6°  in Springdale early A.M.

January 17
Thursday.  Catching up with correspondence.  Met George Haggard at church to figure on refinishing banisters.

January 18
Friday.  Bought a new Electrolux cleaner.
I think that's the vacuum she was still using after all my children were born and I'd go by every couple of weeks and clean house for her.

January 19
Saturday.  Baked cake.  Made Jello Salad for church dinner.  Also cleaned house.

January 20
Sunday.  Spent the S.S. and church hour with Grace (Farmer) in church Kitchen – Getting ready for church luncheon.  Much fun.  About 100 present.

January 21
Monday.  Washed A.M.  Two P.M. went to Dripping Springs to Henery Spees funeral – then on to Uniontown to see Omer Mills.  He had a stroke much like Kenney.

January 22
Went with Ruth to Ft. Smith to see about tile for hall at church – and to see about getting communion redone – no go.

January 23
Wednesday.  Grace and I worked on curtains all day and till nine P.M.  Some job.

January 24
Thursday.  Minnie and I pressed and hung curtains in Fellowship hall.  Little too short.

January 25
Friday.  Mended and cleaned house A.M.   P.M. meet another tile man and got estimate of cost.

January 26
Saturday.  My Birthday.  A.M. Had my hair and eyebrows fixed up.  Baked cake & made jello for party.  Neil Reints mother’s funeral 3:30 P.M.  Gave Dan Harris order for tile.
She was seventy this day.

 January 27
Sunday.  Cold and rainy.  A.M.  S.S. & church.  Birthday dinner at Ira & Minnie’s.  What a feed – Nora and I got so many nice things.

January 28
Monday.  JoEllen and Joe came.  We had dinner with Nora, Ada, Grandma, and Maude.
This Nora was Grandma's oldest daughter - Nora Rainwater.  Ada was Ada (Burchfield) Riddle - Grandma's niece.  Ada lived in Longview, TX, but visited often - she was nearly always in Van Buren for Grandma's birthday celebration in April.

January 29
Tuesday.  Put out washing.  Not drying much.  Still very cloudy.  Had stationery with my name printed on from Becky & Ike.

January 30
Wednesday.  What a rainy time to grocery shop.

January 31
Thursday.  Bought groceries for Youth banquet.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

December 1956

My grandmother had ended November with a sore throat - so she started December really sick!

December 1
Saturday.  Have a real case of flu or virus.  My!  What a sore throat!  And a degree of fever.  Stayed in bed nearly all day.

December 2
Sunday.  Had to miss S.S. and church.  Did manage to go to Woman’s Day Service and introduced speaker – Mrs. L. D. Moran from First Church, Ft. Smith.  Subject – “Women and Prayer”

December 3
Monday.  Tried to take care of my cold and do what had to be done.

December 4
Tuesday.  Feeling better.  Did some washing and went to Group 2 meeting at Edith Easleys.  Enjoyed the meeting and seeing Edith’s newly decorated home.

December 5
Wednesday.  Looked after spreading dirt at home and at the church.  Shopped for Jay & Scotty and got things for Mary Jane’s birthday.  Mr. Shaw scattered more dirt.
Granddaughter Mary Jane's birthday - December 10th - she would be five.

December 6
Thursday.  Supposed to go to Garden Club Christmas, but didn’t – too hoarse.  Got two kinds of medicine – sure it will kill or cure.  Glory be!  Got that pile of dirt moved.

December 7
Friday.  A gloomy day after a hard rain last night.  We had lunch with Nora, Maude and Grandma.  Willie Shaw finished spreading the dirt.  Had TV checked.  O.K. now.

December 8
Saturday.  Made cookies and applesauce cakes for Christmas boxes.  Night – played pitch and ate popcorn with Grace and Doc.
She always fixed boxes of Christmas goodies - cookies, candy, cakes - to send to her children who lived away.  After she died, my mother took up the task and continued to send Christmas boxes to her brothers.  I think it probably started during the war years.

December 9
Sunday.  A.M.  Sunday School & church.  Took Nora and went to Grandma’s afternoon.  Letty & Cy came.  Fort Chaffee Choir of 33 voices gave a concert at night.  Coffee and cake served in fellowship Hall.

December 10
Monday.  Got packages off to Jay and to Becky and Ike.  Nearly finished addressing Christmas Cards.

December 11
Tuesday.  Mailed pkg. to Pauline & Aura.  P.M.  Helped group 2 get ready for party.  Beautiful table of gifts for old peoples home.  Fine program and fine crowd.  $182.71 in Christmas stockings.  My huge stocking had $5.00 worth of dimes from CWF.

December 12
Wednesday.  Nora, Maude, Emma Mae and I packed old peoples pkgs ready to mail.  P.M. made green organdy apron.

