Thursday, November 13, 2014

September 1957

September 1
Sunday.  A.M.  Sunday School & Church.  Had Grandma, Maude and Ira & Minnie for dinner and supper.

September 2
Monday.  Mostly did yard work.

September 3
Tuesday.  Two P.M.  Conducted Executive Board meeting for Ruby.  Made plans for feeding people at District Meeting at our church.  Took Maude to High school to see Mr. Kelley about work.  K.M.’s birthday.
My uncle K. M. was 43 that year.

September 4
Wednesday.  Grocery shopped with Nora and Maude.  Mr. Hall started work on front porch.  Maude starts her job at High school.
As I recall, Aunt Maude worked in the high school cafeteria.

September 5 - 7  She wrote down the day of the week but made no comment.

September 8-16  [blank]

September 17
Tuesday.  Saw our doctor.  I had dropped 10 gr sugar – First in ten yrs.  Otherwise a good report.

September 18
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale.  Stopped in Alma for a little visit with Mrs. Clarence Johnson.

September 19
Thursday.  Spending a few days looking at homes.
I'm not sure what was going on this month, but this about the time they were making the decision to move to Springdale to live near K. M. and JoEllen - two of their children.  She must have been preoccupied with this decision.  She would be leaving many friends and relatives and her church work behind - I wonder if she was concerned about my Granddad's health.  I didn't realize this at the time, after all I was teen-ager totally occupied with "self", but I suspect this decision and move was very difficult for my grandmother.

September 20-21

September 22
Sunday.  Went to church with JoEllen.  Bill Cloud preached a good sermon on “Tomorrow”

September 23
Monday.  Bought property in Springdale.  Came home and found back yard in mess.  Pecan tree damaged by storm.  Got permanent at Rita’s.
That would be house on Pleasant Street in Springdale.

September 24
Tuesday.  Came home from Springdale but not in time to help with CMF.  Found pecan limbs all over the place.

September 25

September 26
Thursday.  Put in the day cooking and getting ready to serve banquet to B & PW (Business & Professional Women) Bosses night.  Letter from Mr. Makepeace.

September 27
Friday.  We went to Fayetteville to take Makepeace papers to lawyer.  Drove on to Springdale for a little while.
I have no clue - unless Mr. Makepeace was selling the house in Springdale to them.

September 28
Saturday.  Nora, Kenney and I took food and ate with Grandma and Maude.

September 29
Sunday.  The usual S.S. & Church.  Minnie and Ira ate lunch with us.

September 30


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