Thursday, May 7, 2015

November 1959

November 1
Sun.  Dinner at Mrs. Burleson’s home with Graydon & Clare
Clare's mother - she lived in Fayetteville across the street from Washington Elementary School

November 2
Monday.  At Graydon’s.
In Tulsa.

November 3
Tues.  In Tulsa.  Rained all day.  Dinner with Eva & Joe.
Eva was my grandmother's niece, daughter of her sister Mattie.  Eva's husband was Dr. Joe Fulcher, a urologist.  They lived in Tulsa.

November 4
Wed.  Clare & I went to Utica Square.  Lunch there.  Graydon & Clare took me to dinner at the Louisiane.
Utica Square would have been the newest and greatest shopping in Tulsa at this time.

November 5
Thurs.  Graydon’s birthday.  Rode bus home.  12 noon.
Graydon was 51.

November 6
Friday.  9:30 Meeting of council & church women at our church.

November 7 - Sat.

November 8
Sunday.  A.M. Sunday School & Church.  Practice with Junior Choir. P.M.

November 9
Monday.  A.M. made pies at church.  P.M. Rode bus to Mattie’s.
To Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

November 10
Tues.  Mattie & I were alone.  Made aprons & pillow cases.

November 11
Wed.  More sewing.

November 12
Thurs.  P.M. Called on Mrs. Pendergrass.  Lunch at Jack’s.

November 13
Friday.  Mattie got word John was back in hospital.  Condition critical.
John was Mattie's son.  He had Hodgkin's Disease and he died in January of 1960.

November 14
Saturday.  Mattie on the way to see John and I came home.  Terribly cold.

November 15
Sunday.  S.S. & Church.  McKims had supper with me.

November 16
Mon.  What a gloomy Day.  Stayed in with my sewing.  Cleta Nelson passed away.  Had supper with K.M. & LaVonne.

November 17
Tues.  A.M. CWF meeting.  JoEllen had devotional.

November 18
Wed.  Choir practice with Jr. Choir

November 19
Thus.  Baked pies at church for bazaar.

November 20
Friday.  Made peach cobblers for bazaar.  Mr. & Mrs. Elmore took me there for lunch.  11 P.M. Becky & Ike came.

November 21
Saturday.  Took Becky & Ike to lunch at Bazaar.  P.M. Ike watched ball game with K.M. while Becky shampooed and I baked frozen pies.

November 22
Sunday.  Becky, Ike, & I went to church.  Children sang with big Choir.  P.M. Birthday party at Letty’s.  B. & Ike left for home at 5:30.
Not sure whose birthday - not Aunt Let or Uncle Cy's - party must have just been at their house.  Paul Comstock had a November birthday, as did Aunt Minnie.

November 23
Monday.  Worked on clothes.  Putting away summer things.

November 24
Tuesday.  A.M. raked leaves & wrapped Christmas packages.  P.M. Got a new permanent.

November 25
Wednesday.  All day at JoEllen’s.

November 26
Thurs.  Thanksgiving.  Had turkey dinner with McKims.  I Baked pumpkin pies.

November 27
Friday.  Went to Van Buren with the K.M. Comstocks.  Finished Christmas shopping.

November 28. 
Usual Sat. routine.

November 29.
Kay & Donny had dinner with me and spent the afternoon here.
My cousin Don spelled his nickname "Donny" and that's how she always spelled Donnie's.

November 30
Monday.  Spent all day at JoEllen’s while she and Joe went to Booneville to funeral of Bob Remy’s mother-in-law.
The Remy's were in the propane business and long-time close friends of JoEllen and Joe.

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