December 13
Thursday.  Maude, Nora and I went shopping in Ft. Smith.  Make brown organdy apron.  In evening wrapped packages.
Wonder who the fancy aprons were for?

December 14
Friday.  Finished packages and cards.  Cleaned house.  Made beef strogonoff for Minnie, Bill and Wilbur’s birthday dinner.  K.M. and LaVonne came by.

December 15
Saturday.  Looked for JoEllen’s folk all morning.  Didn’t come.  P.M.  Took Nora, Maude and Grandma to see Santa Claus parade.

December 16
Sunday.  A.M. Sunday School & Church.  Afternoon – Grandma’s.  Church at night.  NBA film strip – Jim Patton and Oscar Holland baptized.

December 17
Monday.  8:30 A.M. went to get a permanent.  Shopped a little.  Had lunch and a nap.  P.M. wrapped 2 or 3 more pkgs – including one for JoEllen’s B’Day.
JoEllen - my mother - had her birthday on December 21st.

December 18
Tuesday.  This is Becky’s birthday.  A.M. put out washing & fixed spinach.  P.M. Sat with Grandma while Maude went to Group meeting.

December 19
Wednesday.  Usual grocery shopping.  Got half of ham to take to Springdale.  P.M. went with preacher Bob to Sparks Hospital to see Adda Hays and Marion Smith.

December 20
Thursday.  Washed – ironed.  Addressed more cards.

December 21
Friday.  General Christmas rush.  Took food to Birdie Hays home in a pouring rain – no one there.   Mr. Hays funeral  2 p.m.
Not all the Hays families that lived in and near Van Buren were our kin - I wasn't able to figure out who this was Hays was that died in Dec of 1956.

December 22
Saturday.  Baked half a ham to take to Springdale.  Also got clothes ready.  Doc and Grace came for dessert & Welk show – Then played pitch.
Getting ready to come to Springdale to spend Christmas with K. M. and JoEllen's families.

December 23
Sunday.  Left for Springdale at 9:30.  Got to JoEllen’s while they were in church.  Graydon’s folk came after noon for a visit and package exchange.  Saw JoEllen’s choir program at night.  K.M. & LaVonne sang with them.  JoEllen & Kay had solos.
Graydon's family would have come over from Tulsa to join the family.  I suspect this was our Christmas Cantata at First Christian Church in Springdale.

December 24
Monday.  Helped JoEllen get ready for Christmas.  Had tree for their family that evening.  Howard Backus family was there.
Howard & Lorraine Backus and children were friends of the McKim's - they lived on the next corner from the McKim's Pleasant Street house.

December 25
Tuesday.  First voice we heard was Joe calling “Merry Christmas”  then the children tore loose.  They had emptied their stockings.  We made hot cinnamon rolls and put turkey in the oven.  Then had breakfast at ten o’clock.  Ira and Minnie came at 12:30 – also Joe’s mother.  We had dinner at 3:30.  Then K.M’s folk came for the tree.  Graydon called in the afternoon – and we called Jay that night.  Santa was very good to us.
Mama's cinnamon rolls - oh, how I'd like to have them just one more time.  I've tried to reproduce them several times - but never do they turn out like hers did.

December 26
Wednesday.  Left for home 9 A.M.  Stopped to see Letty & Cy and found Letty in bed with heart attack.  P.M. Took Grandma with us to call on Lee and Mary Byrum.  Their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

December 27
Thursday.  K.M. & LaVonne & Kids came for two days while K.M. took in Sales meetings.  Took Grandma to Nora’s.  Attended Marion Smith funeral  4 P.M.

December 28
Friday.  Just entertained LaVonne and the children.  K.M. came in time for lunch.  They left for home 2 P.M.  Then I put out washing and aired some bedding.

December 29
Saturday.  House Cleaning day.  The usual Sat. night activities.
Probably TV and card-playing with the Farmers!

December 30
Sunday.  A.M. Sunday School & church.  Dinner with Nora and Eula.  Grandma is with us again.

December 31
Monday.  Did two washings for Minnie.  Wrote letter to Jay – long letter from him.  A good way to end the year.  There’s much to be thankful for.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

November 1956

November 1
Thursday.  Worked with rummage all morning.  Went to Garden Club meeting P.M.  Won a bird feeder as a door prize.  This meeting was in the home of Miss Rebecca Bryan.  Real antiques all over the place.

November 2
Friday.  Rummage sale.  Stuff put up and $31.00 worth sold.  K. M., LaVonne and Kids came in.  Had sandwiches with us before going home.

November 3
Saturday.  Opened up for rummage sale seven A.M.  Made $92.00 +
Grace & Doc came six P.M. for Welk Show (Lawrence Welk on TN) and evening at pitch.

November 4
Sunday.  Minnie & Paul’s birthday dinner at Paul’s after S.S. & Church.  Two tables of cards P.M.  Church at night.
Minnie and Paul both had birthdays on November 4th.  She was 67; he was 50..

