Thursday, February 26, 2015

January 1959 - A New Year


We left my grandmother in Van Buren helping take care of Grandma Comstock.  She skipped several days of writing in her diary this month.

January 1
Thurs.  Spent New Years Day with Ira and Minnie

January 2
Friday.  Lunch with Nora

January 3
Sat  Turned very cold.  Getting things ready for Sunday.

January  5
Mon.  I came home.

January 10
Sat.  Staying at JoEllen’s while Jo and Joe attend butane convention in Little Rock
L-P Gas Association - Dad was president one year, so was Don Haden.

January 11
Sun.  Minnie, Ira, Paul and Neva came.  Had dinner with me at JoEllen’s

January 12
Mon.  Our anniversary at JoEllen’s.
Now that I am widowed I understand this - you still have an anniversary date even though there is no one to celebrate with you.

January 15
Thurs.  Went to V.B. with K.M.  We stopped at cemetery.  Spent night with Ira & Minnie.

January 18
Sun.  Mine & Nora’s birthday party at Ira and Minnie’s.  Letty and Cy brought me home.

January 20
Tues.  CWF luncheon and program.  I have worship service & taking Mrs. Elmore as guest.

January 24
Sat.  Wash Day

January 26
Mon.  My birthday.  Got city & driver’s license.
Mammaw learned to drive after my granddad had his stroke.  Scary.  Eventually we wouldn't let her drive outside of town, then we wouldn't let her cross the highways.  She would come to my house - I would load up three kids and drive her car across the highway to get her prescriptions, then come home and unload and she would continue home.

January 28
Wed.  At JoEllen’s

January 31
Sat.  Becky & Ike painted furniture.  I cooked dinner for 14.
Becky & Ike always found projects  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

December 1958

December 1
Mon.  Came home from Tahlequah
She had been visiting her sister Mattie King.  There must have been a lot to catch up on, probably getting ready for Christmas - because there's nothing for almost a week.

December 7
Sunday.  Sang in Choir and prayer at Women’s Day service.  Mrs. Rainwater speaker.

December 10
Wed.  Went to Mary Jane’s birthday party.  Gave her manicure set.
Mary Jane was only seven this year - maybe she was still sucking her thumb...

December 11
Thurs.  Went to Club Meeting at Bruce Crider home in Greenland.  Mrs. Dritt hostess.  Became a member again and we drew names for secret friends.
I'm sure this would have the CWF - Christian Women's Fellowship at the Christian Chruch.

December 12
Friday.  Went to JoEllen's and worked on drapes.  Not feeling so good.  Ordered bladder medicine.

December 13
Sat.  Got shampoo and set.  P.M. practiced on Christmas Cantata.

December 14
Sunday.  Gave Cantata at A.M. service.
Mom would have been directing.  I likely had a solo.  Other members of the family - K.M. & LaVonne, if possible, would have been recruited.  I wonder how many of these cantatas we did - one every Christmas and one every Easter.

December 15
Kept Laurie and worked on drapes.

December 16
Tues.  Went to CWF Meeting & luncheon and Christmas program

December 17
Wed.  Went on holiday tour.  Choir practice at JoEllen’s at night.

December 18
Thurs.  Rode bus to Van Buren.  Had chicken dinner with Minnie at CafĂ©.  Also spent night with her.

December 19
Friday.  Went to dentist and town – lunch with Nora.  Spent night with Grandma and Maude.

December 20
Sat.    Got food for Party.  Scalloped potatoes and biscuits.

December 21.  Grandma’s Christmas party at Nora’s.  What a feed!  Back home with Letty and Cy.

December 24
Wed.  Supper & Christmas tree at K.M.’s.  To JoEllen’s for their tree and to spend the night.  Christmas Eve.

December 25
Christmas dinner at McKims.  Ira and Minnie were there.

December 26
Friday.  Went to Tulsa with McKims.  Spent day with Clare & children.  Home that night.

December 27
Sat.  Dinner at my home for Graydon’s folk & McKims.  Graydon & Don spent night with me.

December 28
Sun. 28th.  Took Don and Graydon to Fayetteville.  Then I drove on to Van Buren to spend a week with Grandma while Maude visits with her family.  Had good night.

December 29
Mon.  With Grandma thro week.
Mammaw seldom had much time for her diary when staying with Grandma.  Grandma had eight living children, but only Aunt Maude had the responsibility for staying with her and caring for her.  Everyone contributed $10 per month toward Grandma's upkeep.  I'm sure that didn't go far - I wonder if they also received some Social Security.  Grandma was my grandmother's mother-in-law, not her mother - but after my Granddad died she continued to not only give her share in money, but she was the only one who would go and stay with Grandma and let Aunt Maude visit her daughter and grandchildren.  This always seemed a bit unfair to me.  I knew that there was much disparity in the financial situation of Grandma's children - that there were some of them that could have contributed so much more.  I can only hope that they did indeed provide needed items that I knew nothing about.

Friday, February 13, 2015

November 1958

November 1
Sat.  Kept JoEllen’s kids and got ready for party.

November 2
Sunday.  Had Minnie’s and Paul’s birthday party here.  10 of us.
Aunt Minnie was born 4 Nov 1889 - she was 69; Paul Comstock's birthday was the same day - he was born in 1906 and was 52.

November 3
Mon.  Mr. Best started work back room foundation.
She added a room on the back of her house.

November 4
Tues.  Lots of paper work and pay utilities.

November 5
Wed.  Graydon’s birthday.  Stayed with Laurie – she was real sick.
Graydon was born 1908 - so he was 50 this year.

