Friday, May 1, 2015

October 1959

October 1
Thursday.  Clare & Mary spent afternoon.  Drove my car to Fayetteville.

October 2
Friday.  P.M. Graydon and David came.

October 3
Sat.  Sat thro U of A and TCU game in rain.  Score:  U of A   3  – TCU  0

October 4
Sun.  Graydon & family had dinner with me.

October 5
Monday.  Payed bills & watched Dodgers & White Sox.

October 6
Tuesday.  P.M. Missionary meeting and led program.  Mrs. Kelley and I called on Mrs. Fischer & Mrs. Cloer – shut-ins.

October 7
Wed.  Put out washing.

October 8
Club luncheon at Mrs. Emerson’s.  Visited with Letty.  Thurs.

October 9
Friday.  JoEllen & I went to Rogers – Dr. Pickens.  Picked out glasses.

October 10
Saturday.  Another gloomy rainy day.  Listened to U of A & Baylor game, P.M.  Score 23 to 0 – U of A

October 11
Sunday.  Sunday School & Church.  Alone rest of day.
I think she didn't like being alone very much!

October 12
Monday.  Dr. Pickens again.

October 13
Tuesday.  Helped clean the church.

October 14
Wednesday.  Worked at Home.  Went to flower show.  LaVonne had lunch with me.  Called on Mrs. Gill – new neighbor.  Choir practice night.

October 15
Thurs.  Stayed at McKims

October 16
Friday.  Went to Van Buern.  Spent night with Grandma & Maude.

October 17
Sat.  Put quilt in frame at Minnie’s.  Lunch with Grace Farmer.  PM.  Lacked Comfort.
Not sure what she meant but apparently spent a rather bad night.

October 18
Sunday.   Sunday School & Church.  Heard Ray Lambert preach a fine sermon.
At Wood Memorial Christian Church in Van Buren.

October 19
Nora, Maude & I spent the day shopping in Ft. Smith.  Saw Sonotone man.  Spent night with Ira & Minnie.
Sonotone was the brand of her hearing aids.

October 20
Tues.  Nora had the bunch for lunch.  Spent night at Grandma’s.

October 21
Wed.  A.M. drove home.  McKims & I had flu shots in the afternoon.

October 22
Thurs.  Worked all day on curtains for fellowship hall.

October 23
Friday A.M.  Finished making curtains.

October 24
K.M. & I hung curtains in Fellowship Hall

October 25
Sunday.  Dinner at McKims.   P.M. Called on Mrs. Kelly & Miss McQuade.

October 26
Monday.  Kept Laurie and cooked dinner for family at my home.  P.M. Kept children – Committee meeting.

October 27
Tues.  Cooked dinner at McKims & baby sat all P.M.

October 28
Wed.  James shampooed and set my hair.
 I wonder who James was - I presume worked in a beauty shop.

October 29

October 31
Home Coming at UofA.  Razorbacks beat A&M -  12 to 7
She didn't say but this would have been a Saturday.  Obviously this was a good season for the Razorbacks!

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