Thursday, April 23, 2015

September 1959

September 1
Tues.  Entertained Missionary Circle.  15 adults present.

September 2
Wed.  Choir practice.  Stayed with children while Jo & Joe made call.

September 3
Thurs.  Spent PM with Laurie.  Gave K.M. sport shirt.
It was K. M.'s 45th birthday.

September 4
Friday.  All day at McKims.  JoEllen went to Tulsa.

September 5
Saturday.  Yard work and general routine.

September 6
Sunday.  S.S. and church.  Graydon’s folk came and spent the night.

September 7
Monday.  Church Committees met at night.  Stewartship & Finance.  Jim Littrell Chairman.

September 8
Tuesday.  I went to Grandma’s.  Maude left for Prague.  P.M. Nora stayed with Grandma and me.
Off to Van Buren to stay with Grandma Comstock and give Aunt Maude a break!

September 9
Wednesday.  Looked after Grandma.  Took Nora to grocery store.

September 10
Thursday.  Ira and Neva’s birthday.

September 11 - Friday.

September 12
Saturday.  Made plans for birthday party.  [for Ira and Neva]

September 13
Sunday.  Birthday party at Nora’s.  She kept Grandma while I went to church.  Heard Ray Lambert for first time.

September 14
Monday at Grandma’s.

September 15
Tuesday.  Aunt Ola H., and Zella and Gratis had dinner with us.  P.M. We went to cemetery and to Nora’s.
Ola was Ola Wood Haggard, Grandma Comstock’s younger sister, Zella, was another sister of Grandma's who was married to Gratis Comstock, my grandfather’s second cousin.

September 16
Wednesday.  Wash day for everybody.  Grandma and I had dinner with Nora.  I bought new dress & Nora and I made myself a wrap-around.

September 17
Thursday.  Cleaned house and got ready to come home.
Of course - she would leave the house spotless for Aunt Maude to come home to.

September 18
Friday.  Drove home from Van Buren.  Left Nora with Grandma.

September 19
Saturday.  9 A.M. got a permanent.  P.M. saw U of A beat Tulsa U.  28 to 0.

September 20
Sunday.  Sunday School & church.  Ate at home alone.

September 21
Monday.  Regular routine & Getting winter clothes ready.

September 22
Tuesday.  Went calling at night with Joe’s Committee on membership cultivation.

September 23
Wed. night.  Choir practice.

September 24
Thursday.  Spent day at JoEllen’s.

September 25
Friday.  Lunch with JoEllen and we did some sewing.

September 26
Saturday.  Baby sat and cooked dinner at McKim’s.

September 27
Sunday.  Sunday School & Church.  P.M. went picnicking at War Eagle with McKims and Comstocks. 
I'm guessing the "Comstocks" were K. M. & LaVonne and children.

September 28
Monday.  Jo and Joe Anniversary.  Gave pkg. and JoEllen facial.
Mom and Dad had been married thirteen years.

September 29 - Tuesday

September 30

Wednesday.  Stayed at McKims.   P.M. Choir practice.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

August 1959

August 1

August 2
Sunday.  Sunday School & church and Letty’s party.  Ate in my summer house.  Grandma and Maude stayed for few days.

August 3
We spent night at Letty’s.
Guess you are never too old for a sleep-over!

August 4
Clare and children & Mrs. Burleson had lunch with us in summer house.
Mrs. Burleson was my Aunt Clare's mother - she lived directly across from the Washington Elementary School in Fayetteville.

August 5
My Dad’s birthday
John Jefferson Hays had died in 1950.

August 7   [Actually August 6 – she’s off a day]
Thurs. [Friday]  I took Grandma & Maude home.  Spent night with Ira & Minnie.
They would have been going down that two-lane treacherous stretch of the old Highway 71 and over Mount Gaylor.  I can almost see every curve in that road!

August 8
Friday. [Saturday]  Dinner at Nora’s.
Nora Rainwater

August 9
Sunday.  Sunday School & church.  Supper at Maude’s.
How she must have enjoyed being back in Van Buren.  I never thought of that at the time.

August 10
Monday.  Came Home.

August 11
Tues.  Stayed with McKim children

August 12
Wed.  At home.  Getting ready for trip to Tahlequah
Now she's off to see her sister Mattie.

August 13
Thus.  Had hair set.  Club luncheon at Mrs. Parsons.  5:30 PM – caught bus for Tahlequah.  Mattie, Winnie and Karen met me.
Winnie & Karen were Mattie's daughter and granddaughter.  They had all been over to see Mammaw a couple of months earlier.

