Friday, October 17, 2014

May 1957

This month started off with my Mammaw not feeling at all well.

May 1
Thursday  Wednesday.  Feeling pretty punk.  Missed garden club.

May 2
Friday  Thursday.  Feeling better.  But missed garden club.

May 3
Friday.  Bought plants from Laws shop and put them out.

May 4
Saturday.  Painters finished up the bedroom.  Can’t move in till next week.

May 5
Sunday.  Sunday School and church.  Then to Letty’s for Cy and Maude’s birthday party.  We went on to Springdale and spent the night.  Picked Nora, Grandma & Maude up Mon. A.M. and came on home.

May 6
Monday.  Came home from Springdale and cleaned bedrooms.

May 7
Tuesday.   More cleaning and washing A.M.  Went to Nora’s to Group 1 meeting in afternoon.  Maude co-hostess.

May 8
Wednesday.  Ira & Minnie, Grace (Farmer), Ruby Harshbarger and I went to Hot Springs to Disciples of Christ Church State Convention.  Started out at 6:30 and arrived home around twelve midnight.  Had fine time.

May 9
Thursday.  Minnie and I defrosted home freezer A.M.  Went to chiropodist 3:30 P.M.  My! How good my feet feel.

May 10

May 11

May 12
Sunday.  Mother’s Day.  Heard from all the children.  Grandma got her television.

May 13
Monday.  A.M. Baked cocktail puddings for Dart Leaque.  Night helped serve.  Cleared $108.00 Got permanent 8:30 A.M.

May 14
My last CWF meeting as President at church 2 P.M.  Margaret Howell gave a book review “The Promise”
Of course she never mentioned she had been President of the Christian Women's Fellowship at her church until the job was over.

May 15
Wednesday.  Washing and house cleaning.

May 16
Thursday.  More washing and house cleaning.  Oh – My aching back.  Evening – Committee Meeting at the Browns.

May 17
Friday.  House cleaning.  Played pitch at Grace’s.

May 18
Saturday.  Nearly thro cleaning.  Kenney and I took over baby bed to church nursery.  Feel a little sad.
No more grandchildren would be needing the baby bed they had kept on hand.

May 19
Sunday.  Saved specimen.  24 hrs.  Sunday S. & church.  Nora, Kenney and I had supper with Grandma and Maude.

May 20
Went to Clinic.  All had fine reports.

May 21
Tuesday.  Group meetings.  Stayed home looking for Jay and Scotty.  They came about four o’clock.
They would have come from San Francisco.

May 22
Wednesday.  Bought groceries with Nora and Maude and brought Grandma to see Jay.

May 23
Thursday.  Jay drove up on Mt. Vista to see the river and Lee Creek.  Also to Clear Creek on 71.  Went antique shopping. Came back and went thro the church.

May 24
Friday.  Went to Springdale for the week end.

May 25
Saturday.  All had lunch at Chicken House.  Sat. evening – broiled hamburgers on Jo & Joe’s patio.
A. Q. Chicken House - it's still there in Springdale.

May 26
Sunday.  Another big get together for dinner Sunday.  Everyone went to church.  Made a lot of pictures.  Family all together again.  Came home and packed for trip to California.
They traveled back with Jay and Scotty.

May 27
Monday.  Left for California six A.M.  Had breakfast in Eufala.  Drove into Amarillo 6 P.M.  Spent night there.

May 28
Tuesday.  Left Amarillo 6:10 A.M.  Breakfast in Tucumcari.  Visited with A. W. & Grace in Albuquerque.  Crossed Continental Divide.  Spent night in Gallup N. Mex.  Hotel Rancho.
Uncle Arthur and Aunt Grace - her youngest brother and wife.

May 29
Wednesday.  Drove around rim of painted dessert [sic] and thro petrified Forest.  Lunch in Holbrook.  On to Grand Canyon for night.  I had these pictures made at the Petrified Forest....

May 30.
Thursday.  From our cabin window we watched sun rise over Grand Canyon.  Bright Angel Lodge.  Crossing dessert – lunch at Kingman.  Spent night El Rancho Hotel in Barstow, Calif.

May 31
Friday.  Left Barstow for Sequoyah National Park.  Breakfast at Holiday Inn in Bakersfield.  Loyd George place.  Cold in Sequoyah.  Ate supper in our room with fire in King heater.

More about the trip to follow in June!

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