Thursday, October 23, 2014

June 1957

While my grandparents were on the extended trip across the country and in California, she didn't keep up really well with her diary - several days only writing down the day of the week, or skipping altogether.

Jun 1
Saturday.  On our way to Kings Canyon.  Breakfast at Wilsonia Village.  Beautiful drive thro Kings Canyon.  Crossed Bay Bridge 7 P.M.

Jun 2
Sunday.  A day of rest.  We really did it.  Ate dinner in apartment.
They had driven from Van Buren, Arkansas to San Francisco, California - about 2000 miles.

June 3
Monday.  The boys went back to work.  [The boys were in their late 30's....]

June 4
Tuesday.  Putting in the week resting.  Making only short drives.
You can tell they were tired after the cross-country drive.

June 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

June 9
Sunday.  Too foggy and rainy to go to church.  P.M. Drove down coast to Half Moon Bay.  Crossed Peninsula to San Mateo. Back by Airport & Cow Palace.

June 10 -11 -12

June 13
Thursday.  Went to see First Fleet come in.

June 14
Friday.  We rode bus to Market Street.

June 15
Saturday.  Cleaned and baked.
June 16
Sunday.  Went to church & heard Joe R. Kennedy preach.  Then went thro Navy ship.  After dinner in the apt – we drove to Westlake to see houses damaged by earthquake.

June 17
Monday.  To Gets.  [I think GETS was a department store]

June 18
Tuesday.  Mr. & Mrs. Borges took us to City of Paris for lunch and sight seeing.
The Borgeses were friends of Jay's for all the years he lived in San Francisco.

June 19
Wednesday.  Maude’s Birthday.  We had chicken dinner in apartment – all white meat.
Aunt Maude was 63 in 1957.

June 20

June 21
Friday.  After dinner went to Gets with Jay.  Bought sheets & pillow cases – single beds, and a gift for Letty.  Had shortcake for dinner.
Aunt Let's birthday was coming up in July - she would be 56.

June 22
Saturday.  Baked angel food cake.  Scotty came with dress & coat from him and Jay.  Wore it to dinner at the Bow & Bell cafĂ© in Oakland.  Some place.

June 23
Sunday.  Toured the three bridges.  At one point we could see all the bridges at once.

June 24
Monday.  Scotty’s nephew was with us nearly all day.  Being transferred to Presidio.

June 25
Tuesday.  Graydon & Clare’s Anniversary.  I vomited all after part of night.  Better today.
Graydon & Clare would have been married 19 years.

June 26

June 27
Thursday.  Mr. & Mrs. Borges took us to Delores Missions – Two beautiful churches.  Hot house in Golden State Park, Stonestown, and Safeway.

June 28

June 29
Saturday.  Scotty cooked dinner.  We drove to Presidio and got Kay (Roundy) for week-end.
I believe this was Kay Woody – a friend of Jay’s.

June 30
Sunday.  Slept late.  Then went thro Fleishacr? Zoo, Westlake & down the crooked little street on Lombard.  Back to Apt. and cooked dinner.
She had trouble with the spelling of the name of the Zoo -  Thanks to Google I discovered that the San Francisco Zoo was originally named the Fleishhacker Zoo.

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