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My grandmother wasn't quite ready to give up writing in a diary - we should have bought her a new one!  I'm not sure that anyone ever knew she kept this one.  The rest of the entries are on a Memorandum page and written around the margins of the calendar in the back. When there was no more room, she stopped writing.   As the new year began, she was in Van Buren, staying with Grandma Comstock.


Friday – New Years Day.  Watched Rosebowl Parade and ball games.

Saturday.  Razorbacks beat Georgia Tech in Gator Bowl game.

Thanks to the Internet - here is a bit more about that game:
The 1960 Gator Bowl was a post-season college football bowl game between theSouthwest Conference co-champion Arkansas Razorbacks and the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech representing the SEC. Arkansas defeated Georgia Tech, 14-7, in front of 45,104 spectators.  There were two players named Most Valuable Player:Jim Mooty of Arkansas and Maxie Baughan of Georgia Tech

Sunday, 3rd.  Maude came home from Faustina’s.
Aunt Maude's daughter

Monday, 4th.  Came home from Van Buren.  Kay’s birthday dinner at JoEllen’s.  I ate with them.
I was 20.

Tues. 5th.  Snowing.  Did go to Missionary Circle.

Wed. 6th.  Choir practice

Thurs. 7th, went to bank to deposit Interest checks

Fri. 8 – Jo Ellen’s 3 to 6 p.m.
Must have been babysitting with JoAnn and Laurie

Sun. 10 – Nora’s & my party at Maude’s
That was surely in Van Buren - she didn't say how and when, but must have just gone down for the event. Nora Comstock Rainwater was 71 - she and I share the same birthday - January 4th.  My grandmother's birthday wasn't until January 16th and was two years older - age 73 that year.

Tues. 12 – Wed.  Anniversary.  1 to 6 p.m. at JoEllen’s.
My grandparents married January 12, 1908.  Until you are widowed, you don't realize that the Anniversary still occurs - even when no one else remembers it.

Wed. 13 – Shopped with JoEllen. Lunch at Coffee Cup.

Thurs.  Club party at Mrs. Nix.

Fri. 15 – Went to Rogers.  P.M. at JoEllen’s 1 to 6.

Sat. 16 – Eddy Hight funeral.
Eddy Hight was killed on a motorbike he got as a Christmas gift - I think he was about sixteen..  Eddy's Dad had worked for my Dad; they went to church with us; his brother had helped my grandmother with yard work.

Sun. Mon. Tues.  Baby sat at McKim’s.
I'm not sure why she was needed at Mom's so much at this time.  I wonder if Mom was having to work some at the office.

Thurs. 21 – Baby sat 6:30 to 9:30 P.M.

Sat. 23 – Graydon spent night.

Mon. 25 – Mattie called.  John died.
John King, Aunt Mattie’s son.  Six of Aunt Mattie’s eleven children had died before her death in 1961.  Four of them were her four youngest; her three sons all died before Aunt Mattie did.  Nora was visiting her sister in Tahlequah, 16 Feb 1962.  Mattie got up in the night and went to the bathroom but didn’t come out – when Nora went to check on her, she found her dead.

Sun. 24 – Dinner at McKim’s

Mon. 25 – Bought Car License

Tues. 26 – My birthday.  Baby sat at JoEllen’s all day.

Wed. 27 – Got hair done.

Thurs. 28 – Went to Burleson’s
Probably Clare's mother's.

Fri. 29th – Went to Van Buren with K.M.

Sat. – Went to Siloam Springs with Clare.  She & Graydon spent night with me.
I wonder if this is about the time Graydon’s family moved to Siloam Springs.  This was the last entry.

There was nothing else.  The diary was finished as is this Blog.

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