Thursday, October 9, 2014

April 1957

April 1
Monday.  Went to Nora’s with Maude to do her washing.  Then to Maude’s for lunch.

April 2
Tuesday.  Attended Group 1 meeting at Wilma Brown’s.  Had memorial service for Mrs. Overby.  Rained all night.

April 3
Wednesday.  Grandma’s birthday.  My! What a rain.  P.M. ironed.

April 4
Thurs.  Garden Club meeting at Margaret Howell's – Minnie was co hostess.

April 5
Grace and I planned for meat and rolls for Optimist Club banquet.

April 6
Saturday.  We bought and cooked beef roasts.  Also made rolls for banquet.  Served 82 plates.  Cleared about $95.00

April 7
Sunday.  Took Maude to Ft. Smith to catch bus to Bristow.  Brought Grandma home with us.

April 8
Monday.  Visited Neva in hospital.  She is in traction – not very comfortable.

April 9
Tuesday.  CWF Meeting at Church.  Mrs. York speaker – 3 guests from Rena.  Served a tea.  Older ladies on program.  Theme:  Golden Anniversary

April 10

April 11

April 12

April 13

April 14
Sunday.  Went to S.S. and church then to Rudy for Mrs. Carney’s birthday.  Had Grandma all week.
Now we know why the diary had only the days written in - Mammaw was taken care of Grandma Comstock that whole week while Aunt Maude was visiting her daughter.

April 15
Monday.  Nora came home from Muskogee.

April 16
Tuesday.  We took Grandma to Nora’s and went on to Springdale – Spent night at JoEllen’s.
Now Aunt Nora Rainwater gets a turn at taking care of her mother!

April 17
Wednesday.  Went to choir practice to hear cantata.  Then spent night at K.M.’s after mending all day.

April 18
Thursday.  Drove out by farm and on home.  Got word Arthur had a heart attack in Albequerque.
Mammaw's brother - Arthur Hays.  He survived - he died in May of 1961.

April 19
Friday.  Minnie and I called Grace in hospital.  Arthur very critical.

April 20
Saturday.  Made a few plans for Easter.  Becky and Ike came at noon.  Called on Grandma at Nora’s after noon.  Then to see Paul and Neva’s home.

April 21
Sunday.  Easter.  Becky and Ike attended church with us.  Ira and Minnie came for dinner.

April 22
Monday.  Kenney took Grace and me to Ft. Smith to shop for food for CMF District meeting next Thursday night.

April 23
Wednesday [she skipped a day and didn't catch her mistake until the next week]  Mr. Boatright finished the kitchen woodwork.    P.M. I went to Grace’s and made desserts for Mens’ Fellowship.  More rain.

April 24
Thursday.  Shopped all morning for groceries.  Three P.M. Grace, Emma Mae & myself went to church to cook for CMF.

April 25
Friday.  Drove up on the hill and picked up quilt Jackie Swearingen quilted for Becky.  Then shopped uptown.

April 26
General routine

April 27 
Sunday.  [actually the 28th]  Took Grandma, Maude and Nora for a drive.  Kenney drove upon Mt. Vista where we could see water, water everywhere.  River and Lee’s Creek raging.
Lee's Creek ran past Tom Comstock's homestead in Crawford County, and divided his place from Oklahoma - he was my great, great grandpa, the first of our family to move to Arkansas.  There are lots of stories about Tom - he was evidently quite a character.  One story goes like this.  In a much earlier time, the spring rains had Lee Creek raging and Tom stood on his levee, shook his fist at the heavens and ordered "God, don't you dare flood my fields".  And the flood didn't happen that year.

April 28 
Helped cook and serve Chamber of Commerce banquet at church.  160 plate guarantee.
The Banquet was on Monday the 29th.  

April 29
Tuesday    Monday.  Three men went to work re-decorating front bedroom. 
Bill, Loy and preacher called on us in evening.  Gave $100.00 for central heat and air conditioning.  Banquet.
I wonder if they could really afford that $100 gift...  I suspect it was a sacrifice. 

April 30
Tuesday.  Another bladder flare up.
Mammaw had a busy month, keeping Grandma, meals at the church, a trip to Springdale, Easter with company.  So now she's ill again.

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