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June 1956

June 1
Friday.  Went to clinic for check up.  Found I need repair work.  JoEllen’s folk moved in their home.
Mammaw had some sort of bladder surgery following this check up - we had just moved back to Springdale to the big red house at 404 Pleasant Street.

June 2
Saturday.  Helped LaVonne fix meals.  Then Sat and unpacked boxed for JoEllen.  Made appointment with Stanley for June 21st.
She may have not been feeling her best, but that seemed not to slow her down.  Stanley was Dr. Applegate.

June 3
Sunday.  Went with K.M’s family to Sunday School.  LaVonne became ill and K.M. took her to hospital.  Home that night.  We took the kids and spent the day at JoEllen’s.

June 4
Monday.  We took care of LaVonne.  Minnie called that Edna had a stroke Sunday night and was very critical.
Sister Minnie - sister-in-law Edna (Comstock) Delzell.

June 5
Tuesday.  Waited all day for news from Edna.  Drove home late.  Reports from hospital in Tulsa not good.

June 6
Wednesday.  After waiting and worrying all day the bad news came.  Edna passed away at 6:15.  Called and broke the news to Jay.

June 7
Thursday.  Nothing to do but wait for funeral plans and try to console each other.  Grandma pitiful.  Looking for Pauline and Aura tonight.
Aunt Edna was Grandma Comstock's daughter - Pauline the youngest daughter.

June 8
Friday.  Grace, Doc and Bob Brown, our preacher, went with us to Miami to Edna’s funeral – a long but beautiful drive; but what a sad day.  My heart aches for Lester.  All alone now.  No doubt he will go right on with his business.
[Edna & Lester's home was Miami, Oklahoma.. Lester Delzell her husband.  Edna and Lester had lost their son, L. C. about 1948.]

June 9
Saturday.  Trimmed the hedge again.  We drove to Andy Scotts and Grace, Doc, and Kenney picked blackberries.  I waited at Andy’s.  Too much walk across field.

June 10
Sunday.  S.S. and church A.M.  Laws-Cable wedding four P.M.  Then Ira and Minnie drove us to Heavener to visit Pete and Beulah Little – and to return the 100 yr. old Bible.  Had such a good visit and arrived home about in time to see Break the Bank [TV show].

June 11
Monday.  Now to can blackberries and make jelly.  Also washing to do.  And make plans for CWF meeting tomorrow.  Call all Ex.Board members.

June 12
Tuesday.  Ex.Board meeting – 1 P.M.  Mrs. Blackwood funeral – 2:30 P.M.  Reg. CWF meeting 3:30.  Maude and Nora kept Laurie Lee for me – Jo & Joe gone to H.Spgs.  ABDA Con.
[Arkansas Butane Dealers Association Convention in Hot Springs.]

June 13
Wednesday.  K.M’s folk came for the day.  Jo & Joe came by for Laurie Lee and ate lunch.  Evening – Did a big ironing and watched T.V.

June 14
Thursday.  Bought 8 qts blackberries.  Canned some and froze some – Made two batches of jelly.  P.M. Henry Snow and his sister Minnie called.
My grandmother made the best blackberry jelly on the planet - no contest!

June 15
Friday.  A.M. cleaned house.  Got bushel of June apples.  Canned and jellied all day.

June 16
Saturday.  Apple sauce and jelly all over the place.  All finished – what a relief.  Think I'll go to town.

June 17
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & church – Father’s Day.  All of us took food and had dinner and supper with Grandma and Maude.  Made Grandma very happy.  Visited with them till nearly nine.

June 18
Monday.  Worked in Yard.  Washed, and finished cleaning.  We had lunch with Ira and Minnie.  Finished up correspondence.

June 19
Tuesday.  Finished up June apples.  CWF meeting at church.  Supper and installation of officers.  Finished packing for trip to hospital.

