Friday, February 13, 2015

November 1958

November 1
Sat.  Kept JoEllen’s kids and got ready for party.

November 2
Sunday.  Had Minnie’s and Paul’s birthday party here.  10 of us.
Aunt Minnie was born 4 Nov 1889 - she was 69; Paul Comstock's birthday was the same day - he was born in 1906 and was 52.

November 3
Mon.  Mr. Best started work back room foundation.
She added a room on the back of her house.

November 4
Tues.  Lots of paper work and pay utilities.

November 5
Wed.  Graydon’s birthday.  Stayed with Laurie – she was real sick.
Graydon was born 1908 - so he was 50 this year.

November 6
Thurs.  Visited with Hattie, Bessie, and Mrs. Nix.  Shopped at green stamp place.  About finished Christmas shopping.

November 7
Friday – at JoEllen’s

November 8
Sat.  JoEllen & Joe took me to Tulsa.
To Graydon & Clare's

November 9
Sun.  Clare and I cooked dinner while the rest of the family went to church.

November 10
Mon.  Cook & Eat

November 11
Tues.  Went with Clare to group meeting – luncheon.  Rest of week with Clare

November 15
Sat.  Graydon brought me home.  P.M.  Listened to ball game.  Sick with cold.

November 16
Sun. 16th.  In bed most of rainy day – terrific cold. 

November 17
Mon.  Able to go to JoEllen’s

November 19
Wed.  My first choir practice.
At First Christian Church, Springdale

November 23
Sunday.  Sang in JoEllen’s choir.
Many Sundays I sat in the choir next to my grandmother while my mother directed.

November 27
Thursday.  Thanksgiving.  Went to Kansas City with K.M.’s family and McKims.
Several years we all went to Kansas City to Ikey & Becky's for Thanksgiving - we'd sleep on all the beds, couches, and pallets on the floor. Probably had driven up on Wednesday.

November 28
Friday.  Came home thro snow and ice.
More than we once we had bad weather there on Thanksgiving.  We often stayed over Friday night to see the Christmas lights turned on at the Plaza.  I wonder if they left early because of the weather - or Mom & Dad just needed to be home.

November 29
Sat.  Went to Tahlequah.
To visit her sister Mattie King

November 30
Sun.  Mattie and I went to Muskogee.  Had good visit with Arthur and Grace.
And on to see their brother, Arthur.

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