Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 1957

November 1
Friday.  Ladies luncheon at church.  Some did calling.  Susan and I went to World Community Day program Midland Heights Methodist Church – Mrs. Kyle Engler speaker.

November 2
Saturday.  Kenney took flu – vomited Sat night – very dizzy headed – not able to play pitch.

November 3
Sunday.  Didn’t go to S.S. and Church.  Stayed home and nursed flu.  Vomiting again.

November 4
Monday.  Had to phone Clare.  We couldn’t make it for Graydon’s birthday.
Graydon's birthday was November 5 - he was 59 this year.

November 5
Tuesday.  Graydon’s birthday.  Missed group meeting at Etta Hayman’s

November 6
Wednesday.  Grocery day.  Paid bills – my first time in V. B.
 My Granddad must have paying the bills - I know she had never written a check until after he died.  He must have really been quite ill.

November 7
Thursday.  Garden Club met in Alma.  I stayed with Kenney.  My!  What a rainy day.

November 8
Friday.  Stripped bed and washed up everything.  Trying to get rid of flu germs.

November 9
Saturday.  Baked cake and took lunch out to Grandma’s.  Had everything ready when Maude came home from beauty shop.

November 10
Sunday.  Roll call day at church.  What a crowd!  Fellowship dinner after the service – more fun! And more food!  Had to set up more tables.

November 11
Monday.  Wilma, Jessie, Edith Parr, Lola and I made CWF year books.

November 12
Tuesday.  Missed CWF Meeting and went to Springdale.  Stayed at JoEllen’s and K.M.’s over week end.  Baby sat at K.M.’s while he and LaVonne went to Dallas to ball game.  SMU beat Ark. 27 to 22.

November 13
Met Mr. Barker at our Springdale house and arranged to have trees topped.

November 14
Thursday.  Baby sat at JoEllen’s and went to K.M.’s next day.  Got lots of mending and altering done.

November 15
Friday.  K.M. and LaVonne left for Dallas at one P.M.

November 16
Saturday.  Windy day but sun shining.  Kids played out nearly all day.  Watched TV at night.

November 17
Sunday.   We took the children to S.S. and Church.  Rainy day.  Joe taught the S.S. lesson.  We were proud of him.  K.M. and LaVonne came in about 9:30.

November 18
Monday.  We went to Springdale bank to pick up abstract and deed and to make deposit.  Left for home a little before ten a.m.  Lots of rain and drove slowly.  Home at 2.

November 19
Tuesday.  Lunch at Nora’s.  Ada & Ruth were there.  Group meeting at Grace’s 2:30 P.M.
 Ada was Grandma Comstock's niec - would have been Aunt Nora's first cousins - Ruth her daughter.

November 20
Wednesday.  All went to Grandma’s for supper.  A.M. grocery shopped.

November 21 - 23   Just wrote the days of the week.

November 24
Sunday.  Ira & Minnie had lunch with us.  The whole family had supper at Grandma’s.  Letty & Cy came.
These Sundays with everyone would not take place so much once they moved to Springdale.

November 25

November 26
Tuesday.  Pretty good prospect on our place.

November 27
Wednesday.  We drove to Tulsa by way of Tahlequah.  Had lunch with Mattie.  Tulsa four P.M.
Mammaw's sister, Mattie...

November 28
Thursday.  Thanksgiving dinner with Graydon’s family – also McKims were there.  Attended service 10 A.M. at East Side Christian Church.

November 29
Friday.  Put in a good part of the day working on a quilt for Clare.

November 30
Saturday.  Graydon took us to the bank to see how it had been remodeled.  Beautiful – opened acct.
What they would do with account in Tulsa, I've no idea, but I'm sure it pleased Graydon.

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