Friday, April 10, 2015

July 1959

Mammaw was in San Francisco with Jay and Scotty at the beginning of July.  There were several days she noted nothing beyond the day the of the week - I have omitted those days...

July 2
Thurs.  Downtown with B’s and lunch at the Poodle Dog
The B's, I think, were Mr & Mrs. Borges - Jay's friends.

July 3
Friday.  Shopped at GETS.  Scotty and I bought birthday presents for Jay
Department store in San Francisco.  Jay's birthday was the 17th

July 4
Sat.  The boys, the B’s and I went to Ice Follies
They had gone to the Ice Follies two years before, too.

July 5,
Sun.  Barbecue dinner with Bill & Ruby
Bill & Ruby - were Bill & Ruby Banks.  That's why it's always difficult to know if she meant Borges or Banks when she referred to the "the B's"

July 7
Tues.  Went to Stonestown with the B’s
Shopping Center, I think.

July 8
Wed.  Dinner at Kenwood.  Picked up my plane ticket.
And now my plane ticket is on my iPhone.  Times have changed....

July 9
Thurs.  Went driving and shopped at GET’s and looked at houses

July 10
Friday.  Dinner with Cecil & Artis Pryor.  Beautiful old home.

July 11
Sat.  Lake Tahoe
Road trip!

July 13
Monday.  Kenney’s birthday.  Celebrated Jay’s birthday, Mr. & Mrs. Borges, Scotty, and me.
Now as a widow, I understand these quiet birthday celebrations in your heart.  

On the 14th, she must have flown to Kansas City.

July 15
Wed.  At Ike’s.  coffee at their neighbors.  Showed my pictures.

July 16
Thurs.  Had coffee with Ike and went back to bed.

July 17
Friday.  Jay’s birthday.  Becky & Ike brought me home.

July 18
Saturday.  Ike mowed lawn.  Night – had family here for cake & ice cream

July 19
Sun.  Becky and I went to church.  McKims took us to Country Club to eat.

July 20
Monday.  Cooked dinner and took care of McKim children.

July 22
Wed.  Choir practice.  Ball game
I wonder what ball game?  Seems an odd time of year...

July 24
Friday.  Had hair cut and set.

July 26
Sunday.  No birthday party for Letty.  Cy had eye operation.

July 31
Friday.  Cleaning & getting ready for party.
I peeked ahead.  On Sunday, August 2nd she'll have the birthday party for Aunt Let.

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