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January 1956

January 1956

Note on 1st page:  Permanent on Sept. 23rd
She regularly got perms in her hair – don’t know what year this was, but she didn’t want to forget that appointment!

January 1
Kenney and I went to SS [Sunday School] and church – Ira and Minnie had lunch with us.  Grace Farmer sent Black-eyed peas.

Note:  Nora Lee Hays, my grandmother, was married to Kenney Comstock.  Ira was his brother; Minnie was Nora’s sister.  Comstock brothers had married Hays sisters - Ira and Minnie had no children and helped raise my mother and her five brothers, then served as extra grandparents to me and my cousins. Grace Farmer lived across the back alley from Ira and Minnie and was actually a 3rd cousin to Ira via the Wood family – did they know that?  They all attended church at Wood Memorial Christian Church in Van Buren.  Although I have Wood relatives in Crawford County, the church was named for a very different family, not my kin at all.

January 2
Paul watched football with us.  Baked chocolate pie and divided with Doc and Grace.  Had impressions made for my new teeth.

Paul Comstock, Kenney’s youngest brother.  Doc was Grace Farmer’s husband and a dentist.

January 3
Short session with my dentist.  Went to Minnie’s circle meeting No 1.  Had Christmas letter from Zeults.  Circle met at Mrs. Newman in Alma.  I drove car took Maude, Nora & Grace – mailed birthday package to Kay.  Two boxes of stationery.

Maude Redmond was Kenney’s sister and a widow.  She lived with their mother “Grandma Comstock” and took care of her for many years - Grandma lived to me 97.  Nora Rainwater was my grandfather’s oldest sister, widowed and living in Van Buren – he had both a sister and a wife named Nora.  My grandmother did not learn to drive until she was in her mid sixties - my grandfather had a stroke, so she took over the driving.  She was never what you call an accomplished driver, but she got the job done!   Kay is me – my birthday is January 4th – her oldest grandchild, daughter of her only daughter JoEllen.

January 4
Double stamp day at Goffs.  Took Nora & Maude to shop.  Visit Grandma.  Ira and Minnie came by from choir practice and to watch TV.

Green stamps – everyone saved them to use to purchase premiums.

January 5
Sewed and washed – went to garden club at C. F. Byrns home.  Watch TV and picked pecans in evening.

Mammaw used a lot of pecans in her baking – there was a tree in their yard in Van Buren so there were always pecans to shell, or to “pick” as she always said.  She never sat without some sort of work to do with her hands.  She never "watched TV" without a task.

January 6
Had lunch with Ira & Minnie.  Pete & Beulah Little came and brought Bible 100 yrs old.  Letters from JoEllen and Jay.

JoEllen McKim – her only daughter, and son Jay who lived in San Francisco.

January 7
Pecan picking day and general routine house work and getting ready for Sunday

January 8
SS and church – Chaplain Eisenlauer preaced on “Paul’s Unanswered Prayer”  Wonderful.  Took Grandma to see Uncle Bob – Committee in evening - plan for installation for new minister Rev. Robert Brown.  Evening church service.

Uncle Bob Wood was Grandma’s brother.

January 9
Washing and ironing day.  Also shortened shirt sleeves for my short husband.

My grandfather – we called him ‘Kenney’ his given name because he didn’t think he was old enough to be a grandfather when I was born!  He was about 5’6” tall and sturdy.  Some of his business associates did indeed call him "Shorty" but he was very tall in my eyes.

January 10
All meeting of CWF at Church.  Food food and good program.  Susan Swinborn program on Indian Americans.

CWF - Christian Women's Fellowship.  Susan Stevenson Swinborn and her sister Doris West compiled the book “History in Headstones” listing all the cemeteries in Crawford County.  They were local historians and genealogists.

January 11
Got shampoo and set.  Saw shoe salesman and ordered two pr shoes.  Birthday party at Maude’s for Nora R. and myself.  Got clothes ready for trip to Little Rock.  Two day State Meeting United Council of Church Women.  Went with Mrs. Alfred Knox – spent weekend with McKims.

Mammaw had bunions and often special-ordered her shoes.  