June 20
Wednesday.  Left for Springdale 8:30 A.M.  Went to hospital and had lunch at JoEllen’s.  Entered hospital at night.  Saw Clare and children first at JoE.’s.
 [Even thought my grandparents were still living in Van Buren, she had the surgery in Springdale so she could come to our house for the recovery period.  This was when I first learned to balance the cash and do the daily report at L-P Gas & Equipment Co so Mom could be with her mother.]

June 21
Thursday.  Operated on Eight A.M.  Clare, LaVonne, and JoEllen with Kenney.  About first I knew it was three P.M.  Ira and Minnie came.  Kept full of hypos all night.  Mrs. Phillips, special nurse ten to six.  All cleaned up.

June 22
Friday.  Just a day of hypos, etc.  Kenney stayed with me all day.  Had flowers from Jerry Crawford.  Orchid glads.

June 23
Saturday.  Glads from CWF and from Letty and Cy.  Cards coming in from Van Buren.  Doing O.K. they say.

June 24
Sunday.  The bunch from V.B. came.  13 people in to see me.  Flowers from Jay, Murphys, Nora & Maude and Grandma.

June 25
Monday.  Rested up from Sunday company.  Stanley informed me that was 4th day – not 5th – not time to remove catheter.  Lots of cards coming in.

June 26
Tuesday.  Catherter removed & started sitz baths.  Wonderful feeling.  P.M. Bob and Wilma Brown visited and found me miserable.  Had to be catherized.  Back on jug tonight.

June 27
Wednesday.  Still dragging my jug.  Mrs. Blakemore moved in with me after having breast operation.  My!  How she suffered.  A very patient person.
Most of the hospital rooms were double occupancy.

June 28
Thursday.  Got rid of catheter again.  Those sitz baths really are wonderful.  My bladder dealt me misery again.  More water.  Another sitz bath & pill took care of that.

June 29
Friday.  Water works cleared up and feeling great.  Stanley said I could go to JoEllen's.  Took my last sitz bath and took off.  Moved into Kay’s pretty new room.  About ready to start using the new bath.
[The bathroom Mom & Dad had installed off my bedroom - to give us a second bathroom in the house.]

June 30
Saturday.  Slowly improving.  Wrote letter to Jay.  JoEllen & Joe stayed home from Store.  Catching up on loose ends.  K.M.’s folk came by.  Letter from Clare.

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May 1956

May 1
Tuesday.  Entertained Circle #2.  Twenty present.  Preacher & family came.  Served cake – banana bread sandwiches, pecan halves & coffee.

May 2
Wednesday.  Susan and I went to Rena church and helped the ladies quilt.  Clara has been wanting that for a long time.  It was fun.
I used to go with my grandmother to her quilting circle at the Christian Church in Fayetteville, AR - this would have been about 1944-5.  I would sit on the floor under the frame and watch overhead and watch the needles flash in and out as the ladies quilted.
Clara was Clara (Hays) Kilgore, my grandmother's niece.

May 3

May 4
Friday.  Attended fellowship coffee at Methodist church.  Mrs. Dollar helped me make pigs in blankets.  66 registered and offering was $40.00.  It was certainly worth a try.
If you don't know - "pigs in a blanket" were small link sausages rolled in biscuit dough, baked and eaten as finger food.  Still working on the debt for the kitchen redo at the church.

May 5
Saturday.  Made plans for Chamber of Commerce banquet.  Borrowed tables from Methodist church.

May 6
Sunday.  Went to Fayetteville to celebrate Cy’s birthday after church.
Cy Carney - married to my granddad's sister Lettie.  His given name was actually Silas - he lived to be age 96.

May 7
Chamber of Commerce banquet.  230 places.  Gov. guest.  Cleared $137.00 to apply on Kitchen debt.
I'm assuming that was the Governor of Arkansas - that would have been Orval Faubus who was governor of Arkansas from 1955-1967 - six terms, the longest of any Arkansas Governor.

May 8
Tuesday.  Entertained circle #2 in my home.  Jessie Campbell chairman.  17 present.

