Thursday, March 26, 2015

May 1959

May 1
Friday.  Painting & ward work.  JoEllen’s folk went to Little Rock

May 2
Saturday.  General routine.

May 5
Tuesday.  Kenney’s funeral one year ago today.

May 6  [4th]  Somehow she got off on dates again...
At JoEllen’s

May 7  [5th]
Tues.  Rode bus to Tulsa.

May 8  [6th]
Wed.  Went for drive

May 9   [7th]
Thurs.  Clare went to luncheon, Banker’s Convention.  She & Graydon went to banquet at night.  I baby sat.

May 10  [8th]
Friday.  Clare & I both got a facial and had lunch in Utica Square
Utica Square was THE place to shop in Tulsa at that time - probably relatively new!

May 11 [9th]
Saturday.  Graydon brought me home and spent the night here.

May 12  (Back on track with days and dates...)
Tuesday.  Washing & cleaning.  Had swing put up.

May 13
Wednesday.  Getting ready for club meeting.

May 14
Thurs.  Had my club meet – covered dish meal

May 15
Firday.  Got permanent A.M.   P.M. Drove to V.B. Hgwy. 59
Highway 59 was the "back way" to get to Van Buren.  Much less traffic.  Likely the family was encouraging her to take that route.  Her driving was never very good.  She was going to stay with Grandma Comstock and give Aunt Maude a break.

May 16
Saturday.  With Grandma

May 17
Sunday.  Had to miss church & stay with Grandma.  Ira & M. ate supper with us.

May 18
Monday.  Grandma’s.

May 19
Tuesday.  Minnie and I froze berries – 12 qts.
I'm sure strawberries!

May 20
Wednesday.  We met Letty & Cy at farm.  Got crate of berries to freeze.  Had lunch with Nora.  Washed for family.

May 21
Thursday.  With Grandma.  Gave her bath in tub.  Ira & Minnie came – Evening.

May 22  [23rd]
Saturday.  Nora went to doctor found out she had to have operation.  P.M.  I came home.  Stayed at K.M.’s that night.
Nora would be her sister-in-law, Nora Rainwater.

May 24
Sunday.  Went to S.S. & church.  JoEllen ill.  I cooked dinner there.  Nora Rainwater. entered hospital

May 25
Monday.  Worked at home.  JoEllen. On vacation.

May 26
Tuesday.  Yard work

May 27
Wed.  JoEllen and I cleaned her back room.  Went to choir practice.

May 28
Thursday.  I kept JoAnn and Laurie.  Gave four little girls lunch on picnic table.  Night broke window.
Wonder who the extra little girls were?  

May 29
Friday.  Worked in yard and cleaned.  Mr. Sikes put in window glass.  Letter from Jay – said look for them Mon. night or Tues.

May 30

May 31
Sunday  Jay and Scotty came.
I'm sure she was thrilled.  I can just see her sweet smile!  Their visits were always filled with fun for the whole family.

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