Friday, December 19, 2014

February 1958

February 1
Saturday.  Did baking for Sunday.

February 2
Sunday.  S.S. and church.  Then long rest and to Grandma’s.  Letty & Cy came and all had supper there.  Mr. Barney went to hospital very sick.  
Mr. Barney must have been a church friend.

February 3
Monday.  Took care of Grandma.  Went to see Clara Barney.

February 4
Tuesday.  Attended Group meeting at Eva Chitwoods.

February 5 - 8
 Wrote in the day of the week only

February 9
Sunday.  All church dinner, honoring new members.  About 125 present.

February 10

February 11
Tuesday.  CWF Meeting at church 2:30 P.M.  I presided for Jessie.  P.M. Drove to Springdale.

February 12
Wednesday.  Spent night at K.M.’s.

February 13
Thursday.  Stayed with K.M. and LaVonne’s children till noon.  Ken having to stay in bed.  Glandular fever.  P.M. went to Fayetteville, had visit with Letty.
Mono - don't really know why it was called "glandular fever" then, but it was.

February 14
Friday.  Baby sat at K.M.’s while LaVonne got her hair done.  Then to JoEllen’s for JoAnn’s birthday party.
And I'll just bet the cake was in the shape of a Valentine.  My had both cupcake pans and regular layer cake pans just for the occasion.  I always thought this was the best birthday for a little girl!

February 15
Saturday.  11 A.M. went to Mary Ann’s shop for permanent.  K.M. picked me up.  Spent night at K.M.’s

February 16
Sunday.  Cooked dinner for K.M. and LaVonne while they went to church.  Kids had colds.  P.M. drove to Prairie Grove for visit at Guy Skeltons.  Then home night.  Sold home.
So the house in Van Buren is sold.  I can't help but wonder if her silence this month reflects her sadness at leaving all their friends, especially at church.  I was a teenager - totally consumed with self - and I never thought about anything except they would be thrilled to be living near us.  Also I'm sure she was already packing up.

February 17
Monday.  Took care of Grandma while Maude worked.

February 18 - 21  Blank

February 22
Arthur’s Birthday    Her brother.

February 23 – 27  Blank

February 28
Friday.  Moved to Springdale.  Stored furniture Washington Trans. Co.
Honestly do not remember where they stayed while they renovated the house in Springdale.  I don't remember that they rented anything - maybe they just stayed with us or K.M.'s family when it wasn't possible to stay in the house.  I was engaged on Christmas Eve just past, and was busy with all the Senior events and applying to the University - seems very selfish now!

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