May 9

May 10

May 11

May 12
Saturday.  Had Mr. Jordan remove dead shrubs from around church.  Mow lawn and general clean up.  JoEllen & family came.
I was probably included - we were getting ready to move from Little Rock back to Springdale about this time.  We had come to spend Mother's Day.

May 13
Sunday.  Mothers Day.  We went to church with JoEllen, Joe and girls.  Went to Grandma’s afternoon.

May 14
Monday.  District CWF workshop at church.  Served 50₵ luncheon.  A big day and a profitable one.
Can you just imagine a lunch for 50 cents!

May 15
Tuesday.  Entertained Circle 1 in my home.  That job is finished.  Now to get to work on strawberries.  14 present.  Served nut bread sandwiches, cake & coffee.
Third time she's had a church circle meeting at her house this month....

May 16
Wednesday.  Wash Day.

May 17
Thursday.  Spent most of P.M. at Cy’s strawberry patch – Kenney, Grace & I.  Minnie bought a crate.  Nora, Maude and Grandma helped get them ready for freezer.
For many years, Mammmaw's dad had a huge strawberry patch outside of Van Buren - the whole family would gather to pick which was all done by hand then.  I tried picking strawberries one summer for pay - 7 cents a basket and a basket probably held 6 quarts or more.  Backbreaking!  I only lasted two days at that job.

May 18
Friday.  A.M. sealed the last of my strawberry preserves.  We drove to Little Rock in afternoon to spend the week end.  Last visit with McKims in L.R.
We never moved that my grandparents did not come to help.  When I was younger and living with my grandparents, Aunt Minnie & Uncle Ira always came to help.  Extra hands to pack and carry.  Of course in this case, Mom had two toddlers and we needed the help!

May 19
Saturday.  Helped JoEllen pack two barrels of dishes.  We met Joe at the airport P.M.
Back in the day, the moving companies had big sturdy round barrels about the size of oil drums for dishes - at some point they must have realized that squares/rectangles packed more efficiently.  Although round dishes packed better in those round barrels.

May 20
Sunday.  Kay and JoAnn the only ones to go to Sunday School.  I talked with Pauline and Aura – Both fine.
Pauline and Aura Clark - Pauline was my granddad's youngest sister and they lived in North Little Rock.  They never had any children.

May 21
Monday.  Got home from L.R. two P.M.  Had lunch in Clarksville.  Helped set up tables for Junior-Senior banquet at church.

May 22
Tuesday.  Resting and taking it easy.  Getting ready for big night tomorrow.

May 23
Wednesday.  H. S. Junior-Senior banquet.  Served 237 plates.  I was unable to help much.  Did bake rolls by the hundred.

May 24
Thursday.  Rested about all day.  Feeling quite a bit better.  Cool, cloudy, rainy day.
She never actually mentioned being sick, but obviously she had overdone helping us move and getting ready for the Banquet at church.

May 25
Friday.  Had grandma and Nora over for lunch, and work my dresses over.

May 26
Saturday.  Played pitch with Grace and Doc at night.  T.V. no good.
Grace and Doc Farmer - backyard neighbors

May 27
Sunday.  Had lunch with Grace and Doc after church.  Then took them with us to Uniontown for decoration.
They were still going to cemeteries and decorating the graves on Memorial Day - not done much anymore.

May 28
Monday.  Wash Day.  Worked on CWF records while I watched T.V.
Christian Women's Fellowship.

May 29
Tuesday.  Ironed then had my hair done.  Picked Grandma up for two day stay.  Took her with us to family night supper at church.  Guests from Rena – Clara & Donna Kay sang.  Had Bill McBride open up and oil our attic fan.
Mammaw was about the only person that ever gave Aunt Maude a break from taking care of Grandma and Grandma was her mother-in-law.  The children of Grandma, except for Maude never helped other than financial support, but of course that was necessary.  As I remember each of the living eight children contributed $10 per month to Maude and Grandma.
Clara (Hays) Kilgore & her daughter Donna Kay - all the Hays family sang.

