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June 1956

June 1
Friday.  Went to clinic for check up.  Found I need repair work.  JoEllen’s folk moved in their home.
Mammaw had some sort of bladder surgery following this check up - we had just moved back to Springdale to the big red house at 404 Pleasant Street.

June 2
Saturday.  Helped LaVonne fix meals.  Then Sat and unpacked boxed for JoEllen.  Made appointment with Stanley for June 21st.
She may have not been feeling her best, but that seemed not to slow her down.  Stanley was Dr. Applegate.

June 3
Sunday.  Went with K.M’s family to Sunday School.  LaVonne became ill and K.M. took her to hospital.  Home that night.  We took the kids and spent the day at JoEllen’s.

June 4
Monday.  We took care of LaVonne.  Minnie called that Edna had a stroke Sunday night and was very critical.
Sister Minnie - sister-in-law Edna (Comstock) Delzell.

June 5
Tuesday.  Waited all day for news from Edna.  Drove home late.  Reports from hospital in Tulsa not good.

June 6
Wednesday.  After waiting and worrying all day the bad news came.  Edna passed away at 6:15.  Called and broke the news to Jay.

June 7
Thursday.  Nothing to do but wait for funeral plans and try to console each other.  Grandma pitiful.  Looking for Pauline and Aura tonight.
Aunt Edna was Grandma Comstock's daughter - Pauline the youngest daughter.

June 8
Friday.  Grace, Doc and Bob Brown, our preacher, went with us to Miami to Edna’s funeral – a long but beautiful drive; but what a sad day.  My heart aches for Lester.  All alone now.  No doubt he will go right on with his business.
[Edna & Lester's home was Miami, Oklahoma.. Lester Delzell her husband.  Edna and Lester had lost their son, L. C. about 1948.]

June 9
Saturday.  Trimmed the hedge again.  We drove to Andy Scotts and Grace, Doc, and Kenney picked blackberries.  I waited at Andy’s.  Too much walk across field.

June 10
Sunday.  S.S. and church A.M.  Laws-Cable wedding four P.M.  Then Ira and Minnie drove us to Heavener to visit Pete and Beulah Little – and to return the 100 yr. old Bible.  Had such a good visit and arrived home about in time to see Break the Bank [TV show].

June 11
Monday.  Now to can blackberries and make jelly.  Also washing to do.  And make plans for CWF meeting tomorrow.  Call all Ex.Board members.

June 12
Tuesday.  Ex.Board meeting – 1 P.M.  Mrs. Blackwood funeral – 2:30 P.M.  Reg. CWF meeting 3:30.  Maude and Nora kept Laurie Lee for me – Jo & Joe gone to H.Spgs.  ABDA Con.
[Arkansas Butane Dealers Association Convention in Hot Springs.]

June 13
Wednesday.  K.M’s folk came for the day.  Jo & Joe came by for Laurie Lee and ate lunch.  Evening – Did a big ironing and watched T.V.

June 14
Thursday.  Bought 8 qts blackberries.  Canned some and froze some – Made two batches of jelly.  P.M. Henry Snow and his sister Minnie called.
My grandmother made the best blackberry jelly on the planet - no contest!

June 15
Friday.  A.M. cleaned house.  Got bushel of June apples.  Canned and jellied all day.

June 16
Saturday.  Apple sauce and jelly all over the place.  All finished – what a relief.  Think I'll go to town.

June 17
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & church – Father’s Day.  All of us took food and had dinner and supper with Grandma and Maude.  Made Grandma very happy.  Visited with them till nearly nine.

June 18
Monday.  Worked in Yard.  Washed, and finished cleaning.  We had lunch with Ira and Minnie.  Finished up correspondence.

June 19
Tuesday.  Finished up June apples.  CWF meeting at church.  Supper and installation of officers.  Finished packing for trip to hospital.

June 20
Wednesday.  Left for Springdale 8:30 A.M.  Went to hospital and had lunch at JoEllen’s.  Entered hospital at night.  Saw Clare and children first at JoE.’s.
 [Even thought my grandparents were still living in Van Buren, she had the surgery in Springdale so she could come to our house for the recovery period.  This was when I first learned to balance the cash and do the daily report at L-P Gas & Equipment Co so Mom could be with her mother.]

June 21
Thursday.  Operated on Eight A.M.  Clare, LaVonne, and JoEllen with Kenney.  About first I knew it was three P.M.  Ira and Minnie came.  Kept full of hypos all night.  Mrs. Phillips, special nurse ten to six.  All cleaned up.

June 22
Friday.  Just a day of hypos, etc.  Kenney stayed with me all day.  Had flowers from Jerry Crawford.  Orchid glads.

June 23
Saturday.  Glads from CWF and from Letty and Cy.  Cards coming in from Van Buren.  Doing O.K. they say.

June 24
Sunday.  The bunch from V.B. came.  13 people in to see me.  Flowers from Jay, Murphys, Nora & Maude and Grandma.

June 25
Monday.  Rested up from Sunday company.  Stanley informed me that was 4th day – not 5th – not time to remove catheter.  Lots of cards coming in.

June 26
Tuesday.  Catherter removed & started sitz baths.  Wonderful feeling.  P.M. Bob and Wilma Brown visited and found me miserable.  Had to be catherized.  Back on jug tonight.

June 27
Wednesday.  Still dragging my jug.  Mrs. Blakemore moved in with me after having breast operation.  My!  How she suffered.  A very patient person.
Most of the hospital rooms were double occupancy.

June 28
Thursday.  Got rid of catheter again.  Those sitz baths really are wonderful.  My bladder dealt me misery again.  More water.  Another sitz bath & pill took care of that.

June 29
Friday.  Water works cleared up and feeling great.  Stanley said I could go to JoEllen's.  Took my last sitz bath and took off.  Moved into Kay’s pretty new room.  About ready to start using the new bath.
[The bathroom Mom & Dad had installed off my bedroom - to give us a second bathroom in the house.]

June 30
Saturday.  Slowly improving.  Wrote letter to Jay.  JoEllen & Joe stayed home from Store.  Catching up on loose ends.  K.M.’s folk came by.  Letter from Clare.

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