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August 1956

August 1
Wednesday.  Had short visit with Bob and Wilma.  Then took Nora & Maude grocery shopping.  Had lunch with Ira and Minnie.
The usual shopping with her sisters-in-law and visiting her sister Minnie who lived two doors away.

August 2
Thursday.  9 A.M.  CWF Ex. Board meeting at church.  Minnie and I peeled peaches to freeze in evening while we watched T.V.

August 3
Friday.  Washed three machines of clothes and had my hair shampooed and set.

August 4
Saturday.  Baked cake.  Peeled more peaches and cleaned house.

August 5
Sunday.  Went to S.S. & church without Kenney.  Took Grandma, Maude and Nora to see Paul & Neva’s house, P.M.

August 6
Monday.  Looked for Becky and Ike all P.M.  Came about nine.  Last half of his vacation.
No matter where they were going, Aunt Becky & Uncle Ikey were always, always late.... 

August 7
Tuesday.  Becky went with me to Circle meeting at Nora’s.  Kenney and Ike came later.  Had watermelon on Paul and Neva’s patio – evening.

August 8
Wednesday.  Dropped cocoanut pie upside down.  Disgusting.  Baked another one.
Coconut cream pie was Ike’s favorite – she always baked it for him.

August 9
Thursday.  A.M.  JoEllen and girls came.  On way back we went with them to see Paul and Neva’s house.
Probably just JoAnn and Laurie were with Mother.  Don't remember Paul & Neva having a new house until they bought the house Mammaw & Kenney were living in then. 

August 10
Friday.  Marked and dated pictures.  Becky and Ike made plans for re-doing Kitchen.  Also living and dining rooms.
Becky and Ike always had re-doing plans....

August 11
Saturday.  Went with Becky & Ike to see Sam.  Then drove around.  They left 9:30 P.M. for Springdale – then home Sunday.
Sam was the Black janitor for Comstock, Inc. for many years – he was a faithful worker and much loved by all the family.  Ike had worked in the store with Uncle Ira for a few years after the War.

August 12
Sunday.   S. S. and church – Lunch with Ira and Minnie.  Late P.M. went with Doc and Grace to peach orchard.  Got 3 ½ bushels.

August 13
Monday.  Canned and froze peaches all day.  Watched Democratic Convention in the evening.

August 14.
Tuesday.  Baked cookies and took them to CWF meeting at Ruth Huckelbury’s 9 A.M.  Voted and then drove to Springdale.

August 15
Wednesday.  Went to see Dr. Applegate.  Got fine report.  Kay went too.  P.M. watched Jo and Joe’s building project.  Went with JoEllen to grocery store.
Follow up visit after her surgery.  I probably drove her there.

August 16
Thursday.  Drove by farm and on home in time for lunch.  Terribly hot.  Watched Democratic Convention on TV.  Evening – Doc & Grace watched with us.
They must have driven out past the farm they lived in for awhile at Elkins before going on to Van Buren - that farm was really sort of their "dream" home until Kenney had his stroke and they could no longer manage there.  I loved that farm more than any other place they ever lived - makes me sad to think of them driving by.

My Digression.
The farm that Mammaw and Kenney bought near Elkins, east of Fayetteville, had a white frame two-story white house with square columns in front, and also had on the main road an old brick store building which served as a chicken house, as well as the usual barn and ordinary chicken houses.  They raised laying hens and sold the eggs to a hatchery and also had cattle and two ponds.  There were two pair of Mallard ducks on the ponds.  Jay lived with them for awhile but became restless and moved back to San Francisco.  In the summer I would spend every possible day on that farm helping with the chores and exploring.  I was eleven the summer Kenney had his stroke and I was the only other person who knew how and what to feed the chickens, and how to get the eggs ready for the hatchery. Kenney was critical at first and all the family was staying at the hospital - except for me.  I stayed on the farm alone - except Dad would come out, arriving after dark, and stay at night - and I took care of about 300 chickens, feeding twice a day, gathering and candling and sorting the eggs (putting each one on a light stand to see if it was fertile - those that were not were for ours for eating). The hatchery picked up the eggs daily, but could not immediately make arrangements to pick up the chickens.  Took me almost all waking hours, but I did a lot of growing-up in those three days.  I remember Dad asking me if I knew exactly how to manage and I assured him I did.  I was so proud of being able to help my family.  I wonder if there is any eleven-year-old today that could do that, or a parent that would even let them try - children are guarded so carefully now and not really considered capable of functioning on an adult level. 

August 17
Friday.  Went to grocery store and stopped by the parsonage to leave poster material with Wilma.  Evening – Watched Convention on Ira and Minnie’s brand new Admiral TV.

August 18
Saturday.  Did a lot of early baking.  Trying to beat the heat – also washed a machine of clothes.

August 19
Sunday.  Kenney feeling under the weather.  I went to S.S. & Church alone.  Ira, Minnie, Grandma & Maude had lunch with use.  Stayed till after night to watch TV.

August 20
Monday.  Nothing worth mentioning.

August 21
Tuesday.  Wash day again.

August 22
Wednesday.  Maude and I grocery shopped.  Nora spending week in Muskogee.

August 23
Thursday.  Worked up pairs (pears} Miss Lucy Kelton gave us.  Evening – watched TV and ironed.  Saw Cy on TV.  Republican convention in San Francisco
My uncle – Cy Carney was a delegate that year; he was married to Letty Comstock, my granddad’s sister.

August 24
Friday.  A.M.  Took fireplace set to Paul and Neva.  Went to church to Group 3 talent and style show.

August 25
Saturday.  Went shopping for things for CWF ice cream Social.  Cleaned house.  Missed our pitch game.  Doc not at home.

August 26
Sunday.  Same Sun. A.M. routine.  P.M. went to Nora’s and to Grandma’s.  Evening watched TV with Ira, Minnie, Maude, Grandma and Joyce.

August 27
Monday.  Finished my set of tea towels.  Did lots of telephoning for ice cream social.  Cooked apples for pies.

August 28
Tuesday.  Baked pies.  Went to beauty shop.  Evening – Ice cream social on City Hall lawn.  Cleared approximately $50.00.

August 29
Wednesday.  Visited with Jimmy, Joyce, and Maude.  Brought Grandma home with us so they could get an early start to Bristow.
Jimmy and Joyce were Aunt Maude's grandchildren that lived in Bristow - they must have been visiting.  Any time Aunt Maude needed a break from taking care of her mother - it was my Mammaw that stepped in, rather than any of Grandma Comstock's other daughters.

August 30
Thursday.  The usual housework and kept Grandma another day and night.  Ira & Minnie came to visit with her and to watch TV.

August 31
Friday.  Took Grandma to Nora & we drove on to Springdale to help JoEllen can apples.
As if she had not done enough of her own preserving of the summer bounty - now she's come to help my Mom!  I'm sure the apples became jelly and apple butter!  We probably got a pie or two out of those apples as well - what Mammaw & Mom called "Upside down apple pie" and was really like a Dutch Apple Pie with streusel on top instead of a top crust.

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