August 14
Friday.  Having visit with Mattie’s family.  John’s family came about 9 PM
John Hays King was Mattie's son.  He was born in 1913 - so a little older than my Mom. John died in January of 1960, only a few months after this visit.  John and family lived in Hayti, Missouri, where he managed what had been one of his Uncle Arthur's businesses. The last contact I had with family, grandchildren of John still worked in some of those stores.  Hayti is in the Missouri bootheel just across the Missouri/Arkansas line from Blytheville and several of the stores were located in this area.

August 15
Saturday.  Had fried chicken dinner.

August 16
Sunday.  Mattie’s family together.  Sad reunion because of John’s illness.  Ira & Minnie brought me home and stayed over night.
John King had cancer - Hodgkin's Disease.

August 17
Monday.  Catching up on things at home

August 18
Tues.  CWF 9 O’clock meeting at church.  Stayed at JoEllen’s rest of the day.
Christian Women's Fellowship

August 19
Wed.  Supper at JoEllen’s.

August 20
Thurs.  A.M. canned apples & peaches at church.  Busted my finger in car door.  Went to hospital & had stitiches taken.  P.M. Went calling with Mrs. Elmore
I remember when this happened.  JoEllen slammed her Mom’s hand in the car door in our driveway. I had just arrived.  Mammaw in great pain, Mom sick from what she'd just done.

August 21
Friday.  Worked in yard with Jimmy & washed.  P.M. Grocery shopped.
I think this was Jimmy Hight that helped Mammaw.  His dad Walter went to our church and had worked for my Dad for several years.

August 22
Saturday.  Mattie Came.

August 24
Monday.  Ira & Minnie took Mattie & me to Sarah Grove Cemetery – also to Dripping Springs Church where Mattie first saw Dave.  We bought material for skirts.

Sarah Grove Cemetery is outside Uniontown, north of Van Buren,;the Dripping Springs Church a few miles away where Mattie met her future husband, David King.  Little Sarah Woolsey, age 7, was the first person to be buried in this cemetery - her brother William, who died from wounds he received at the Battle of Prairie Grove in the Civil War, is buried near her.  My great, great grandparents, Elias and Martha Frances (Crutcher) Hays are buried in this cemetery as are two of their children, and a baby of Aunt Mattie's that died when he was less than a month old in 1905 - his name was Arvil Edmond King.  Elias and Martha were Mammaw and Aunt Mattie's paternal grandparents.  Elias died of consumption (tuberculosis) likely contracted during the Civil War, in 1979 before they were even born, so they never knew this grandfather. Martha died in 1896 when Aunt Mattie was about 14, Mammaw about age 9.

The church at Dripping Springs is now a residence - and there is a cemetery on the hill behind.  There are Kings buried there - probably David's kin.  Another set of great, great grandparetns rest here - Joseph Christopher Wood and wife, Letitia Ann Mayberry - Mom remembered them because they lived long lives. Letitia "Tisha" died in 1926, age 81, Joe Wood died in 1927, age 86.  Joe Wood's mother is also buried at Dripping Springs - hers one of the earliest graves.  His mother, Nancy (Winkler) Wood, had died soon after the family came to Crawford County in 1853 when he was twelve.  Some of his half-siblings that died young are buried nearby.  His father, William Wood and stepmother, Manda Biswell, are buried in another Crawford County cemetery.

August 25
Tues.  Mattie & I drove home.  Made pictures at Cemetery on way home.
This would have been at Grace Lawn Cemetery in Van Buren where Mammaw and Kenney, his parents, Ira and Minnie, and many of the Comstocks rest in peace.

August 26
Wednesday.  Went to town to shop & get medicine

August 27

August 28
Friday.  Mattie gave me towels.  Had supper at JoEllen’s.
Wonder if when Aunt Mattie was visiting, she noticed a few threadbare towels - Mammaw used everything until the last possible moment.

August 29
Saturday.  LaVonne fixed mine & Mattie’s hair.  Baked cake & grocery shopped.

August 30
Sunday.  K.M.’s family and McKims had dinner in Summer house with Mattie & me.

August 31
Monday.  Mattie went home.  I spent the day getting ready for Missionary Circle.
I think this must have been a wonderful visit with her sister!

Friday, April 10, 2015

July 1959

Mammaw was in San Francisco with Jay and Scotty at the beginning of July.  There were several days she noted nothing beyond the day the of the week - I have omitted those days...

July 2
Thurs.  Downtown with B’s and lunch at the Poodle Dog
The B's, I think, were Mr & Mrs. Borges - Jay's friends.

July 3
Friday.  Shopped at GETS.  Scotty and I bought birthday presents for Jay
Department store in San Francisco.  Jay's birthday was the 17th

July 4
Sat.  The boys, the B’s and I went to Ice Follies
They had gone to the Ice Follies two years before, too.

