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November 1956

November 1
Thursday.  Worked with rummage all morning.  Went to Garden Club meeting P.M.  Won a bird feeder as a door prize.  This meeting was in the home of Miss Rebecca Bryan.  Real antiques all over the place.

November 2
Friday.  Rummage sale.  Stuff put up and $31.00 worth sold.  K. M., LaVonne and Kids came in.  Had sandwiches with us before going home.

November 3
Saturday.  Opened up for rummage sale seven A.M.  Made $92.00 +
Grace & Doc came six P.M. for Welk Show (Lawrence Welk on TN) and evening at pitch.

November 4
Sunday.  Minnie & Paul’s birthday dinner at Paul’s after S.S. & Church.  Two tables of cards P.M.  Church at night.
Minnie and Paul both had birthdays on November 4th.  She was 67; he was 50..

November 5
Monday.  Grace and I went shopping in Ft. Smith.  I drove the car there for the first time.  Sam passed away late today.
Sam was the janitor at Comstock, Inc. for Minnie and Ira for many years and was much beloved.

November 6
Tuesday.  Washed two machines of clothes.  P.M. Went with Kenney to vote.  He was election judge.  Emma May and I took leftover rummage to welfare office.  Took food to Sam’s family.

November 7
Wednesday.  Had Pauline, Nora, Maude and Grandma here for lunch.  Then grocery shopped and took them home.

November 8

November 9

November 10
Saturday.  Met shrubbery man at church.  Doc & Grace brought chili supper.  Watched TV and played pitch.

November 11
Sunday.  Stayed home from S.S.  Saving 24 hr. specimen.  Went to church.  Kenney and I drove to Natural Dam in afternoon.  Also stopped for a visit with Fay and Ardia.  Ardie feeling much better.
Mammaw must have a doctor appointment for the final checkup following her surgery. I believe Ardie was a Hays cousin.

November 12
Monday.  Used telephone – making plans for CWF meeting.  Did a weeks wash.  Went with Bob & Mr. Duke to a dinner in Ft. Smith – “Capital for Kingdom Building”  We had our usual 3 month checkup.  Good reports.
She didn't like to use the telephone for chit-chat - only business.  She would call, say what she needed to say, tell you "Good-by" and hang up, leaving you with with your mouth open!  She nearly always hung up on me mid-word. 

November 13
Tuesday.  CWF luncheon and meeting.  Mrs. Lester Furr guest speaker.  Group 1 – hostess.

November 14
Wednesday.  Ruth and I went to nursery and planned for shrubbery.  Also decided on paint mixture.   Grocery day with Nora & Maude.
Landscaping plans must have been for the churh.

November 15
Thursday.  Made a suit of pajamas for myself.  Went to beauty shop and packed things for trip to Springdale.

November 16
Friday.  A.M.  Drove to D.M.’s in time for lunch.  They were on the way to L.R.  I picked Kenney up at school.

November 17
Saturday.  Watched after the kids and listened to the ball game.  Arkansas beat SMU 27 to 13.

November 18
Sunday.  Stayed home from church.  Fried chicken and baked cake.  K.M. & LaVonne arrived home from Little Rock, 9:30 P.M.

November 19
Monday.  Went to JoEllen’s in time for lunch.  We worked on curtains.  Spent the night there.

November 20
Tuesday.  We left for Tulsa 10 A.M.  It really rained on us on the way to Tahlequah.  Had 1 ½ hr visit with Mattie.  Arrived at Graydon & Clare’s home about 5 P.M.

November 21
Wednesday.  Helped Clare get some things ready for Thanksgiving.  Clare made three pumpkin pies.  Put turkey in the oven 10 P.M.

November 22
Thursday.  Thanksgiving.  The McKims arrived just as we got back from Thanksgiving services.  Graydon sang in Senior choir – David in Junior Choir.  What a dinner – Turkey and all the trimmings.  Both Jay & Ikey called in the P.M.

November 23
Friday.  Left Tulsa 9 A.M.  Had a pleasant drive home in time for lunch.  Went to church to work on curtains.  Becky and Ike came in 11 P.M.  Got us out of bed.

November 24
Saturday.  Just cook and eat & wash dishes.  Went to the store for Becky and Ike to Christmas shop.  After store closed Minnie & Ira came & we played six handed pitch.  Went to bed about 1 o’clock.

November 25
Sunday.  Stayed home from S.S. & church to help Becky & Ike to get started home.  They were stopping at JoEllen’s for dinner on the way home.  Minnie, Grace & I put up the valances in Fellowship Hall.  Then went to Grandma’s.  Then church at night.

November 26
Monday.  Baked apple pudding & helped make congealed salad for dinner at church Tues night – 200 plates.  Gov. Faubus speaker.
Orval Faubus was Governor of Arkansas from 1955-1967.   Mammaw always called Jello salads, "congealed" salads - I think that's why for many years I wouldn't touch them....

November 27
Tuesday.  Baked another pudding.  My job is to bake rolls tonight – about 750.  Cold today. This A.M. low.  22°
 Yes - read that again - 750 rolls!  Beyond my imagination.

November 28
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude.  Gathered up laundry at church.  Learned we cleared $143.38 on banquet.  Nearly takes care of that paint bill.

November 29
Thursday.  Cleaned the Kitchen.  Laundered the curtain.  At night ironed and watched TV.  Got curtains ready to go up.

November 30
Friday.  Put Kitchen curtains up before breakfast.  Afternoon and night I helped with Men’s Fellowship.  Developed a terribly sore throat.

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