Thursday, January 29, 2015

September 1958

My grandmother spent the entire month of September in San Francisco with son Jay.

September 1
Mon. Sept 1st.  Labor Day.  We drove to Palo Alto.  Back by way of Alameda Air show.

September 2
Tues. Sept. 2  Mended robe and sox

September 3
Wed. 3rd.  K.M.’s birthday.   Made strawberry short cake for dinner.
K.M. was 44 that year. 

September 4
Sep. 4th  Ironed 6 shirts for boys.  Letter from Clare.  Wrote Jay check for $1000.00.
Jay and Scotty were "boys" to her.  She gave each of her children $1000 from my granddad's estate.

September 5
Some days she was just too busy to write, I think.

September 6
Sat.   Dinner at Franciscan Café at Fisherman’s Wharf.

September 7
Sunday.  Saw 49ers beat New York Giants.
That would have been in Candlestick Park - which is no longer used.

September 8

September 9
Tuesday 9th.  Scotty took me to lunch at Starlight Roof on top Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

September 10
Wed.  Ira & Neva’s birthday.  Mr. & Mrs. Borges took me to lunch at the Poodle Dog Café.  Saw Bill Banks.
Bill Banks and the Borgeses were friends of Jay's.  Uncle Ira was 66, Neva was 53.

September 11
Thurs. 11th

September 12
Friday 12th.  Made fresh peach cobbler for dinner.  Took some to Joe & Ruth.

September 13
Sat. 13th.  Drove to Rayes Point.  Ate picnic lunch at Tamales Bay State Park

September 14
Sunday 14th.  Lazy.  Didn’t go to church.  Jay didn’t sleep all night.  Evening – watched fire works from mountain overlooking the Marino  “I Am an American Day”
Actually "I Am an American Day" was on September 17th - it was a holiday, renamed as Citizenship Day and then became Constitution Day.  Other than groups such as DAR or SAR, I don't anybody celebrates this day much anymore.  I don't remember ever celebrating this day....

September 15
Mon.  Usual dinner at home.  Night went shopping at GETS

September 16
Tues. 16th.  Mr. & Mrs. Borges took me to Stonestown for lunch at Blums

September 17
Wed. 17th   Went shopping at Sears

September 18
Thurs. 18th.  Had the Borges’s up for lunch.

September 19
Friday 19th.  Went shopping at Stonestown.  Bought dress and sweater.

September 20
Sat. 20th.  The boys took Borgeses to dinner at Alta Mira Hotel in Sausilita.

September 21
Sunday.  Another ball game.  Lunch at a drive in.  Philadelphia beat 49ers 31 to 28.

September 22
Mon. 22.  Bill Banks and family spent eve with us.

September 23
Tuesday. 23.  Jay had dinner with employees.  Scotty and I had salmon.  He brought me a brown purse.

September 24
Wed. 24th.  Borgeses took me for a drive and grocery Shopping.

September 25
Thurs 25th.  Jo and Joe came in time for dinner.
This was the first vacation Mom and Dad had taken with my sisters when I did not go.  I had started to the University.

September 26
Fri.  Went to Zoo and Sutro

September 27
Sat 27th.  Shopped in China town all A.M.  Scotty took us to dinner at Alto Mira Hotel in Sausilito – then to Fisherman’s Wharf

September 28
Sun. 28th.  Jo & Joe’s Anniversary.  Went to Golden Gate park.  I baby sat while they saw 49ers beat Pittsburg.  Anniversary dinner at apartment.
Mom & Dad had been married twelve years.  I suspect Mammaw had seen enough football and was perfectly happy to stay home with the little girls.  Jay and Scotty had season tickets - didn't miss a game.

September 29
Mon. 29th.  Jay & Scotty took off from work.  Went to Muir Wood, Belvedere Island and bridge tour.

September 30
Tues 30.  Left S.F. at 8:30 AM.  Made 17 Mile drive between Monterey and Carmel.  Drove on to Santa Barbara and Ocean Palms Lodge  $16.00.
Can you imagine staying in a motel for $16 a night?

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