Thursday, January 8, 2015

June 1958

My grandmother went on with life as single traveler.  She finished the renovations to her home and kept busy with family.

June 1
Sunday.  S. S. and Church in Springdale

June 2
Having car port, storage, and patio built.  All week.

June 6
Friday.  Finished car port – carpenter work

June 7
Saturday.  Helped JoEllen and Joe get ready for vacation.

June 8
Sunday.  4:30 P.M.  Joe, Jo and Kay left for Washington D.C.  I am babysitting for about ten days.
This was a sort of  Senior Trip for me - to visit our Nation's Capitol.  The trip had been planned for several months.  We drove to D. C. and toured all the usual.  The highlight was seeing the live stage play of "The Diary of Anne Frank".

June 12
Thursday.  Graydon and family came on vacation.

June 13
Friday.  Graydon and Don worked on summer house, etc.  Went out to eat Friday night.

June 14
Saturday.  Mrs. Burleson had us all for lunch.
My Aunt Clare's mother.

June 15
Sunday.  Father’s Day.  JoAnn, Laurie and I had dinner alone after church.  McKims & Comstocks had potted mums at church in memory of Dad.  K.M. brought them to me after church.
I had not remembered that we were away on Father's Day.  Must have been difficult for my grandmother - hopefully, the little girls were a distraction.

June 16
Monday.  Back at JoEllen's with the children.

June 17
Tuesday.  3:30 P.M.  The folk came back from vacation.  Had wonderful trip but glad to get home.

June 18
Tuesday  [It was a Wednesday – she seems to have picked up the day from the year before]
Dave came to spend two nights with me.  Gary stayed here with us.

June 19
Wednesday.  Dave and Kenney stayed with me.

June 20
Thursday.  LaVonne and children had lunch with me.  Then they took Dave to Fayetteville.  Guess Kay will be moving back.
[I stayed in the house with Mammaw most of the summer, unless she had other company.]

June 21

June 22
Sunday  [day of the week now back on track]

June 23
Monday.  K.M. and I went to Emerson Monument Co.  Found one we liked.

June 24 - June 28
She wrote in only the day of the week with no further comment.

June 29
Sunday.  Nora stayed with Grandma while I went to S.S. and church.  All of us had dinner and supper together.  Letty and Cy came – on way to New Orleans.
I wonder if she had gone down to Van Buren to visit..  Aunt Let and Uncle Cy would not have come through Springdale on the way to New Orleans.  This may have been the first time she drove to Van Buren by herself.

June 30
Monday  [No other comment.]

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