May 30
Wednesday.  Helped Minnie wash two machines of clothes.  Got things ready to go to Springdale tomorrow to see Dr. Applegate.
Dr. Stanley Applegate was the family doctor in Springdale for all of us.  We had just moved into the house on Pleasant Street and he lived on the other corner.  He delivered my firstborn.  Obviously she was still not feeling well.

May 31
Thursday.  We went to K.M’s to spend the week end there and at Jo Ellen’s.  Made appointment with Dr. Applegate.

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April 1956

April 1
Sunday.  Easter – went to church with Graydon’s family – Becky & Ike and Jo – Dinner at Grandma’s party.  57 were present.  K.M’s family and Jay couldn’t make it – LaVonne sick.

Obviously this was Grandma Comstock’s birthday, my granddad’s mother – she would be 89 on April 3rd in 1956.  The entire family tried to gather annually for a Reunion and to celebrate Grandma's birthday, but it looks only my Mom and her brothers Graydon & Ike were there this year.  Jay lived in California – I don’t recall that he ever made the trip back for this.

April 2
April 3

April 4
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale to be with LaVonne while was in bed with glandular fever.

I believe this was what we now call "mono".

April 5
April 6
April 7

April 8
Went with K.M. and children to S.S. and church.  Visited K.M’s class.

April 9
April 10
April 11

April 12
Thursday.  Came home from Springdale.  Left LaVonne much better.

If my grandmother, then age 67, was taking care of my Aunt who was ill, as well as the three children Kenney age 8, Gary, 6, and Mary Jane, 4, I’m not surprised she didn’t have time to keep up the diary! 

April 13
Friday.  Helped Nora and Eula get moved.  Cleo there too – also Maude.  We really got things done.

April 14

April 15
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & Church – Nora’s in afternoon.  Church at night.  Bob & Mr. Gilmore showed interesting slides.

April 16
Monday.  Ironed Saturday’s wash.  Had shrubs trimmed & sprayed.

April 17
Tuesday.  Attended Circle #1 meeting at Ruby Harshburger’s.  Had Nora, Maude & Grace with me.

April 18
Wednesday.  Washed two machines of clothes for Maude.  Afternoon grocery shopped with Nora & Maude.

Mammaw had one of the first Maytag automatic washers made.  Dad sold them and made sure she was one of the earliest customers.  I’m sure Aunt Maude did not have one for herself and Grandma Comstock and my grandmother did their washing.

April 19
Thursday.  Dell Miller died early Thurs.  Hattie and I went to the home.  The preacher was called home from State convention.

April 20
Friday.  Closing day of state convention at Rogers.  Attended Miller funeral.  Did get to go to Rogers.  Drove to Springdale after funeral.  Gary ill – glandular fever.

Gary must have got the bug from his mother.

April 21
Saturday.  Came home from Springdale.  JoEllen’s folk came at night – stayed until Monday.  Kay was sick with bronchitis.

Yes, indeed I was.  Very sick.  Missed an entire week of school.

April 22
Sunday.  Went to church alone.  P.M. attended Tom Rogers funeral.  Went to station to see them leave with the body for Evanston, Pa.

April 23
Monday.  JoEllen & girls went home.  Joe to Springdale.  P.M. Took clock to Jeweler.  Checked over the church – My!  How dirty. 

And I suspect she went right to work cleaning it up.  I'll just bet the clock was the one that always sat on her mantel or the piano in the houses with no fireplace.  It had to be wound by hand every night and chimed on the quarter hour.  I can close my eyes and hear that clock!

April 24
Tuesday.  Went to Richland H.D. Club luncheon at Cuba Williams.  It was a lot of fun.  20 women there.  Baked turkey and all the fixings.

April 25
Wednesday.  Grocery day as usual.  (probably drove her sisters-in-law, too)

April 26
April 27
April 28

April 29
Sunday.  Sunday S. & Church A.M.  Visited Mary & Lee – then to Grandma’s.  The usual Sunday bunch.  Ate supper and then to church.

