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February 1956

February 1
One of those lazy days again.  Rain and snow.  Even had to buy groceries on double green stamp day.

February 2
Oh! My!  Water in church basement.  What to do about the reception – Maybe have it in ladies parlor up stairs.  Bought gift for JoAnn.

JoAnn McKim would be 4 on Valentine’s Day, 1956.

February 3
More snow and rain – and more water in basement.  Now we have to get ladies parlor ready for reception.

February 4
Made sandwiches for reception.  Made pumpkin & chocolate pies and had Doc and Grace (Farmer) over for desert & cards.  Texas wrestling kept us up till midnight.  (TV show?)

February 5
Big day in our church.  Installation at AM service.  Reception 3 to 5.  Table and food really looked beautiful.  Lots of visitors.  We were proud of our Minister & family.  They have two boys – David and _____   They love the parsonage and seem so happy.  Graydon called.

Graydon was Nora and Kenney’s oldest son – his wife Clare Burleson.  Children were Don, Dave, and Mary Alice.  They lived in Tulsa during these years.

February 6
Monday.  Snow nearly all morning.  Knocked us out of going to Tulsa.  Bought the rest of my silver.  Graydon called again.  Roads all clear.

February 7
Left V.B. ten A.M. for Tulsa.  Went to Tulsa.  Had short visit with Mattie.  Tulsa 4 P.M.  Evening – Kenney went with Graydon to bowl.

Mattie King was my grandmother’s sister.  Her husband was David King but she had long been a widow.  She had a huge house and rented rooms to college students in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

February 8
Wednesday A.M. wrote to Jay and to Becky & Ike.  Clare drove the Dodge to pick up Don.  She loved power steering.  We played bridge in evening.  Clare & I beat them.

Ike, or Ikey, was Ira Allen Comstock, youngest son of Nora and Kenney – married to Becky Beckerdite.  They had no children.  Nora and Kenney had five children in this order:  Graydon, K.M., JoEllen, Jay, and Ike.  The “Dodge” was my grandparents car, 1954 model I think.

February 9
Thursday.  P.M.  Joe and Eva called.  Gave us pictures of their grandchildren.  We baby sat for Clare to get her hair done.  Had dinner with Nadean and Charles Yarrington.

Eva King Fulcher was Aunt Mattie’s oldest child – married to Dr. Joe Fulcher, a urologist, living in Tulsa. “Called” meant they came by…   Nadean had been one of JoEllen’s best friends in high school – she and Charles lived in Tulsa.

February 10
Friday.  Mattie’s birthday.  We left Tulsa 9 A.M.  Drove home in the snow.  On arrival learned Mr. Pope & Mr. Bruns had died.  Too late for Pope funeral at two P.M.

February 11
Saturday.  Helped Circle 1 serve luncheon at Bruns home.  Attended funeral two P.M.  Evening – play pitch and watched TV with Grace and Doc

February 12
Sunday.  A.M. Church.  Rev. Brown.  Subject “This is our Ministry”  Maude, grandma, Paul and Neva had dinner with us.  Spent P.M. and went to church with us at night.  Ira, Minnie, Letty and Cy left for Florida ten A.M.

Paul Comstock was married to Neva Hogan, his third wife – he had no children.

February 13
Monday.  Washed two machines of clothes.  Good reports from our doctor.  Went to store and bought two hats and material for pajamas.  Lined up material for C.W.F. meeting at church tomorrow.

February 14
Tuesday.  CWF business in church parlor.  Beautiful valentine table.  Ruth Huckleberry, Chu. Hostess Com.  Paid $150.00 on Kitchen debt.

February 15
Wednesday.  Doing house cleaning today and tomorrow.  Nora, Maude and I bought groceries.  Evening – picked pecans and watched TV

My grandmother seems to be the transportation for the shopping trips!

February 16
Thurs.  Cleaned house.  Went to Elsie’s for shampoo, set and eyebrow arch.  Came by church where circle #3 preparing to serve Men’s Fellowship.  Minnie called from St. Petersburg.

February 17
Friday.  Susan, Velma, Madge and I went to First C.Ch. in Ft. Smith for World Day of Prayer.  Rained all day long.  Letters from Jay & JoEllen.

February 18
Saturday.  Another cloudy day.  Wrote letters to Graydon & Clare, Nadean and Charles, and Pete Little.  Doc and Grace brought chili over in evening.  We ate, played pitch and watched Texas rassling on TV.

February 19
Sunday.  A.M. Sunday School and church.  Nora R. put in membership.  K. and I ate lunch alone.  Went to Grandma’s afternoon – Faustina’s family there.  Church again at night.

Faustina was Aunt Maude’s daughter, married to Clif Maxwell.

February 20
Monday.  Washday.  Look after bird and flowers at Minnie’s.  Evening.  Ironed while I watched T.V.  P.M. Planted Amarillo bulbs.

February 21
Tuesday.  Baked boysenberry pies.  Went to Circle 2 luncheon at Mabel’s; then Circle 1 at Velma’s.  Circle 3 covered dish supper at church.  3 in one day.

February 22
Wednesday.  A.M. shopped for groceries.  Went calling with the Rev. Brown.  P.M. Met with Committee at Leola’s to plan for garden club meeting next week.

February 23
Thursday.  Nora, Kenney and I took food and had lunch with Grandma & Maude.  Altered two dresses and a blouse.  Made Christmas stockings.  Went to O.G.&E. for demonstration sponsored by Eastern Star.

February 24
Friday.  Again worked on dresses and stockings.  Went to High School Senior play “A Man Called “eter”.  Very good.  Donna Kay Kilgore played the part of Catherine Marshall.

Donna Kay Kilgore’s mother Clara was Nora Comstock’s niece.  Donna Kay and I both attended church camp at Lake Ft. Smith in our teens.  She has a beautiful singing voice.

February 25
Saturday.  Sometimes when she had nothing to say, she just wrote the day....

February 26
Sunday.  Went to Sunday School & church.  Afternoon drove to Springdale – spent the night at K.M.’s – came thro Fayetteville on the way back.

February 27
Monday.  Had Jerry fix up our income tax report – on home by noon.  Went right to making plans for fellowship supper.

February 28
Tuesday.  Helped Mrs. Izard make sandwiches for garden club.

February 29
Wednesday.  JoEllen & two little girls  (JoAnn and Laurie)  came.  Went with us to fellowship supper and dedication of table & silver service.  Given by Adda Hays in memory of her mother.

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