January 12
State Meeting First Methodist church, Little Rock.  Spent night in home of Mrs. Joe Scott, N. Little Rock

January 13
Communion Service 8 a.m.  church women luncheon.  JoEllen & Kenny met me at church and we spent the weekend there.  Children sick with colds.

Children would have been my sisters – JoAnn would soon be 4 and Laurie a year old. - I was 16.  We lived in Little Rock then, although we moved back to Springdale in June of 1956.

January 14
Spent the day visiting.

January 15
Kay only one went to church.  She is 16 now and drives the car.  Had such a good visit with Joe, JoEllen and the girls.
First Christian Church in downtown Little Rock.

January 16
Kenney and I drove home from Little Rock just in time for supper

January 17
Attended circle meeting with Grace [Grace Farmer] – then to Edith Ensley for Circle 2 meeting – made plans for chili supper

January 18
Just a lazy day.  Big snow fell.  Ira and Minnie spent evening with us watching TV and picking pecans.

January 19
Had my last four teeth extracted and new set put in.  Slept on bufferin thro night.

January 20
Back to dentist for filing.  Got news of death of Darrell Ward.

January 21
Visited Florence Byars in Alma.  Darrell was her brother.  Later made plans for Woman’s Day.

Woman’s Day was an event at Wood Memorial Christian Church.

January 22
My!  Such snow and rain!  SS and church.  Aunt Em Comstock at Uniontown – Funeral 2 PM.  Paul sang “Beautiful Isle” & was Paulbearer.  Women’s Day service in evening.  George Hobbs little girl baptized – Beautiful candle service.  John Rownak sang “He”.

Emily Comstock, widow of Hardy “Tack” Comstock, my grandfather’s uncle, was the deceased.

January 23
Attended Darrell Ward funeral.  Letter from JoEllen saying JoAnn goes to Hospital to have tonsils and adenoids removed.

January 24
Lunch at First Methodist Church with Etta Hayman.  Money for polio drive.  Called JoEllen at night and got report JoAnn was home and doing fine.

January 25
Reg. household duties.  Washed and picked more pecans.  Doc took stitches out of my gums.

January 26
My 69th birthday.  Went to Fayetteville.  Got permanent.  Visited Mabel D.  Last visit before she goes to Lebannon.  Went on to K.M’s – made pictures at night.

Mabel Delzell was married to Fred Delzell.  Kenney Comstock’s sister Edna was married to Lester Delzell – Fred’s brother.  The Delzells were backyard neighbors when we lived on College Avenue in Fayetteville.  Mabel and Fred had two daughters – Bobbie Jean, and Betty Ann who suffered from asthma.  Betty Ann was two years older than I was, but we spent a lot of time together growing up because I could play “quietly”.  Fred was the best dad, Mabel a very lenient mom who allowed us to jump on the beds, ride the back of the couch, etc., and I loved being with their family.

January 27
I stayed with LaVonne and children while Kenney went to Huntsville with K.M.  Made jelly for LaVonne.  Spent another night with them.  It was fun.

K. M. was named for Kenney, his dad & my grandfather, but always called by his initials in the family.  He wasn’t truly a “junior” as their middle names were different.  LaVonne Denny was his wife.  They were living in Springdale with children Kenney, Gary, and Mary Jane.

January 28
Went to McGuire town- had a visit with Rowley and Morgans.  Back to K.M.’s for lunch.  Spent two hrs with Letty and Cy on way back home.

McGuire town was near Elkins, outside of Fayetteville.  They had lived on a farm there before they moved back to Van Buren.  Letty was Kenney’s sister, married to Cy Carney of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

January 29
Sunday School & church.  P.M. - Doc and Grace came to watch “Wide, Wide World”  Supper at grandma’s & church at night.

January 30
Three of us went to Goddard Memorial church, Ft. Smith for luncheon and missionary study.

January 31
Chili supper at church – made soup and lemon pies.  Raised $80 on our Kitchen fund.

She mentions the Kitchen fund quite a bit in future entries – apparently they were raising money to pay off a debt incurred in modernizing the church kitchen.

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