Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 1959

This is the last year of the diary.  Her bits seemed to shrink - maybe tired of keeping of the diary or maybe her world is shrinking a bit.  Maybe she was just missing my grandad.

March 1
Sunday.  S.S. and church.  Dinner at K.M.’s.  Graydon’s folk came in afternoon.  P.M. went with K.M. & LaVonne to get mimosa trees.  Night – Jay called.  About to buy a home.
Jay's house would be the house on Valmar Terrace which overlooked the city of San Francisco.  Smallish two bedroom house - garage and storage on the ground floor with the living quarters all upstairs for the view.  He lived there until he died in 2006, about 47 years.  The house sold as the bulk of his estate - about a quarter of a million dollars.  Not a great house - but a priceless view.  The picture was made in July 2013, when Stuart's family was in San Francisco.

March 2
Mon.  At JoEllen’s.

March 3
Tuesday – at home.

March 4
Wed.  Spent day at JoEllen’s.  Hard rain P.M.  Choir practice – Then spent night at JoEllen’s.

March 5
Thursday.  Gary’s birthday.
Gary Comstock was 9 that year.

March 6

March 7

March 8
Sun.  After church Kay, Donny and I had dinner at McKims.  Attended first night of Missions Institute.
If Kay and Donnie had not been able to eat with the McKims and the Hadens over the weekends, we might well have starved!

March 9
Mon.  A.M.  Had yard man all morning.  Don’t know who did most work – he or I.
That's easy ...I know she did the most work!  But it was Spring and she had a new yard to whip into shape. She always had the most beautiful flowers and flowering shrubs.

March 10
Tues. at JoEllen’s.  Last night of Missions Institute.  Helped serve fellowship supper.

March 11
Wed.  Laurie’s birthday.  Had shampoo and set.  Choir practice tonight.
Laurie was FOUR!   As I post this, on March 12, 2015 - she is 60.

March 12
Thurs.  Kept Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Belcher over night.  Gave me beautiful pink gloves.
Wonder if she ever wore the gloves?

March 13
Friday.  I went to V.B.  Had lunch with Ira and Minnie.  Spent night with Grandma and Maude.
Drove by cemetery for a little visit with Kenney.

March 14  [16th – got off on dates/pages again]
Monday.  Had lunch with Nora R.  Then spent afternoon and night at Maude’s.

March 15  [17]
Tuesday.  Came home with car load of plants & shrubs.

March 16  [18]
Wednesday.  I kept Laurie while Mr. Barker and I worked putting out shrubs.  Took out old ones.  Night – choir practice.  Mary Alice’s birthday.  Had sent package from V.B.
Mary Alice was five.

March 17  [19 – in 1959, March 17 was on a Tuesday…]
Thursday.  St. Patricks Day.  More yard work.

March 18  [20]
Friday.  At JoEllen’s

March 19  [21]
Saturday.  Yard work.

March 20
Saturday   Friday
Back on track with the correct day and date.

March 21
Sat.  P.M.  Practiced on Easter Cantata.
With my mama directing the choir.

March 22
Sunday.  Gave Easter Cantata at morning church hour.  Then again at a rest home.

March 23
Monday.  Kept Laurie here while Mr. Sikes worked on the summer house.

March 24
Tuesday – work on lawn and summer house.  LaVonne took me gadding and had lunch with me.

March 25
Wed.  Cooked dinner at JoEllen’s.  After choir practice we went to a show and I spent the night with them.  Real rainy.

March 26
Thursday.  Got out of bed at JoEllen’s.  Slipped out before 6:30.  Just had my breakfast.
Evening – Candle light service at church.

March 27
Friday.  Got shampoo and set A.M.  P.M. yard work.  Jimmy Hight and I drove to the country after fertilizer.

March 28
Easter Sunday.  Attended two services and S.S.  Preacher fed us at Ginger Blue.
Ginger Blue was a restaurant in Missouri.  Mom & Dad thought it a really big deal to drive all the way up there to eat and then all the way back home.  I was never quite with that - but we did it many times.  Since this was Easter, I wonder if Donnie and I went along that day, or spent the day with the Hadens.

March 29
Mon.  Yard work and JoEllen’s

March 30
Tues.  Income Tax report.
This may explain why she was staying at Mom's so much - to get her taxes done.

March 31   [April 1]
Wed.  JoEllen’s.  Yard work and choir practice.

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