Thursday, February 5, 2015

October 1958

October 1
Wed.   Got our feet wet in the ocean.  Drove to Knotts Berry Farm lunch.  Then on to Sefari Motel.  Lovely place.  $16.00.
Note:  Mammaw was still in California.  My parents and sisters were there seeing all the sights and she went right along with them.

October 2
Thurs.  Breakfast in the Apt.  Then spent the day at DisneyLand.  Most amazing place I ever saw.  Tickets were $16.00.

October 3
Friday  Back to Knotts berry Farm to have pictures painted.  JoEllen, JoAnn and Laurie.  Noon back to DisneyLand for lunch and to finish rides.  On to Driftwood motel at Redondo Beach.  $23.00  No good.

October 4
Sat.   Car in Garage all morning.  Rode taxi to Marine Land.  Got car at Redondo Beach and drove to Barstow & El Rancho Motel.  $13.00
I believe it bothered her to spend money to sleep....

October 5
Sun. Started out 6 A.M.  Had breakfast at road side table.   Lunch at Highway house in Albuquerque.  Night at Hotel El Rancho – hotel Gallup N. Mex.  Joe was real sick.
She didn't have to fly home this time, but rode home with the McKims.

October 6
Mon.  Left Gallup nine A.M. and drove to Amarillo.  Farrel Manor Motel.  Nicest place yet.

October 7
Tues.   Arrived in Tulsa 5 P.M.  Spent 2 hrs at Graydon's and drove on home.  Arrived 9:30 P.M.  I stayed at K.M.’s that night.

October 8
Wednesday 8th.  Thurs & Fri spent the time unpacking and getting things organized again.

October 11
Sat.  Grocery shopped and baked.  Getting ready for company.  Saw Razorbacks lose game to Rice.  Graydon and Dave spent night with me.  Then brought Clare and Mary up Sun. A.M.

October 12
Sun.  All of us went to church.  16 ate dinner here.  JoEllen & LaVonne brought food.

October 13
Mon.   Baby sat and cooked dinner at JoEllen’s

October 14
Tuesday.  Left for Van Buren. at 8:30.  Went to CWF luncheon.  Then spent night with Minnie & Ira.

October 15
Wed.  Stayed with Maude and Grandma.

October 16
Thurs.  Nora, Maude and I went shopping in Ft. Smith.  Had lunch at Crains Cafeteria.  Christmas shopped.  P.M.  Visited with Grace.  Then we took flowers to cemetery.

October 17
Friday.  Came home A.M.  had lunch with JoEllen.  Spent my first night alone.
In all the busyness, she had not stayed at night by herself since I had moved out of her house before starting to the University.

October 18
Saturday.  Ate supper at JoEllen’s.

October 19
Sunday.  Went to S.S. & Church.  Fixed chicken dinner at JoEllen’s.  Went to Huntsville with them afternoon.  Went antiquing and bought flower stand.

October 20
Monday.  Stayed at JoEllen’s

October 21
Tues.  Went to CWF luncheon at church.

October 22
Wed.  Mattie came for the day.  Kept Laurie.

October 23
Thurs.  Helped bake pies at church for bazaar.  Had car checked and washed.

October 24
Cooked dinner at JoEllen’s.  P.M.  we went grocery shopping.  Evening Becky and Ike came.

October 25
We drove to Fayetteville.  Went antiquing.  Lunch at A.Q. Chicken house.

October 26
Sunday.  Finished floor in summer house.  Rearranged furniture.

October 28
Tuesday.  Got permanent and flu shot.  Good report on specimen.

October 29
Wed.  At JoEllen’s.  Kept K.M. & LaVonne’s kids over night.

October 30
Thurs.  Kept children again while K.M. & LaVonne attended her aunt’s funeral.

October 31
Friday.  Halloween.  Went to school carnival.  The little girls stayed with me to help trick or treat.

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