Thursday, April 23, 2015

September 1959

September 1
Tues.  Entertained Missionary Circle.  15 adults present.

September 2
Wed.  Choir practice.  Stayed with children while Jo & Joe made call.

September 3
Thurs.  Spent PM with Laurie.  Gave K.M. sport shirt.
It was K. M.'s 45th birthday.

September 4
Friday.  All day at McKims.  JoEllen went to Tulsa.

September 5
Saturday.  Yard work and general routine.

September 6
Sunday.  S.S. and church.  Graydon’s folk came and spent the night.

September 7
Monday.  Church Committees met at night.  Stewartship & Finance.  Jim Littrell Chairman.

September 8
Tuesday.  I went to Grandma’s.  Maude left for Prague.  P.M. Nora stayed with Grandma and me.
Off to Van Buren to stay with Grandma Comstock and give Aunt Maude a break!

September 9
Wednesday.  Looked after Grandma.  Took Nora to grocery store.

September 10
Thursday.  Ira and Neva’s birthday.

September 11 - Friday.

September 12
Saturday.  Made plans for birthday party.  [for Ira and Neva]

September 13
Sunday.  Birthday party at Nora’s.  She kept Grandma while I went to church.  Heard Ray Lambert for first time.

September 14
Monday at Grandma’s.

September 15
Tuesday.  Aunt Ola H., and Zella and Gratis had dinner with us.  P.M. We went to cemetery and to Nora’s.
Ola was Ola Wood Haggard, Grandma Comstock’s younger sister, Zella, was another sister of Grandma's who was married to Gratis Comstock, my grandfather’s second cousin.

September 16
Wednesday.  Wash day for everybody.  Grandma and I had dinner with Nora.  I bought new dress & Nora and I made myself a wrap-around.

September 17
Thursday.  Cleaned house and got ready to come home.
Of course - she would leave the house spotless for Aunt Maude to come home to.

September 18
Friday.  Drove home from Van Buren.  Left Nora with Grandma.

September 19
Saturday.  9 A.M. got a permanent.  P.M. saw U of A beat Tulsa U.  28 to 0.

September 20
Sunday.  Sunday School & church.  Ate at home alone.

September 21
Monday.  Regular routine & Getting winter clothes ready.

September 22
Tuesday.  Went calling at night with Joe’s Committee on membership cultivation.

September 23
Wed. night.  Choir practice.

September 24
Thursday.  Spent day at JoEllen’s.

September 25
Friday.  Lunch with JoEllen and we did some sewing.

September 26
Saturday.  Baby sat and cooked dinner at McKim’s.

September 27
Sunday.  Sunday School & Church.  P.M. went picnicking at War Eagle with McKims and Comstocks. 
I'm guessing the "Comstocks" were K. M. & LaVonne and children.

September 28
Monday.  Jo and Joe Anniversary.  Gave pkg. and JoEllen facial.
Mom and Dad had been married thirteen years.

September 29 - Tuesday

September 30

Wednesday.  Stayed at McKims.   P.M. Choir practice.

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