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July 1958

July 1
At the end of June she had gone to Van Buren to visit.

July 2
Wednesday.  Drove home alone for 1st time.  No trouble.  Imagined Kenney sitting by my side.

July 3
Went to Rodeo at night with McKims.  Kenney would have enjoyed so much.
Rodeo of the Ozarks, July 1-4.  Really big deal in Springdale - it was fun growing up and being part of the parades, sitting in Mom & Dad's seats over the bucking shoots.  Dad was on the Rodeo Board for many years and the Rodeo was a very important part of the lives of both my sisters.  I have a very clear memory of my green-broke horse, Flaxy, running away with me in the middle of the Grand Entry - right through the middle of the pattern and out the gate.

July 4
Friday.  Becky and Ike came.  Worked on summer house.
On the back of her lot was a small building - partially screened.  She used it somewhat as a potting shed and garden storage.  In the summer we would eat in the "summer house".

July 5
Saturday.  Ikey did carpenter work.  Becky and I painted.  K.M. was a good helper.

July 6
Sunday.  Ike finished building cabinet and put in frame work for screen.  P.M.  They left for home.

July 7-10
Wrote in only the days of the week - long days, I suspect.

July 11
Friday.  Dave’s birthday – sent him pajamas.
Cousin Dave was 11.

July 12
Saturday.  Having good visit with Mattie.  JoEllen called and invited us for Sunday dinner.
Her sister Mattie King had come to visit.

July 13
Sunday.  Kenney’s birthday.  Had glads at church here & at V.B. in His Memory from the family by Jay.  Made pictures at night.
My granddad died just before his 71st birthday.  To an 18-year-old it seemed to me he had a full life - now that I am older than he ever lived to be, I realize life is never long enough....

July 14
Monday.  Made more pictures.  Painted on summer house – also chairs.

July 15
Tuesday.  Went to CWF luncheon and program.  Enjoyed it very much.  My first here.
Always positive - but I'm sure she missed all the ladies in Van Buren.

July 16
Wednesday.  K.M. and Lavonne's children had spent night and were with me till noon.

July 17
Thursday.  Jay’s birthday.  He will be lonely.  Dad and I were with him this time last year.  They celebrated together.  Sorry I am not with you, son – I’m praying for you.
Jay was 39.

July 18

July 19
Saturday.  Helped JoEllen with canning.  Stayed over night.

July 20
Sunday.  Went to church with K.M.’s folk.  Rev. B. O. Davis first sermon.  After church picnic lunch at JoEllen’s – Preacher’s family, Littrells, Tanseys, McKims & myself.  7:30 P.M. Installation and Reception.
Rev. O. B. Davis married us.  He was a tiny little man with a big message.  His wife Margery, a lovely lady. After he left Springdale he served churches in Oklahoma.  Mom kept to contact with them, until everyone was too old.

July 21

July 22
Tuesday.  Champ’s birthday.
Champ Rainwater was Mammaw's nephew.  He was the eldest son of Aunt Nora (Comstock) Rainwater.  He would have been 50 on this date.

July 23
Wednesday.  I went to V.B. with K.M. to be there for the July birthday party.  Spent the night with Ira & Minnie.
The July birthday party would have included my granddad.

July 24
Thursday.  Nora and I went to Grandma’s – I spent the night there.
Aunt Nora (Comstock) Rainwater.  Always been a bit of a curiosity that my granddad had a sister and a wife named Nora.

July 25
Friday.  The gang had dinner at Nora’s.

July 26
Saturday.  Minnie and I froze and canned peaches.  I spent the night with Nora R.

July 27
Sunday.  Went to S.S. and church with ira & M.   Then birthday dinner at Paul’s.  Had treasure hunt for Letty & Joyce.  We missed our Kenney.  He would have had so much fun.  His party too.
Aunt Let was 57.  Joyce was Aunt's Maude's granddaughter - a year or two younger than I, so maybe about 16.  I'm not sure why she was there so often with Aunt Maude.

July 28
Monday.  Ira, Minnie and I went to Muskogee to see Arthur.  They brought me home and spent the night with me.
Minnie and Mammaw's brother, Arthur Hays.

July 29
Tuesday.  Froze and canned peaches.

July 30
July 31
Thursday.  Little Kenney’s birthday.
Kenney was 10.

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