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October 1956

October 1
Monday.  Ike took us to bus station.  Left nine A.M. arrived in Van Buren about six P.M.  Rather enjoyed the bus ride.  Paul met us & Minnie had dinner for us.
Returning home from their visit to Kansas City.  The Greyhound Bus had a fairly direct route from KC to Fort Smith.  Don and I rode up to buy a used car from Ike and drive it home.  Was a nice ride!

October 2
Tuesday.  Put in the morning unpacking and watering flowers and shrubs.  Took a car load of Group 1 to Alma.  They met with Florence Newman, Two P.M.
One of her Circle meetings at church.  Mammaw did not drive until after Kenney had his stroke and she wasn't the best, but she did have a car and lots of the little ladies in Van Buren did not.

October 3
Wednesday.  Put out washing A.M.  Met with Committee at church to decide on paint for fellowhip hall.  Grace brought pears.  At night Grandma & I peeled them for preserves.

October 4
Thursday.  Worked on papers & records.  Met man to buy paint.  Made 3 pts pear preserves.  Night watched TV and ironed  Nine shirts and other things.  Met painter.

October 5
Friday.  Pauline called to meet train – Sun. noon.  Cleaned closets and cabinets and put out washing.
Pauline - my granddad's youngest sister coming up from North Little Rock for a visit and her birthday party.

October 6
Saturday.  Did more cleaning and made preparation for birthday dinner.

October 7
Sunday.  I went to S.S. & church.  Kenney stayed with Grandma.  Had lunch at Paul’s and then went to Carney’s for birthday party.  Pauline & Lester.  What a feed!!

October 8
Monday.  More cleaning and washing.  Got things lined for CWF meeting.  Covered dish at church.  Evening meeting.

October 9
Tuesday.  Put in the day working CWF literature & telephoning.  Baked pies for meeting at church at 7 P.M.  Playlet “Whom Shall I Send?”  Very well done.  Grace played the part of the minister – all dressed up in Ira’s suit.

October 10
Wednesday.  Did some machine mending.  Took Nora grocery shopping.  Also took anniversary clock to Clifford Donahoo – Hope it runs this time.
Mending on her old treadle sewing machine...  That would be the mantel clock (sat on the piano in the houses that didn't have a mantel) that had to be wound every night and chimed every fifteen minutes.

October 11
Thursday.  Up at six o’clock to write letter to Jay.  Grandma & Kenney asleep.

October 12
October 13
Aunt Maude has been away again - seems that Grandma had stayed at their house.  I suspect she didn't have much time for the diary.

October 14
Sunday.  A.M. Sunday School & Church.  Took Grandma home.  Maude came while we were there.  Cliff went home on Sat.  Attended farewell party at church for Chaplain Eisenlaur at night.  Monday he leaves for Italy.  Group 3 in charge.

October 15
Monday.  Routine house work and making plans for Mens fellowship dinner.

October 16
Tuesday.  Planned menu – bought groceries with Grace.  Martha Howell met with us at church and made 24 hr. cold slaw.  Attended covered dish luncheon for Group 2 in home of Ruth Huckelbury.  Real turkey dinner.

October 17
Wednesday.  Put in the morning buying meat for CMF dinner.  The rest of the day and evening cooking and serving the dinner.  Cleared $67.97.

October 18
Thursday.  Edna’s birthday – all of us wired red roses to go to the cemetery.  Cleaned up at church Kitchen and sent out laundry.  Four P.M. had shampoo and set.
Aunt Edna was buried in Miami, Oklahoma - she had died in June, noted earlier.  When I was a child, they had lived right down the street from Aunt Minnie and Uncle Ira - but in the early 1950's they sold the drug store in Van Buren and moved to Miami.

October 19
Friday.   A.M. drove to Springdale to stay with K.M. & LaVonne’s children.  K.M., LaVonne, Joe and JoEllen left for K.C. to spend the weekend with Becky & Ike.  Graydon & Clare too.

October 20
Saturday.  Looked after the children.  Baked a pie, and got things ready for Sunday.  Went to JoEllen’s in afternoon.  Laurie Lee was thrilled to see me.  She was missing her mother.
I suspect my little sisters had been left with me and Mammaw was looking in on us.

October 21
Sunday.  A.M.  Took the children and sent to S.S. and church.  Fixed dinner and Kay came in afternoon to get a piece of pie.  K.M. & LaVonne came in form KC about nine thirty.

October 22
Monday.  A.M. Went to JoEllen’s and stayed for lunch.  Stopped by to see Letty and Cy.  Arrived home 4 P.M.

October 23
Tuesday.  Put out washing and baked two apple pies to feed the men who painted at church in evening.
 Wish you could watch Mammaw prepare a pie - she could turn out a perfect pie crust circle with about six slaps of a rolling pin.  And it never tore when she moved it to the pie plate.  And so delicious!

October 24
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude and cleaned house.  Evening – ironed and watched TV.

October 25
Thursday.  Up at 6 A.M. to write letter to Jay.  More house cleaning.

October 26
Friday.  Washed summer clothes.  Made tapioca pudding.  P.M. World Communion Day at Goddard Memorial Church in Ft. Smith.  8 from our church.  I took Wilma, Susan & Lola.  Ira came to watch TV while Minnie went to Committee meeting.

October 27
Saturday.  A.M. Washed the house on the outside.  P.M. cooked beef strogonoff and had Grace & Doc to supper.  Then played pitch.

October 28
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. and church.  Minnie & Ira ate beef strogonoff with us.  P.M. saw Ethel & Warren at Nora’s.  Then visited with Grandma & Maude.  Church in the evening.

October 29
Monday.  Gave our bedroom a Fall Cleaning.  Laundered the curtains and put them up.

October 30
Tuesday.  Went with Emma May Rogers to District Convention at First Christian Church in Ft. Smith.  Came home after CMF dinner – just before a down pour of rain.  Our pastor, Bob, was elected president for next year.

October 31
Wednesday.  A.M.  Grace and I made six pumpkin pies for goup meeting.  Checked the building for our rummage sale.  Attended meeting in afternoon and brought home a pie.

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