April 30
Monday.  Wash Day and Yard work.

This was one of the months she didn't spare a lot of time for her diary.  There may well have been days when she was just too tired to bother!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

March 1956

March 1
Thursday.  Talked Leola into letting me off from garden club meeting.  We went to Bristow with Nora to close a deal on her home.  6:30 pm.

Aunt Nora (Comstock) Rainwater was moving to Van Buren from Bristow, Oklahoma.

March 2
Friday.  Joe’s birthday.  Took down curtains – sunned & aired bedding.  Packed dresser drawers, etc.  Bought groceries.

Joe McKim’s Birthday – March 2nd.

March 3
Saturday.  Went with Nora to real estate office.  Deal was closed.  Spent the rest of the day packing.

March 4
Sunday.  Nora and I went to her church in Bristow.  Rev. Garrison, Minister.  Graydon’s folk had dinner with us.

March 5
Monday.  Finished Nora’s packing.  Drove to Muskogee for lunch at Cleo’s.  Then on home 4:30 pm.

Cleo was Nora Rainwater’s daughter.  Cleo married Roy Lovett and they had two sons.

March 6
Tuesday.  Susan, Etta, Blanch and I went to district CWF meeting at Ozark.  Lovely meeting and lovely luncheon.

March 7
Wednesday.  Cleaned bed rooms – washing clothes – and shopped for groceries with Nora and Maude.  The day Nora bought her home in V.B.  Rather she closed the deal.

March 8
Thursday.  Drove out to Edith Parr’s to make plans for CWF  (Christian Women's Fellowship) Tuesday.  Worked over some rummage.

March 9
Friday.  Took colored film to studio to be developed.  39 of them.  Still making plans for Tuesday and for rummage sale on Saturday.

March 10
Saturday.  Made ice box cookies to send to Jay.  Shopped with Edith for CWF party on Tues.

March 11
Sunday.  Went to S.S. and church A.M.  To Grandma’s afternoon.  Church in the evening.  Ollie went to hospital.  Chaplain Eisenlauer played the organ.

March 12
Monday.  A cold winday day – Have my plum tree wrapped in a blanket.  Made salad & sandwiches at church with Edith and Sally.

March 13
Tuesday.  CWF business meeting and St. Patrick party.  Hostesses – Edith Parr, Sally Moss, Etta Hayman and myself.

March 14
March 15

 March 16
Friday.  Gathered rummage and put things up ready for rummage Sale.

March 17
Saturday.  Rummage Sale.  Took in $100.00.  The biggest sale we have had to date.  This will cut down Kitchen debt.

March 18
Sunday.  Sunday School & Church.  Had Ira and Minnie to dinner.  Went to Grandma’s in afternoon.

March 19
Monday.  Put out big washing.  Usual house work.

March 20
Tuesday.  Made six calls with Grace and went to Circle #1 meeting at Mrs. Browns.

March 21
Wednesday.  Made plans for Mens’ Fellowhsip.  Grace and I made up menu.

March 22
Thursday.  A.M.  Grace and I bought food for Mens’ Fellowship.  Had Methodist men.  Served 81 plates.  Loin roast.  Best meat we ever served.  Cleared $48.50.

March 23
Friday.   Went to church to gather up and send out laundry.  Brought leftover food to divide up.

March 24
Saturday.   Bought a dozen pansy plants from Wilbur Laws and put them around the pecan tree.

March 25
Sunday.  S.S. and Church.  Then Ira and Minnie took us, Nora & Eula, Paul and Neva to dinner at Mrs. Taylor’s.  P.M. we took Grace and Doc and drove to 43 district, then to McClure’s in river bottom.  Nice farm home.

Just to review – Ira, Nora, & Paul were all Comstock in-laws, siblings of my grandfather.  Minnie was my grandmother’s sister.  Eula was Nora’s daughter, Neva was Paul’s wife.  Grace & Doc Farmer were back door neighbors.

March 26
Monday.  Cleaned all day.  Washed the whole outside of house.  Kenney and I did some yard work.

