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February 1957

February 1
Friday.  Served Youth banquet.  About 35 plates.

February 2

February 3
Sunday.  S.S. & church.  Then dinner at Grandma’s.  Nora and Ada.  Ira & Minnie.  Paul & Neva.  Kenney & I.  Letty & Cy came for supper.  Church in the evening.  Had Youth Choir.

February 4
Monday.  Put out washing.  Went to Grandma’s.  then to visit with Nora & Ada.  Registered at Market basket for car or car load of groceries.

February 5
Tuesday.  Attended Group 2 meeting at Irene Comstock’s.  Took Edith and Lola with me.
Irene Comstock was the wife of Hugh Barton Comstock who was my granddad's first cousin.

February 6
Wednesday.  A.M. Grocery time with Nora & Maude.  P.M. Drove to Springdale and spent the night at K.M’s.

February 7
Thursday.  Spent the day and night with McKims.  JoEllen and I made curtains for the nursery.

February 8
Friday.  Went to Jo and Joe’s store.  Did some trading.  Then came on home 1:30 P.M.
Wonder what they bought at L-P Gas & Equipment Co.?

February 9
Saturday.  Washed two machines of clothes.  Beautiful day.  3:40 P.M. Getting cloudy again.

February 10
Sunday.  Mattie’s birthday.  Took Granma, Maude & Nora to Paul’s P.M.  Then home with us for supper.  Kenney baby sat with Grandma while the three of us went to evening church service.
Aunt Mattie, my grandmother's sister would have been 75 that day.

February 11
Monday.  A.M. went to Clinic.  Very good reports.  P.M. Got permanent.

February 12
Tuesday.  CWF lunchen & meeting.  Then called on Mrs. Overby & Stella.  Saw Aunt Ollie – 93 yrs. Old.
Aunt Ollie was my grandmother's aunt, the wife of William Richard Hays, "Uncle Will".  Ollie (Wheeler) Hays was born 1863 in Kansas and lived to be 96.

February 13
Wednesday.  Rain.

February 14

February 15

February 16
Saturday.  Baked Cake.

February 17
Sunday.  Preacher sick of a virus.  Mr. Crewdson preached.  JoEllen, JoAnn and Laurie came.

February 18
Monday.  Maude & Grandma helped Kenney mind the little girls while JoEllen & I went to Ft. Smith in the rain to shop for curtains.  Worked on them till 10 P.M.

February 19
Tuesday.  JoEllen and I worked on curtains and house cleaning.  She and kids left Two P.M. and I went to Group II meeting at Etta Hayman’s.

February 20

February 21
Thursday.  Cleaned living room, dining room and hall.  Went to store and ordered curtains.

February 22
Friday.  Arthur’s Birthday.  Bought material and made Joe a barbecue apron for his birthday.
Uncle Arthur, my grandmother's brother was age 65.

February 23
Saturday.  Finished Joe’s apron.

February 24
Sunday.  A.M. church & Sunday School.  Drove to Springdale in rain and fog.  Found everyone gone to show.  Spent night at K.M’s.

February 25
Monday.  Work on Kay’s curtains all day and till nearly midnight.

February 26
Tuesday.  Put in the day making curtains.  Got them pressed and up about five P.M.
Thanks, Mammaw - I'm sure I was well pleased!

February 27
Wednesday.  JoEllen took us driving and to see the progress on the new parsonage.  Also to town to look about curtain material for living room.  P.M. Drove home, but stopped to see Christian Church.  Saw Mrs. Asbell.

February 28
Thursday.  Sunshine again.  So washed.

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