November 5
Monday.  Grace and I went shopping in Ft. Smith.  I drove the car there for the first time.  Sam passed away late today.
Sam was the janitor at Comstock, Inc. for Minnie and Ira for many years and was much beloved.

November 6
Tuesday.  Washed two machines of clothes.  P.M. Went with Kenney to vote.  He was election judge.  Emma May and I took leftover rummage to welfare office.  Took food to Sam’s family.

November 7
Wednesday.  Had Pauline, Nora, Maude and Grandma here for lunch.  Then grocery shopped and took them home.

November 8

November 9

November 10
Saturday.  Met shrubbery man at church.  Doc & Grace brought chili supper.  Watched TV and played pitch.

November 11
Sunday.  Stayed home from S.S.  Saving 24 hr. specimen.  Went to church.  Kenney and I drove to Natural Dam in afternoon.  Also stopped for a visit with Fay and Ardia.  Ardie feeling much better.
Mammaw must have a doctor appointment for the final checkup following her surgery. I believe Ardie was a Hays cousin.

November 12
Monday.  Used telephone – making plans for CWF meeting.  Did a weeks wash.  Went with Bob & Mr. Duke to a dinner in Ft. Smith – “Capital for Kingdom Building”  We had our usual 3 month checkup.  Good reports.
She didn't like to use the telephone for chit-chat - only business.  She would call, say what she needed to say, tell you "Good-by" and hang up, leaving you with with your mouth open!  She nearly always hung up on me mid-word. 

November 13
Tuesday.  CWF luncheon and meeting.  Mrs. Lester Furr guest speaker.  Group 1 – hostess.

November 14
Wednesday.  Ruth and I went to nursery and planned for shrubbery.  Also decided on paint mixture.   Grocery day with Nora & Maude.
Landscaping plans must have been for the churh.

November 15
Thursday.  Made a suit of pajamas for myself.  Went to beauty shop and packed things for trip to Springdale.

November 16
Friday.  A.M.  Drove to D.M.’s in time for lunch.  They were on the way to L.R.  I picked Kenney up at school.

November 17
Saturday.  Watched after the kids and listened to the ball game.  Arkansas beat SMU 27 to 13.

November 18
Sunday.  Stayed home from church.  Fried chicken and baked cake.  K.M. & LaVonne arrived home from Little Rock, 9:30 P.M.

November 19
Monday.  Went to JoEllen’s in time for lunch.  We worked on curtains.  Spent the night there.

November 20
Tuesday.  We left for Tulsa 10 A.M.  It really rained on us on the way to Tahlequah.  Had 1 ½ hr visit with Mattie.  Arrived at Graydon & Clare’s home about 5 P.M.

November 21
Wednesday.  Helped Clare get some things ready for Thanksgiving.  Clare made three pumpkin pies.  Put turkey in the oven 10 P.M.

November 22
Thursday.  Thanksgiving.  The McKims arrived just as we got back from Thanksgiving services.  Graydon sang in Senior choir – David in Junior Choir.  What a dinner – Turkey and all the trimmings.  Both Jay & Ikey called in the P.M.

November 23
Friday.  Left Tulsa 9 A.M.  Had a pleasant drive home in time for lunch.  Went to church to work on curtains.  Becky and Ike came in 11 P.M.  Got us out of bed.

November 24
Saturday.  Just cook and eat & wash dishes.  Went to the store for Becky and Ike to Christmas shop.  After store closed Minnie & Ira came & we played six handed pitch.  Went to bed about 1 o’clock.

November 25
Sunday.  Stayed home from S.S. & church to help Becky & Ike to get started home.  They were stopping at JoEllen’s for dinner on the way home.  Minnie, Grace & I put up the valances in Fellowship Hall.  Then went to Grandma’s.  Then church at night.

November 26
Monday.  Baked apple pudding & helped make congealed salad for dinner at church Tues night – 200 plates.  Gov. Faubus speaker.
Orval Faubus was Governor of Arkansas from 1955-1967.   Mammaw always called Jello salads, "congealed" salads - I think that's why for many years I wouldn't touch them....

November 27
Tuesday.  Baked another pudding.  My job is to bake rolls tonight – about 750.  Cold today. This A.M. low.  22°
 Yes - read that again - 750 rolls!  Beyond my imagination.

November 28
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude.  Gathered up laundry at church.  Learned we cleared $143.38 on banquet.  Nearly takes care of that paint bill.

November 29
Thursday.  Cleaned the Kitchen.  Laundered the curtain.  At night ironed and watched TV.  Got curtains ready to go up.

November 30
Friday.  Put Kitchen curtains up before breakfast.  Afternoon and night I helped with Men’s Fellowship.  Developed a terribly sore throat.