November 6
Thurs.  Visited with Hattie, Bessie, and Mrs. Nix.  Shopped at green stamp place.  About finished Christmas shopping.

November 7
Friday – at JoEllen’s

November 8
Sat.  JoEllen & Joe took me to Tulsa.
To Graydon & Clare's

November 9
Sun.  Clare and I cooked dinner while the rest of the family went to church.

November 10
Mon.  Cook & Eat

November 11
Tues.  Went with Clare to group meeting – luncheon.  Rest of week with Clare

November 15
Sat.  Graydon brought me home.  P.M.  Listened to ball game.  Sick with cold.

November 16
Sun. 16th.  In bed most of rainy day – terrific cold. 

November 17
Mon.  Able to go to JoEllen’s

November 19
Wed.  My first choir practice.
At First Christian Church, Springdale

November 23
Sunday.  Sang in JoEllen’s choir.
Many Sundays I sat in the choir next to my grandmother while my mother directed.

November 27
Thursday.  Thanksgiving.  Went to Kansas City with K.M.’s family and McKims.
Several years we all went to Kansas City to Ikey & Becky's for Thanksgiving - we'd sleep on all the beds, couches, and pallets on the floor. Probably had driven up on Wednesday.

November 28
Friday.  Came home thro snow and ice.
More than we once we had bad weather there on Thanksgiving.  We often stayed over Friday night to see the Christmas lights turned on at the Plaza.  I wonder if they left early because of the weather - or Mom & Dad just needed to be home.

November 29
Sat.  Went to Tahlequah.
To visit her sister Mattie King

November 30
Sun.  Mattie and I went to Muskogee.  Had good visit with Arthur and Grace.
And on to see their brother, Arthur.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

October 1958

October 1
Wed.   Got our feet wet in the ocean.  Drove to Knotts Berry Farm lunch.  Then on to Sefari Motel.  Lovely place.  $16.00.
Note:  Mammaw was still in California.  My parents and sisters were there seeing all the sights and she went right along with them.

October 2
Thurs.  Breakfast in the Apt.  Then spent the day at DisneyLand.  Most amazing place I ever saw.  Tickets were $16.00.

October 3
Friday  Back to Knotts berry Farm to have pictures painted.  JoEllen, JoAnn and Laurie.  Noon back to DisneyLand for lunch and to finish rides.  On to Driftwood motel at Redondo Beach.  $23.00  No good.

October 4
Sat.   Car in Garage all morning.  Rode taxi to Marine Land.  Got car at Redondo Beach and drove to Barstow & El Rancho Motel.  $13.00
I believe it bothered her to spend money to sleep....

October 5
Sun. Started out 6 A.M.  Had breakfast at road side table.   Lunch at Highway house in Albuquerque.  Night at Hotel El Rancho – hotel Gallup N. Mex.  Joe was real sick.
She didn't have to fly home this time, but rode home with the McKims.

October 6
Mon.  Left Gallup nine A.M. and drove to Amarillo.  Farrel Manor Motel.  Nicest place yet.

October 7
Tues.   Arrived in Tulsa 5 P.M.  Spent 2 hrs at Graydon's and drove on home.  Arrived 9:30 P.M.  I stayed at K.M.’s that night.

October 8
Wednesday 8th.  Thurs & Fri spent the time unpacking and getting things organized again.

October 11
Sat.  Grocery shopped and baked.  Getting ready for company.  Saw Razorbacks lose game to Rice.  Graydon and Dave spent night with me.  Then brought Clare and Mary up Sun. A.M.

October 12
Sun.  All of us went to church.  16 ate dinner here.  JoEllen & LaVonne brought food.

October 13
Mon.   Baby sat and cooked dinner at JoEllen’s

October 14
Tuesday.  Left for Van Buren. at 8:30.  Went to CWF luncheon.  Then spent night with Minnie & Ira.

October 15
Wed.  Stayed with Maude and Grandma.

October 16
Thurs.  Nora, Maude and I went shopping in Ft. Smith.  Had lunch at Crains Cafeteria.  Christmas shopped.  P.M.  Visited with Grace.  Then we took flowers to cemetery.

October 17
Friday.  Came home A.M.  had lunch with JoEllen.  Spent my first night alone.
In all the busyness, she had not stayed at night by herself since I had moved out of her house before starting to the University.

October 18
Saturday.  Ate supper at JoEllen’s.

October 19
Sunday.  Went to S.S. & Church.  Fixed chicken dinner at JoEllen’s.  Went to Huntsville with them afternoon.  Went antiquing and bought flower stand.

October 20
Monday.  Stayed at JoEllen’s

October 21
Tues.  Went to CWF luncheon at church.

October 22
Wed.  Mattie came for the day.  Kept Laurie.

October 23
Thurs.  Helped bake pies at church for bazaar.  Had car checked and washed.

October 24
Cooked dinner at JoEllen’s.  P.M.  we went grocery shopping.  Evening Becky and Ike came.

October 25
We drove to Fayetteville.  Went antiquing.  Lunch at A.Q. Chicken house.

October 26
Sunday.  Finished floor in summer house.  Rearranged furniture.

October 28
Tuesday.  Got permanent and flu shot.  Good report on specimen.

October 29
Wed.  At JoEllen’s.  Kept K.M. & LaVonne’s kids over night.

October 30
Thurs.  Kept children again while K.M. & LaVonne attended her aunt’s funeral.

October 31
Friday.  Halloween.  Went to school carnival.  The little girls stayed with me to help trick or treat.