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December 1957

My grandparents were visiting in Tulsa with Graydon's family.

December 1
Sunday.  Everyone went to S.S. and Church and then to a cafeteria for dinner.  Alvis Smith, Manager of Borauts Cafeteria

December 2
Monday.  Left for house nine A.M.  Had good lunch at Doc Beens.  Home at 1:30.  Then went to Berry’s to get electric blanket.
I'm sure this is a reference to Berry Dry Goods - the wholesale business that my grandfather worked for until his retirement.  As a retire employee he was able to continue to purchase at wholesale price.

December 3
Tuesday.  Attended Group 1 meeting at Allyne Rownak’s 2 P.M.

December 4
Wednesday.  Nora, Kenney and I ate supper with Grandma and Maude.

December 5
Thursday.  Played pitch with Doc and Grace at their home – evening.
 Doc & Grace Farmer - their back door neighbors that have been mentioned many times.

December 6

December 7
Saturday.  Got Christmas package off to Jay and Scotty.
Annual package which always included Christmas cookies, candy, breads.  After Mammaw passed away my mother continued to bake and send Jay a box every Christmas.

December 8
Sunday.  S. S. and church.  Ira real sick with flu.  P.M. Hostess from 4 to 6 at Paul & Neva’s holiday house.  Twin City garden clubs.

December 9
Monday.  Put out washing and Got Birthday package off to Becky and Ike.  Wrote letter to JoEllen.
Ikey's birthday was December 13th - his wife Becky's on Dec 18th.

December 10
Tuesday.  Night.  CWF Christmas party  - stockings turned in.  Also packages for Jacksonville, Ill. Old Peoples Home.

December 11
Wednesday.  Helped Jessie and Jack get packages ready to express to Jacksonville Home.

December 12
Thursday P.M.  Attended Garden club Christmas party at Miss Rebecca Bryan's interesting old home.  Got pretty package from Mrs. Matt Wallace – containing pillow cases.

December 13
Friday.  Washed quilt for Minnie.  Finished wrapping packages.  Made Christmas decorations.

December 14
Saturday.  Watched the Van Buren Christmas Parade.

December 15
Sunday.  S. S. and Church.  The Christmas dinner and tree at Nora’s.  Evening – Ft. Smith Jr. College Choir.

December 16
Monday.  Got our new side walk finished.  We took Grandma and Nora to see Aunt Ola.  She has a broken ankle.
Aunt Ola was Grandma Comstock's sister Ola (Wood) Haggard.  She died in 1969 at the age of 88. Aunt Ola had twelve children.

December 17
Tuesday.  Group 1 Christmas party luncheon at Ruth’s.  Box of soap from Daisy Bruns.

December 18
Wednesday.  Went to Springdale.  Spent night at K.M.’s alone.  They left for California on Monday.
It seems my grandparents were house-sitting for K.M. and LaVonne - or at least making use of a quiet retreat!

December 19
Thursday.  Stayed at K.M.’s all morning.  Then went to town and shopped a little – then took JoEllen to lunch at the Hitching Post.  P.M. went thro our house.
No clue to "P.M." but I'm assuming this was the house they bought in Springdale on Pleasant Street.

December 20
Friday.  Baby sat with JoAnn and Laurie.  Becky and Ike came about 10:30 P.M. – we had gone to K.M.’s for the night.

December 21
Saturday.  Our big day.  Graydon and family came in time for lunch.  We had buffet supper, sang carols and had our Christmas tree.  Electric blanket from Jay and Scotty.
Obviously the family Christmas.  Oh those Christmas carols around the piano - usually Mom played while the rest of us sang.  
Jay would not have known they had just bought a blanket earlier in the month.  And likely he never did know!

December 22
Sunday.  I went to church with Becky and Ike.  JoEllen had gone early for the Choir.  Kay did a solo – “Oh Holy Night”  Jo and Joe were entertaining young people that night – we went to K.M.’s.

December 23
Monday.  Went to McKims for breakfast and to wash up LaVonne’s bedding.  Loaded our things and came home.  Stopped and got Grandma.  Maude gone to Bristow.
They would be keeping Grandma while Maude spent time with her daughter and grandchildren.

December 24
Tuesday.  Checked on Grandma’s house & mail.  Grocery shopped at Market Basket.  Christmas Eve.

December 25
Grandma still with us.  Ira & Minnie here for dinner.

December 26
Thursday.  Washed for Maude.

December 27
Friday.  Rainy day.  Minnie’s clothes wouldn’t dry.  Evening ironed and watched TV.
My grandmother never had a clothes dryer.  She thought an "automatic" washing machine a true wonder of the world.  She had an old wringer washer when I lived with her in Fayetteville and even made her own lye soap for the laundry.  Dad made sure she had one of the first automatic washers from Maytag and she used it for many years - I think it was replaced only once.

December 28
Saturday.  Washed for myself.  2 machines.

December 29
Sunday.  I went to S.S. and church.  Kenney stayed with Grandma.  Ira & Minnie came for dinner.  P.M. Letty and Cy were here for Supper – Minnie and I brewed up a good one.

December 30
Monday.  Maude Called.  Faustine & kids brought her home.  They had lunch with us.  Then Kenney moved Grandma and Maude home – with all their Christmas junk.

December 31
Tuesday.  P.M. Went calling on Hgwy 59 with Lola Clark.  Made 5 calls.

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