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September 1956

September 1
Saturday.  Still canning apples while JoEllen painted cabinets in Kitchen & Utility room.
August ended with their drive to Springdale.  

September 2
Sunday.  Went to church with JoEllen while Joe went preacher hunting.  Saw K.M. and LaVonne’s new bed room furniture.  Mary Jane was flower girl at a wedding.  Also Denney family visiting with them.
LaVonne was a Denney - wedding was probably in their family.

September 3
Monday.  K.M.’s birthday.  Didn’t see much of him or the family.  They still had company.  Canning and painting still going on.
K.M. was 42 this day.

September 4
Tuesday.  We left for home early.  Stopped in Fayetteville to see A. D. McCallister about taxes on farm.  Arrived home at noon and went to group 2 meeting at Kate Browns.
Settling up on the farm they had sold out at Elkins.

September 5
Wednesday.  Washed machine of clothes.  Took Nora grocery shopping.  Attended garden club dinner on Leola’s patio in the evening.

September 6
Thursday.  Made five calls with Susan Swinburn.  Paul was one of them.  Pus on kidneys – ordered to bed for ten days.
Church calls, I'm sure.  Paul - my granddad's brother.

September 7
Friday.  A.M.  Had a long with the minister (Robert Brown) in his Study.  P.M.  CWF Executive Board meeting at church.

September 8
Saturday.  Did yard work.  Went to Lullaby Shop and got coverals for Laurie Lee.  Yes, I actually drew a lucky number.  Cooked apples for pies.  Cleaned house.  Played pitch.
Wonder if she won a drawing at the children's shop?

September 9
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. and church.  We took Nora and Grandma to see Paul.  Church at night.

September 10
Monday.  Washed and cooked apples.  JoEllen and Joe brought JoAnn & Laurie Lee to us while they go to Little Rock.
I must have stayed with friends.  Probably could not miss school.

September 11
Tuesday.  Baked pie & made salad for CWF luncheon.  Maude stayed with “Annie” and Laurie.  Had a real interesting meeting.  Grace Mills visited.

September 12
Wednesday.  Spent most of the day fooling with the Kids.  A limb broke telephone line.  Evening ironed and watched TV.

September 13
Thursday.  A.M. did a washing.  Telephone repair man here till noon.  Jo and Joe came about four and took the little Kids home.  We miss them.

September 14
Friday.  A.M. went Shopping.  Making plans for Ira & Neva’s birthday party Sunday.  Cleaned house and canned apples.  P.M. visited with Grace.

September 15
Saturday.  Cleaned house and iced Minnie’s cake for the party.  P.M.  Had my hair shampooed and set.  Ocie Bruns died.
I believe the cake was actually for Ira - Minnie was baking it for him.  His birthday was September 10th - he was 64, but he's having a joint party with Neva.

September 16
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & church.  P.M. went to Carney’s for Neva and Ira’s birthday party on the new patio.  Shuffle Board is fun.  Lester was with us.  He is a good sport, but so lonely.  We spent the night with K.M. and LaVonne.
Carney's lived in Fayetteville.  Uncle Lester was my granddad's brother-in-law, husband of Edna who had died in June. 

September 17
Monday.  Picked Nora, Maude & Grandma up at Letty’s and drove home by noon.  Attended Ocie Bruns funeral at Two P.M.  Group 2 served the bereavement dinner.

September 18
Tuesday.  The usual morning routine.  Attended Group 1 meeting at Clara Barney’s.  Watched TV with Minnie & Ira at night – “$64,000.00 Question” and “Do You Trust Your Wife?”

September 19
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude and washed two machines of clothes.

September 20
Thursday.  Nora, Maude and I went shopping in Ft. Smith.  Lunch at Crane’s Cafeteria.  Came home – rested an hour and went with Bob to make calls.  Grace had supper with me while Kenney and Doc went to Mens Fellowship supper.

September 21
Friday.  Spent the day getting clothes ready to go to Kansas City.
To see Becky and Ike. 

September 22
Saturday.  Got flowers ready to take to Becky & Ike.  Went to beauty shop.  Grace & Doc came over to play pitch.  We girls got beaten.

September 23
Sunday.  Went with Ira and Minnie to Kansas City.  Left 9 A.M.  Lunch in Pittsburg, Kan.  Arrived K.C. 4:30 P.M.  Becky & Ike had lunch waiting (dinner).  Very good.

September 24
Monday.  Beck & Ike went to work.  The four of us shopped all day in Mission and in Kan City, MO.  Called on H.D. Lee Co.
I suspect this company was one of the vendors that Uncle Ira did business with for his department store in Van Buren.

September 25
Tuesday.  Ira & Minnie drove back home and left us for a week’s visit.  Helped Ike put out shrubs after working hours.

September 26
Wednesday.  Kenney and I kept house and looked after Lindy, the dog.  I did some embroidery work – mixer cover, toaster cover, and pot holder.
Who could forget Lindy!  She was a cocker spaniel and Becky & Ike's "baby".  I remember that Becky put diapers on her when they were potty-training her.  Something must have worked.

September 27
Thursday.  Wrote a long letter to Jay.  Lined bedroom curtains.  Quite a job since curtains were already made and put up.  Made banana nut bread.

September 28
Friday.  Finished lining curtains and hemmed tea towels.  Also ran vacuum cleaner and dusted.

September 29
Saturday.  Had late breakfast and late lunch.  Then went shopping and to see a show.  “Tea and Sympathy”

September 30

Sunday.  Hurried around and went to church – A.M.  Stopped and bought groceries.  Went home & prepared a good dinner.  P.M. saw a lot of homes on parade.

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