Thursday, February 26, 2015

January 1959 - A New Year


We left my grandmother in Van Buren helping take care of Grandma Comstock.  She skipped several days of writing in her diary this month.

January 1
Thurs.  Spent New Years Day with Ira and Minnie

January 2
Friday.  Lunch with Nora

January 3
Sat  Turned very cold.  Getting things ready for Sunday.

January  5
Mon.  I came home.

January 10
Sat.  Staying at JoEllen’s while Jo and Joe attend butane convention in Little Rock
L-P Gas Association - Dad was president one year, so was Don Haden.

January 11
Sun.  Minnie, Ira, Paul and Neva came.  Had dinner with me at JoEllen’s

January 12
Mon.  Our anniversary at JoEllen’s.
Now that I am widowed I understand this - you still have an anniversary date even though there is no one to celebrate with you.

January 15
Thurs.  Went to V.B. with K.M.  We stopped at cemetery.  Spent night with Ira & Minnie.

January 18
Sun.  Mine & Nora’s birthday party at Ira and Minnie’s.  Letty and Cy brought me home.

January 20
Tues.  CWF luncheon and program.  I have worship service & taking Mrs. Elmore as guest.

January 24
Sat.  Wash Day

January 26
Mon.  My birthday.  Got city & driver’s license.
Mammaw learned to drive after my granddad had his stroke.  Scary.  Eventually we wouldn't let her drive outside of town, then we wouldn't let her cross the highways.  She would come to my house - I would load up three kids and drive her car across the highway to get her prescriptions, then come home and unload and she would continue home.

January 28
Wed.  At JoEllen’s

January 31
Sat.  Becky & Ike painted furniture.  I cooked dinner for 14.
Becky & Ike always found projects  

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