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July 1957

July found my grandparents still in San Francisco visiting Jay and Scotty.

July 1

July 2
Tuesday.  Took Scotty to work.  Went to Fort Mason, Wells Fargo bank A.M.

July 3
Wednesday.  Jay and I grocery shopped P.M.  Kenney and I rode bus to town for hair cut and to get some birthday presents for Dave and Joyce.  Worked on Jay’s quilt.
My cousin Dave would be 10 on July 11th.  Joyce was my great-aunt Maude's grandchild - so a second cousin.

July 4
Thursday.  Drove to Sonoma.  Visited winery, Sonoma Mission and Santa Rosa.

July 5
Friday.  Drove down peninsula to Palo Alto.  Lunch there at Ricky’s.  beautiful place.  Went to San Jose and Alum Rock Park

July 6
Saturday.  Took in Ice follies went with Jay, Scotty, and Kay Woody.

July 7
Sunday.  Went to Lafayette and visited Bill & Ruby Banks and the boys, Michael & Gary.

July 8

July 9
Tuesday.  Jay took us to buy our plane tickets to Kansas City.  Went to Macy’s and Woolworth’s.
We purchase our airline tickets slightly differently these days!  These were for the next week.

July 10
Wednesday.  Baked a cake to serve tonight.  Expecting Bill and Ruby.

July 11
July 12
Friday.  Got some clothes ready for the trip home.

July 13
Saturday.  Kenney’s Birthday.  Mrs. Burleson called from Hotel.  We went to Cliff House and saw her there on a bus.  Baked cocoanut (yes, that's her spelling) crumble pie for Sat. dinner.  Beef strogonoff day.  Also baked confetti Angel Food for Sunday birthday dinner.
My granddad was 70 this day.  Mrs. Burleson was probably Clare's mother.

July 14
Sunday.  Didn’t got to church.  Jay not feeling well.  While dinner was cooking, the boys opened pkgs.  After dinner we drove to Belvedere Island and to Mr. Tamalpais.  Took Kay to Presidio and then home.
This Kay wasn't me - it was a friend of Jay's.

July 15
Monday.  Did some packing and baked angel food for Mr. & Mrs. Borges.  P.M. Rested – packed some more.  Took cake to Borges and told them good by.

July 16
Tuesday.  Overslept and almost missed our plane.  Took off for L.Angeles on time.  1 ½ hour flight at 1200 ft.  Breakfast served about eight.  Left L.A. at 9:30.  5 hr. flight at 19,000 ft.  Flew over Las Vagas and in site of Yosemite.  Arrived in K. C. 3:30 P.M.

July 17
Wednesday.  Made dust ruffle – valances and covered chair by working at it all week.
Sounds as thought she went right to work after arriving at Ikey & Becky's in Kansas City.  She was very busy the next few days... 

July 18 – 19 – 20

July 21
Sunday.  Late breakfast.  Went for drive to Silver Spur Club and had a flat.  Nearly roasted.  After resting and cooling off we went to Holiday Inn for dinner.

July 22
Monday.  Ikey took us to catch 9 o’clock bus.  Arrived in Springdale at 3:30.  Supper with McKims.  K.M’s folk came over and we had a picture show.  Then spent night at K.M.’s.
Long way home from California - several days in Kansas City, a bus to Springdale to spend one night and then a bus ride home to Van Buren.

July 23
Tuesday.  Lunch at JoEllen’s and then rode a bus home.  Arrived at 6:46.  Ira and Minnie met us and we had supper with them.

July 24
Wednesday.  We went to work on the yard.  My what a mess!!

July 25
Thursday.  Yard work.  K.M. came by.

July 26
Friday.  Letty’s birthday.  Jimmy Fine mowed lawn.
Aunt Let was 56.

July 27

July 28
Sunday.  Church.  Birthday party at Ira & Minnie’s for Kenney, Letty and Joyce.  Lester, Pauline & Aura came.
Had to have a catch-up birthday party for the July birthdays.  Uncle Lester Delzell would have come from Miami, Oklahoma - Pauline and her husband Aura from North Little Rock.

July 29

July 30
Tuesday.  Voted for Mayor.  Lost our vote.  Burton Langford was beaten.  K.M. & family came and spent the night with us.
Gee, sounds like many of my votes through the years!

July 31
Wednesday.  Ken’s birthday.  Had cake and ice cream for lunch.
My cousin Kenney was age nine.

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