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August 1958

August 1
Friday.  I rode to Tulsa with George Caudle and spent a week at Graydon’s.  K.M. called that Letty had thrombosis behind her right eye and had gone to Barnes hospital.

August 2
Saturday.  Evening we visited with Kathryn and saw their new home.
The only Kathryn I can think of would be Kathryn Carney Coatney, Aunt Let's daughter - but I don't recall that she ever lived in Tulsa.

August 3
Sunday.  Went with Graydon’s family to Sunday School and church.  Back again that night and heard Graydon sing “The Lord’s Prayer”.

August 4

August 5
Tuesday.  My Dad’s birthday.  Clare and Don took me to see live TV.
Wish she's said what show....

August 6
Wednesday.  Graydon on car trade.
My uncle Graydon traded cars a lot, but then many people of this era traded every two years.  Graydon was one of the worst drivers I ever rode with - speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down.  Always made me ill.

August 9  [I believe two pages stuck together because Thursday was August7th and the dates/days are off from here on.]
Thursday.  Clare and I went shopping at Sears.

August 10  [8th]
Friday.  Clare and the children went to Fayetteville and took me to Tahlequah.  Mattie’s family get together.
Aunt Mattie had a Reunion every summer.

August 11  [9th]
Saturday.  Rainy.  Eva took me to their cabin at Ten Killer.  Beautiful spot.
Eva (King) Fulcher - Aunt Mattie's oldest daughter.

August 12  [10th]
Sunday.  The big day.  30 people at Mattie’s for dinner.  Minnie and Ira brought me home and we stopped at hospital in Fayetteville to see Letty.

August 13  [11th]
Paid bills.  Caught up on book work and I bought bushel of peaches and started canning them.

August 14  [12th]
Tuesday.  More record keeping and yard work.  Trying to take a nap now.  Two P.M.

August 15  [13th]
Wednesday.  Yard work and canning peaches.

August 16 [14th]
Thursday.  Sunned bedding and sprayed closets.  Spent the night with K.M.’s children while he and LaVonne were at Lake Texoma.

August 17  [15th]
Friday.  Lonesome day.  Putting Kenney’s clothes away.  Went picnicking with JoEllen’s folk on War Eagle River.  Nice drive.  Helped to get my mind off of everything.

August 18  [16th]
Saturday.  Did some cleaning and baked a cake.  Mattie called that she will be here late today.

August 19  [17th]
I went to church.  Then JoEllen had Mattie, Frances Ann and me there for dinner.  We attended open house at the parsonage.  Also dedication.  Kay sang “Bless This House”  5 P.M. we left for Van Buren.  I took beautiful flowers to Kenney from our own home.
Frances Ann was Aunt Mattie's granddaughter - daughter of her deceased daughter Frances.  I don't know her surname now - if I ever did.  I think one of the aunt's raised her but she spent a lot of time with Mattie.

August 20  [18th]
Monday.  I spent last night with Grandma and Maude.  Went back to Minnie’s for dinner.

August 21  [19th]
Tuesday.  A.M.  We drove back home.  Stopped to see Letty and also saw Dr. Fischer and had my feet worked on.  Afternoon Mattie and Frances went home.
Mammaw had very painful bunions and other problems with her feet - she looked forward to her visits to her podiatrist almost as much as to the hairdresser.

August 22  [20th]
Wednesday.  Did a washing and canned peaches.  Bobb Reed helped me put our iris from Minnie’s.  Donny and Kay ate supper with me.
Some of that iris went with me to every house I lived in until we moved back to Wetumpka in 1990 - never bloomed again there, bulbs just worn out I guess.

August 23  [21st]
Thursday.  Talked with A. W. & Grace.  He is better – they say go on to California.  Had my hair done.  Pick up curls.  Looks like a new permanent.  Went to Kansas City by bus.
Her brother, Authur and his wife Grace.

August 24
Sunday  [The date and day now in agreement.]   At Ikeys.  Talked with Jay.  Made reservations to fly to San Francisco.

August 25
Monday   Spent day with Lindy.
Lindy was Ikey & Becky's dog - there was actually more than one named Lindy, but this one was probably the first.  A cocker spaniel treated much more like a baby; they always brought her when they visited her.  I think my sisters and young cousins thought of Lindy as another cousin.  My grandmother was raised in another era and didn't think much of animals kept as pets - especially in the house.

August 26
Tuesday.  Flew to San Francisco.

August 27
Wed.  Scotty cooked dinner & showed pictures.

August 28
Thurs 28th.

August 29
Friday 29th.  My day to cook dinner.  Had beef strogonoff.  (her spelling)

August 30
Sat. 30th.  Went to Cliff House.  Then a long drive and grocery shopping.

The Cliff House is a restaurant in San Francisco with a very long history - amazing that it's still there!

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