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March 1957

March 1
Friday.  Sewed on dress for Laurie Lee’s birthday.
Laurie's birthday is March 11th.  She would be two.

March 2
Saturday.  Joe’s birthday.  Finished Laurie’s and Mary Alice’s birthday dresses.  The Carneys and Comstocks came in from Florida
Joe's birthday - he was 39.  Mary Alice's birthday is March 16th - she was three that year.  Aunt Let and Uncle Cy Carney had been to Florida, but I'm not sure which Comstocks had gone with them, but probably Aunt Minnie & Uncle Ira.

March 3
Sunday.  One dozen of us had dinner together at Nora’s before Letty & Cy took off for Fayetteville.
 And I'm sure a great time was had by all!

March 4
Monday.  Went to Ft. Smith with Kenney, Maude & Nora.  Got shirt for Gary’s birthday.  K.M. had lunch with us.

March 5
Tuesday.  Gary’s birthday.  A rainy day.
Gary was seven.

March 6
Wednesday.  Wash Day.

March 7
Thursday.  Attended Garden Club at Baptist church recreation room.  Grace and I bought hens and delivered to be cooked.

March 8
Friday.  World Day of Prayer, First Presbyterian Church in Ft. Smith.  Nine from Wood Memorial. 
P.M. & Evening helped cook and serve banquet to FHA group from Alma.  Grace and I had charge of creamed chicken.  Cleared $103.00

March 9
Saturday.  General routine.  Cooking and cleaning.  Sent out church laundry.

March 10
Sunday.  A.M.  S.S. & church.  To Granma’s P.M.  Attended meeting for evangelistic calling.  Evening – Int. study course at church – Bob teaching.  Subject “He taught them Saying”

March 11
Monday.  Made preparation for Tues CWF meeting and washed.  Laurie Lee’s birthday.

March 12
Tuesday.  CWF meeting 2 P.M. at church

March 13
Wednesday.  Executive Dist. Board meeting at church.  Interesting meeting and good luncheon.

March 14
Thursday.  Washing my Martha Washington Spread (bedspread).  Also got new living room curtains.

March 15.
Friday.  Grace & I went calling – Mrs. Matlock, Kate Brown, Mrs. Laws, Edna Cox & Birdie Hays.

March 16

March 17
Sunday.  Dinner for Ira & Minnie.  P.M. Grandma’s and Study Course.  St. Pat’s Day.

March 18

March 19
Tuesday.  Attended Group 2 Luncheon 12:30 at Dora Stewart’s.  Measure shoe.  Then to Leola’s for Group 1 luncheon.
Nora had a narrow foot - I think she ordered her shoes.

March 20
Wednesday.  Took plants to Wilma and Bob.  Then grocery shopping with Nora and Maude.

March 21
Thursday.  Ira & Minnie better.  Cleaning woman with them today.  Baked custard for them and Cynthia & ourselves.  Hostess at Garden Club daffodil show this P.M. at our church.

March 22
Friday.  Took Becky’s quilt to Jacksie Swearingen to have quilted.  Also called on Margaret Anthony.  Maude sick with flu.

March 23
Saturday.  Ferrell Swearingen passed away.  Store and employees sent flowers to the house.

March 24
The usual Sunday routine.  Maude no better.  We went out and fixed dinner for her and Grandma.  Mr. & Mrs. Posey transferred membership to Wood Memorial.

March 25
Monday.  Put in most of the day calling about O.G. and E. demonstration.
 I think OG & E was Oklahoma Gas and Electric - probably a program on energy savings.

March 26
Tuesday night – attended demonstration at OG & E.  78 present.  Total proceeds $42.50

March 27
Wednesday.  Maude not so well.  Nora & I shopped for our groceries and hers.  Then went out and cooked lunch again.  Card from Becky – not coming to birthday party. (Grandma Comstock's birthday)  Mrs. Overby passed away.

March 28
Thursday.  Grace and I called on Dorothy, Mabel, and Della.  Also called on Emma Mae Rogers.

March 29
Friday.  Nora, Kenney, and I cleaned house for Maude.  She's not feeling so well.  JoEllen’s folk spent the night with us.  Kay won Champion in Voice at Musical Festival in Ft. Smith.
 Oh my!  I remember singing on that stage that night at the annual high school music festival.  Sandra Gaskin also was a Champion with her solo.  I was a Junior, she was a Sophomore - the winners were customarily Seniors.  Our boyfriends - Pat Singletary and Donnie drove down over the mountains to be there for us.  I still have the sheet music for the song I sang.  Not only did I get the Championship Medal and get to perform on stage that night, but both a trio and a quartet I sang in were awarded 1st place ribbons.

March 30
Saturday.  A.M.  Graydon’s folk came to spend the night and to attend Grandma’s birthday party.  
3 P.M. attended Mrs. Overby’s funeral.

March 31
Sunday.  The big day.  About 40 people at the birthday party.  14 great grandchildren present.

Grandma Comstock's annual birthday party and reunion.  Grandma would be 90 on April 3rd. I'm guessing all nine of Mammaw's grandchildren were counted in the 14.  I was the oldest of the great grandchildren.

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