Thursday, April 2, 2015

June 1959

When we left the month of May, Jay and Scotty had just arrived from California.

June 1
Monday.  Gad around

June 2
Tuesday.  Got hair done and went to Eureka Springs

June 3
Wed.  Mattie, Winnie and Tiny came & spent day.
From Tahlequah - Aunt Mattie, her daughter Winnie and granddaughter Karien, usually called Tiny.  

June 4
Thus.  We went to Van Buren – spent night.

June 5
Friday.  Came home from Van Buren.  Antiqued on the way.  Ate supper at JoEllen’s.  Becky & Ike came.

June 6
Saturday.  Waffle supper in summer house.  To be with Jay & Scotty

June 7
Sunday.  Church.  Jo & Joe took us to dinner at Country Club.

June 8
Mon.  Left for Calif.  Lunch at Enid.  Night at Garden City, Kan.
Jay and Scotty had driven so they could take Mammaw back home with them and see the sights along the way.

June 9
Tuesday.  Left Garden City 5:30.  Breakfast Syracuse, Colo.  Saw Royal Gorge.  Spent night in Gunison, Colo.

June 10
Wed.  Pretty drive in Colorado.  Drove into Las Vegas.

June 11
Thursday.  Saw Bryce and Zion Nat’l. Parks.  Night in Sands Motel.  Floor show & dinner.

June 12
Friday.  Breakfast at Boulder city.  Saw Hoover Dam.  Lunch in Barstow.  Night in Paso Robles.

June 13
Saturday.  Drove up coast to San Francisco.  Scotty got telephone call –  his sister-in-law had died.

June 14
Sunday.  Scotty left for Utah.  Jay took Borges’s and me for a nice long drive.
Scotty had a large Mormon family in Utah.  The Borgeses were long-time friends of Jay's.

June 15

June 16
Tues.  Took laundry & went for drive

June 17
Wed.  Scotty came home.

June 18
Thurs.  Mrs. B. (Borges) brought up boysenberries & raspberries

June 19
The B’s took me grocery shopping.  Wrote letter to Elmores.
Have no idea who the Elmores were...

June 20
Sat.  Brunch with Miss Woods.  Made Jay very sick.  P.M. shopped in Stonestown.

June 21
Sunday.  Father’s Day.  We went to church.  Took B’s for a long drive.  Gave him a sweater.

June 23
Tues.  My!  What a bowel trouble!  P.M. Scotty showed pictures made on trip.
Sounds like she may have caught what Jay had on Saturday - perhaps it was not the brunch...

June 24

June 25
Thurs.  Had strawberry short cake.  Eve. – played canasta.

June 26
Friday – usual Day

June 27
Saturday.  Saw Phillies beat Giants at Seals stadium.

June 28
Sunday.  Looked at model homes.  Drove to Lafayette and dinner with Bill and Ruby Banks.

June 30
Tues.  B’s (Borgeses) took me for a drive and lunch.

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