July 5,
Sun.  Barbecue dinner with Bill & Ruby
Bill & Ruby - were Bill & Ruby Banks.  That's why it's always difficult to know if she meant Borges or Banks when she referred to the "the B's"

July 7
Tues.  Went to Stonestown with the B’s
Shopping Center, I think.

July 8
Wed.  Dinner at Kenwood.  Picked up my plane ticket.
And now my plane ticket is on my iPhone.  Times have changed....

July 9
Thurs.  Went driving and shopped at GET’s and looked at houses

July 10
Friday.  Dinner with Cecil & Artis Pryor.  Beautiful old home.

July 11
Sat.  Lake Tahoe
Road trip!

July 13
Monday.  Kenney’s birthday.  Celebrated Jay’s birthday, Mr. & Mrs. Borges, Scotty, and me.
Now as a widow, I understand these quiet birthday celebrations in your heart.  

On the 14th, she must have flown to Kansas City.

July 15
Wed.  At Ike’s.  coffee at their neighbors.  Showed my pictures.

July 16
Thurs.  Had coffee with Ike and went back to bed.

July 17
Friday.  Jay’s birthday.  Becky & Ike brought me home.

July 18
Saturday.  Ike mowed lawn.  Night – had family here for cake & ice cream

July 19
Sun.  Becky and I went to church.  McKims took us to Country Club to eat.

July 20
Monday.  Cooked dinner and took care of McKim children.

July 22
Wed.  Choir practice.  Ball game
I wonder what ball game?  Seems an odd time of year...

July 24
Friday.  Had hair cut and set.

July 26
Sunday.  No birthday party for Letty.  Cy had eye operation.

July 31
Friday.  Cleaning & getting ready for party.
I peeked ahead.  On Sunday, August 2nd she'll have the birthday party for Aunt Let.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

June 1959

When we left the month of May, Jay and Scotty had just arrived from California.

June 1
Monday.  Gad around

June 2
Tuesday.  Got hair done and went to Eureka Springs

June 3
Wed.  Mattie, Winnie and Tiny came & spent day.
From Tahlequah - Aunt Mattie, her daughter Winnie and granddaughter Karien, usually called Tiny.  

June 4
Thus.  We went to Van Buren – spent night.

June 5
Friday.  Came home from Van Buren.  Antiqued on the way.  Ate supper at JoEllen’s.  Becky & Ike came.

June 6
Saturday.  Waffle supper in summer house.  To be with Jay & Scotty

June 7
Sunday.  Church.  Jo & Joe took us to dinner at Country Club.

June 8
Mon.  Left for Calif.  Lunch at Enid.  Night at Garden City, Kan.
Jay and Scotty had driven so they could take Mammaw back home with them and see the sights along the way.

June 9
Tuesday.  Left Garden City 5:30.  Breakfast Syracuse, Colo.  Saw Royal Gorge.  Spent night in Gunison, Colo.

June 10
Wed.  Pretty drive in Colorado.  Drove into Las Vegas.

June 11
Thursday.  Saw Bryce and Zion Nat’l. Parks.  Night in Sands Motel.  Floor show & dinner.

June 12
Friday.  Breakfast at Boulder city.  Saw Hoover Dam.  Lunch in Barstow.  Night in Paso Robles.

June 13
Saturday.  Drove up coast to San Francisco.  Scotty got telephone call –  his sister-in-law had died.

June 14
Sunday.  Scotty left for Utah.  Jay took Borges’s and me for a nice long drive.
Scotty had a large Mormon family in Utah.  The Borgeses were long-time friends of Jay's.

June 15

June 16
Tues.  Took laundry & went for drive

June 17
Wed.  Scotty came home.

June 18
Thurs.  Mrs. B. (Borges) brought up boysenberries & raspberries

June 19
The B’s took me grocery shopping.  Wrote letter to Elmores.
Have no idea who the Elmores were...

June 20
Sat.  Brunch with Miss Woods.  Made Jay very sick.  P.M. shopped in Stonestown.

June 21
Sunday.  Father’s Day.  We went to church.  Took B’s for a long drive.  Gave him a sweater.

June 23
Tues.  My!  What a bowel trouble!  P.M. Scotty showed pictures made on trip.
Sounds like she may have caught what Jay had on Saturday - perhaps it was not the brunch...

June 24

June 25
Thurs.  Had strawberry short cake.  Eve. – played canasta.

June 26
Friday – usual Day

June 27
Saturday.  Saw Phillies beat Giants at Seals stadium.

June 28
Sunday.  Looked at model homes.  Drove to Lafayette and dinner with Bill and Ruby Banks.

June 30
Tues.  B’s (Borgeses) took me for a drive and lunch.