March 27
Tuesday.  Worked some more at house cleaning.  Also went to CWF luncheon and Missionary study.

March 28
Thursday.  Cleaned living and dining rooms.  Bought groceries with Nora and Maude.  Also bought a pair of blond shoes at store.

March 29
Thursday.  Baked banana bread for food sale.  Put out washing.

March 30
Friday.  Baked more banana bread.  Made plans for food sale and for Grandma’s birthday party.

March 31
Saturday.  Cleaned house & ironed.  Made Grandma’s black slip.  Went to Food Sale.  Also had my hair done – Becky & Ike (son and wife) came at noon.

My grandma never stopped, did she?  And it's all about her work - she was 69 years old in 1956.  When the family first moved from Van Buren to Fayetteville (home of the University of Arkansas) about 1930, it had been for two reasons - the Comstock department store in Van Buren could not make enough money to support more than one family and my grandmother had plans that involved the University.  With all their Crawford County cousins attending school in Fayetteville, she could take in boarders and they would also be near for their own five children to attend.  They rented for several years -  a succession of the biggest houses they could afford - and she did indeed take in boarders, up to about five young people in addition to the Comstock five.  She charged them $1 a day for room and board (three meals).  Not only did she cook for up to twelve people, but she baked brown bread and the youngest child, Ike, sold the loaves out of his wagon.  By the time, 1956 rolled around with just two in the household, all of her days must have seemed like vacations.

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February 1956

February 1
One of those lazy days again.  Rain and snow.  Even had to buy groceries on double green stamp day.

February 2
Oh! My!  Water in church basement.  What to do about the reception – Maybe have it in ladies parlor up stairs.  Bought gift for JoAnn.

JoAnn McKim would be 4 on Valentine’s Day, 1956.

February 3
More snow and rain – and more water in basement.  Now we have to get ladies parlor ready for reception.

February 4
Made sandwiches for reception.  Made pumpkin & chocolate pies and had Doc and Grace (Farmer) over for desert & cards.  Texas wrestling kept us up till midnight.  (TV show?)

February 5
Big day in our church.  Installation at AM service.  Reception 3 to 5.  Table and food really looked beautiful.  Lots of visitors.  We were proud of our Minister & family.  They have two boys – David and _____   They love the parsonage and seem so happy.  Graydon called.

Graydon was Nora and Kenney’s oldest son – his wife Clare Burleson.  Children were Don, Dave, and Mary Alice.  They lived in Tulsa during these years.

February 6
Monday.  Snow nearly all morning.  Knocked us out of going to Tulsa.  Bought the rest of my silver.  Graydon called again.  Roads all clear.

February 7
Left V.B. ten A.M. for Tulsa.  Went to Tulsa.  Had short visit with Mattie.  Tulsa 4 P.M.  Evening – Kenney went with Graydon to bowl.

Mattie King was my grandmother’s sister.  Her husband was David King but she had long been a widow.  She had a huge house and rented rooms to college students in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

February 8
Wednesday A.M. wrote to Jay and to Becky & Ike.  Clare drove the Dodge to pick up Don.  She loved power steering.  We played bridge in evening.  Clare & I beat them.

Ike, or Ikey, was Ira Allen Comstock, youngest son of Nora and Kenney – married to Becky Beckerdite.  They had no children.  Nora and Kenney had five children in this order:  Graydon, K.M., JoEllen, Jay, and Ike.  The “Dodge” was my grandparents car, 1954 model I think.

February 9
Thursday.  P.M.  Joe and Eva called.  Gave us pictures of their grandchildren.  We baby sat for Clare to get her hair done.  Had dinner with Nadean and Charles Yarrington.

Eva King Fulcher was Aunt Mattie’s oldest child – married to Dr. Joe Fulcher, a urologist, living in Tulsa. “Called” meant they came by…   Nadean had been one of JoEllen’s best friends in high school – she and Charles lived in Tulsa.

