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April 1956

April 1
Sunday.  Easter – went to church with Graydon’s family – Becky & Ike and Jo – Dinner at Grandma’s party.  57 were present.  K.M’s family and Jay couldn’t make it – LaVonne sick.

Obviously this was Grandma Comstock’s birthday, my granddad’s mother – she would be 89 on April 3rd in 1956.  The entire family tried to gather annually for a Reunion and to celebrate Grandma's birthday, but it looks only my Mom and her brothers Graydon & Ike were there this year.  Jay lived in California – I don’t recall that he ever made the trip back for this.

April 2
April 3

April 4
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale to be with LaVonne while was in bed with glandular fever.

I believe this was what we now call "mono".

April 5
April 6
April 7

April 8
Went with K.M. and children to S.S. and church.  Visited K.M’s class.

April 9
April 10
April 11

April 12
Thursday.  Came home from Springdale.  Left LaVonne much better.

If my grandmother, then age 67, was taking care of my Aunt who was ill, as well as the three children Kenney age 8, Gary, 6, and Mary Jane, 4, I’m not surprised she didn’t have time to keep up the diary! 

April 13
Friday.  Helped Nora and Eula get moved.  Cleo there too – also Maude.  We really got things done.

April 14

April 15
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & Church – Nora’s in afternoon.  Church at night.  Bob & Mr. Gilmore showed interesting slides.

April 16
Monday.  Ironed Saturday’s wash.  Had shrubs trimmed & sprayed.

April 17
Tuesday.  Attended Circle #1 meeting at Ruby Harshburger’s.  Had Nora, Maude & Grace with me.

April 18
Wednesday.  Washed two machines of clothes for Maude.  Afternoon grocery shopped with Nora & Maude.

Mammaw had one of the first Maytag automatic washers made.  Dad sold them and made sure she was one of the earliest customers.  I’m sure Aunt Maude did not have one for herself and Grandma Comstock and my grandmother did their washing.

April 19
Thursday.  Dell Miller died early Thurs.  Hattie and I went to the home.  The preacher was called home from State convention.

April 20
Friday.  Closing day of state convention at Rogers.  Attended Miller funeral.  Did get to go to Rogers.  Drove to Springdale after funeral.  Gary ill – glandular fever.

Gary must have got the bug from his mother.

April 21
Saturday.  Came home from Springdale.  JoEllen’s folk came at night – stayed until Monday.  Kay was sick with bronchitis.

Yes, indeed I was.  Very sick.  Missed an entire week of school.

April 22
Sunday.  Went to church alone.  P.M. attended Tom Rogers funeral.  Went to station to see them leave with the body for Evanston, Pa.

April 23
Monday.  JoEllen & girls went home.  Joe to Springdale.  P.M. Took clock to Jeweler.  Checked over the church – My!  How dirty. 

And I suspect she went right to work cleaning it up.  I'll just bet the clock was the one that always sat on her mantel or the piano in the houses with no fireplace.  It had to be wound by hand every night and chimed on the quarter hour.  I can close my eyes and hear that clock!

April 24
Tuesday.  Went to Richland H.D. Club luncheon at Cuba Williams.  It was a lot of fun.  20 women there.  Baked turkey and all the fixings.

April 25
Wednesday.  Grocery day as usual.  (probably drove her sisters-in-law, too)

April 26
April 27
April 28

April 29
Sunday.  Sunday S. & Church A.M.  Visited Mary & Lee – then to Grandma’s.  The usual Sunday bunch.  Ate supper and then to church.

April 30
Monday.  Wash Day and Yard work.

This was one of the months she didn't spare a lot of time for her diary.  There may well have been days when she was just too tired to bother!

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