February 10
Friday.  Mattie’s birthday.  We left Tulsa 9 A.M.  Drove home in the snow.  On arrival learned Mr. Pope & Mr. Bruns had died.  Too late for Pope funeral at two P.M.

February 11
Saturday.  Helped Circle 1 serve luncheon at Bruns home.  Attended funeral two P.M.  Evening – play pitch and watched TV with Grace and Doc

February 12
Sunday.  A.M. Church.  Rev. Brown.  Subject “This is our Ministry”  Maude, grandma, Paul and Neva had dinner with us.  Spent P.M. and went to church with us at night.  Ira, Minnie, Letty and Cy left for Florida ten A.M.

Paul Comstock was married to Neva Hogan, his third wife – he had no children.

February 13
Monday.  Washed two machines of clothes.  Good reports from our doctor.  Went to store and bought two hats and material for pajamas.  Lined up material for C.W.F. meeting at church tomorrow.

February 14
Tuesday.  CWF business in church parlor.  Beautiful valentine table.  Ruth Huckleberry, Chu. Hostess Com.  Paid $150.00 on Kitchen debt.

February 15
Wednesday.  Doing house cleaning today and tomorrow.  Nora, Maude and I bought groceries.  Evening – picked pecans and watched TV

My grandmother seems to be the transportation for the shopping trips!

February 16
Thurs.  Cleaned house.  Went to Elsie’s for shampoo, set and eyebrow arch.  Came by church where circle #3 preparing to serve Men’s Fellowship.  Minnie called from St. Petersburg.

February 17
Friday.  Susan, Velma, Madge and I went to First C.Ch. in Ft. Smith for World Day of Prayer.  Rained all day long.  Letters from Jay & JoEllen.

February 18
Saturday.  Another cloudy day.  Wrote letters to Graydon & Clare, Nadean and Charles, and Pete Little.  Doc and Grace brought chili over in evening.  We ate, played pitch and watched Texas rassling on TV.

February 19
Sunday.  A.M. Sunday School and church.  Nora R. put in membership.  K. and I ate lunch alone.  Went to Grandma’s afternoon – Faustina’s family there.  Church again at night.

Faustina was Aunt Maude’s daughter, married to Clif Maxwell.

February 20
Monday.  Washday.  Look after bird and flowers at Minnie’s.  Evening.  Ironed while I watched T.V.  P.M. Planted Amarillo bulbs.

February 21
Tuesday.  Baked boysenberry pies.  Went to Circle 2 luncheon at Mabel’s; then Circle 1 at Velma’s.  Circle 3 covered dish supper at church.  3 in one day.

February 22
Wednesday.  A.M. shopped for groceries.  Went calling with the Rev. Brown.  P.M. Met with Committee at Leola’s to plan for garden club meeting next week.

February 23
Thursday.  Nora, Kenney and I took food and had lunch with Grandma & Maude.  Altered two dresses and a blouse.  Made Christmas stockings.  Went to O.G.&E. for demonstration sponsored by Eastern Star.

February 24
Friday.  Again worked on dresses and stockings.  Went to High School Senior play “A Man Called “eter”.  Very good.  Donna Kay Kilgore played the part of Catherine Marshall.

Donna Kay Kilgore’s mother Clara was Nora Comstock’s niece.  Donna Kay and I both attended church camp at Lake Ft. Smith in our teens.  She has a beautiful singing voice.

February 25
Saturday.  Sometimes when she had nothing to say, she just wrote the day....

February 26
Sunday.  Went to Sunday School & church.  Afternoon drove to Springdale – spent the night at K.M.’s – came thro Fayetteville on the way back.

February 27
Monday.  Had Jerry fix up our income tax report – on home by noon.  Went right to making plans for fellowship supper.

February 28
Tuesday.  Helped Mrs. Izard make sandwiches for garden club.

February 29
Wednesday.  JoEllen & two little girls  (JoAnn and Laurie)  came.  Went with us to fellowship supper and dedication of table & silver service.  Given by Adda Hays in memory of her mother.

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